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As at Friday January 25, 2019.
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Below left. The bar crossing was pretty much flat as a tack on the weekend and didn't deviate much for the rest of the week...
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OFFSHORE: Holy Mackerel! You couldn't ask for better weather or better fishing! Light to moderate variable easterlies and a nominal 1.0m swell saw the small boat brigade head over the bar and out to the local reefs in numbers. Even better... the fish were on the bite.
Red Emperor and Scarlet Sea Perch
A run to Double Island Point was certainly worth the effort. Report and photo (above left) from Trekka 2 skipper Mitch Bertacchini... "Hey Bill. We did a nine hour trip up to D.I. on Sunday. We had a 10 knot south easterly wind for most of the day and a fair bit of current but we persisted through and came up with a nice bag of fish. We caught red emperor, grass emperor, tusk fish, Maori cod, moses perch, snapper, frying pan snapper and pearl perch." And from Jackson Ross, above right... "Hey Bill. Fished D.I. on Sunday for a great bite. Standout fish was this scarlet taken on a humble pilly. Also got some stonka pearl perch, gold band snapper, amberjack and cod."
Spanish Mackerel
North Reef, of course, was also worth a look. Report and photo from Trekka 2 skipper Mitch Bertacchini... "We did a five hour to North Reef on Tuesday. Conditions were pretty good. The bar was as small as it gets and little wind but the current was still fast. We caught pearl perch, tusk fish, painted sweetlip, Moses perch and Spanish mackerel. Pictured (above) is Tony Jackson with a quality Spaniard."
Cobia and Coral Trout
And we received this report from Cougar One skipper Theo Hewish... "Hey Bill. We did a seven hour charter to North Reef on Saturday in pretty good conditions. We caught cobia, grass sweetlip, pearl perch, Moses perch and gold spot cod. Pictured (above left) is long time customer Greg from Brisbane with a solid cobia. Cheers, Theo." Closer in, it was all on at Sunshine Reef. Report and photo from Wild Thing 2 skipper Nat Turner... "Hey mate. We fished Sunshine Reef on Tuesday morning. Not a lot a lot of surface activity but very nice conditions. We caught coral trout, moses perch, snapper and cobia. Pictured (above right) is Reece Valta with his coral trout."
Spanish MackerelAnd we got this report and photo from Wild Thing 2 skipper Nat Turner... "Hey Bill. We fished Sunshine Reef on a five hour on Monday morning in fairly good conditions although there was a strong current to the south. Pictured (above) is Nic Catanzariti from Sydney with a Spanish mackerel caught on a trolled Halco Laser Pro. The rest of our catch was cobia, venus tusk fish and moses perch."
Spanish Mackerel
Hooly Dooly! The $1000.00 Mackerel Mania Competition has really fired up the offshore brigade and the yak anglers in particular. Father son team, Andrew and Luke Munro (above left) got the kayak out early on Monday morning around the Coolum area. After a quick paddle Luke’s rod went off hooking this this 120 cm Spanish trolling a skirted slimy mackerel, after a 20 min fight he managed to land the mack. Andrew followed suit with this even bigger 130cm model tipping the scales at 14kg also on a trolled slimy. This was a great effort considering the boys were on a tandem kayak in pretty lumpy conditions. And from yak angler Dave McGregor, above right... "I camped and fished Teewah Beach with the kids and some good friends. By Sunday the only bait I had left were some soft pillies that kept blowing their guts out. Regardless, I managed to find one hungry Spaniard to finish off the trip nicely. Cheers, Dave."
Spanish Mackerel
Brisbane yak angler Scott Davis, above, elbowed his way into the upper ranks of the competition... "Living in Brisbane I had to get up at 1.00am to get to my launch site at Sunshine Beach by 3.30am. Got through the surf line in my kayak without any problem. Once out I rigged up a primo sauri bait under a squid skirt and headed across the middle of Sunshine Reef. Forty minutes into my paddle troll (there were lots of birds and small longtails working the surface) my rig was hit by this thumper 18kg Spaniard. Headed further out (about 7kms from shore) after I stowed my catch but didn't get a touch after that. Got my exercise this morning but it was sure worth it."
Spanish Mackerel
Not an entrant in the Mackerel Mania Comp (you have to come into the shop for your photo) but possibly competing for the 'Long Tall Tale' prize, we have this from local angler Dave Reynolds, above right... "Hey Bill. After visiting Chicko at Davo's late Friday arvi and picking up my Shimano Saragosa 20000 that had just been serviced, I picked Chikey’s brain for some of that sweet Local knowledge. Took the intel and purchased some large garfish and some large 7/0 gang hooks, he said some big Spanish were about. Glad I did because we were ON not long after crossing the bar. Was a bit choppy so my brother-in-law Damo and I decided to troll at a comfortable speed past Jew Shoal on our way to Sunshine Reef. Bait was patchy with the birds high in the sky. The TLD 250 screamed first with a Qantas colour Rapala attached. By the time I had the boat in neutral and the rod out of the holder, the next rod bent over. It had the skipping gar on 7/0 gangs that had 5 seconds earlier become a floater. We were on a sweet double hookup of Spanish and the other rod with a purple Rapala diver copped a big strike as well. The one time you don't want a triple is when you've already got a double. Long story short my bro's went 6kgs and mine was 10kg! Was back in having a swim at the Sand Bags by 9am! I love Noosa!"
Spanish Mackerel Spanish Mackerel Spanish Mackerel Spanish Mackerel Spanish Mackerel
To view more of this week's Mackerel Mania Competition entries and read their stories, click or tap on the thumbnails above...

The Davo's $1000.00 Mackerel Mania Competition runs until February 28, 2019. To enter, simply pop into any of the Davo's stores and get your photo taken with your latest mackerel catch and you'll be in with a chance to win a $1000.00 shopping spree at Davo's. Winner announced on March 1, 2019. Note: It won't necessarily be the biggest fish. Points will also be awarded for the best photo, best smile and best story. Your entry will be uploaded to our FaceBook page and the number of 'Likes' it attracts will also determine whether it goes into the final six from which the winner will be selected. Good luck!

COASTAL: The light winds and modest swell saw a lot more activity the open beaches this week. Whiting and flathead were out and about with Peregian and Marcus beaches producing some quality fish. Dart were also on the bite and the northern end of Sunshine Beach was the spot for most of the standouts. On the National Park headland, trevally, bream and chopper tailor were in good numbers off the Fairy Pools while across the bay on the Noosa North Shore, flathead, dart and whiting were biting around Teewah village.

ESTUARY: River report from Jimmy Free, Noosa River Fishing Safaris... "Hey Bill. We had some productive fishing in the creek this week. Flathead bream and whiting were chewing in the Frying Pan. The Woods Bays also fished well for flathead, bream and pelagics with the odd shark getting our fish from us there early morning. The outer Woods Bay around the yachts had some good action early morning with plenty of surface action and bust offs. We also fished around the Noosa Marina and first and second ski runs catching javelin fish, flathead bream and cod. Pictured (below right) is Jack from Tewantin with a blue barred orange parrot fish that he caught on a prawn in the lower estuary. And (below) young Aris from Melbourne, pictured with his dad Conn, got this 68cm flatty at Tewantin."
Flathead and Parrot Fish
Flathead and whiting were also active on the river mouth beach side of the rock groyne while mangrove jacks were on the prowl around the Dog Beach snags, the Sand Bags and in the Woods Bays. From Cody Van Rensburg, below... "Finally landed my first mangrove jack. It went 47cm. I hooked up on the drop and took a while to get him in as I was only using 6lb leader. It made it even more difficult to land this fish as I was alone and the net was too small, but it all came right. I used a 3" Berkley Minnow in Pearl Watermelon rigged with a Keitech 1/8th Tungsten jighead. After some photos and a measure the fish was released safely back into the water. Conditions were sunny with light winds and the tide was a runout. There were also a few small trevally getting around but only boated a small fringefin trevally." Cody's quality catch and release and detailed report won him this week's $100.00 Davo's/ChaseBaits Fish of the Week prize.
Mangrove Jack
The current line was still working well for (as below left) trevally... “Hi I’m Cooper Green aged seven from Scarborough. My Uncle Paul and my Pop took me fishing on the Noosa River. Uncle Paul picked me up at 4.30am and we were fishing on the Woods Bay current lines at 6.30am and I caught my first ever Golden Trevally. I love fishing at Noosa and we always like the help the boys at Davo's give us. We caught 7 large Golden Trevally but only kept one. I loved the one we kept and I had some cooked by my Mum. I love Noosa.”
Golden Trevally and Mangrove Jack
Mangrove jacks were responding well to soft plastics and live fish baits around the back of Noosa Sound and, together with the odd quality whiting, in Weyba Creek. From Karen Muzeen... "Hi Bill. Denis (above right) caught and released this nice mangrove jack on a ChaseBaits Fish Candy Vibe after a slow day on Friday! Needless to say - one happy boy!! Thanks, Karen." Upriver, whiting were schooling in the waters opposite the Yacht Club while mangrove jacks were on the bite around the Marina and up between the lakes.

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