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As at Monday January 31, 2011

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Fishing Noosa
Fishing Noosa

OFFSHORE: The weekend warriors were, sadly, once again out of luck with fresh to strong (20 to 25 knot) east south easterlies and 2m+ seas and swell hammering the coastline and local reefs from late Friday afternoon onwards.
Coral Trout
Fortunately, conditions were much more fishable earlier in the week when lighter (10 to 15 knot) south easterlies and a Sweetlipmore modest 1.5m swell prevailed.

It was even settled enough to justify the odd venture out wide and those who went the distance reported venus tusk fish, snapper, gold spot wrasse, school cobia, pearl perch and gold band snapper on the bite at the Barwon Banks.

North Reef was quite well patronised, rewarding the faithful with catches of venus tusk fish, snapper, pearl perch, teraglin jewfish, trevally, moses perch, school mackerel, Maori cod and, as per the photo on the right, grass sweetlip.

Young Leon boated this 2kg 'Lipper' while out there earlier in the week on a half day Trekka 1 charter.

As the water clarity improved, Sunshine Reef became a lot more consistent, producing striped perch, Maori cod, venus tusk fish, moses perch, sweetlip, Spanish mackerel, plenty of snapper and, as you can see by the photos above and below, the odd coral trout.

Young Mitchell Vidler from Sydney (above) tempted his 2.5 kg specimen with a squid and pilchard bait combo while fishing 'Sunshine' on Thursday morning on a half day Cougar One charter.

And Daniel from Melbourne (below)
caught his 'Trout' on Sunshine Reef while on a three quarter day charter on Fishing Offshore Noosa vessel, Trekka 1.
Coral Trout
Sunshine Reef was also the spot for a few 'Longtail' tuna as local angler Andrew Cardno (below) found on Wednesday. Andrew was doing a spot of bottom bashing when this 12kg northern bluefin tried to run off with his whole pilchard floater.
Northern Bluefin Tuna

ONSHORE: The North Shore coastal beach stretch showed a bit of life before the stronger winds set in although, apart from dart which were well spread, most of the action appeared to be up near the top end where bream, tarwhine and trevally were active. As an added bonus, the rocks at Double Island Point produced the odd quality jewfish and tailor.
Mangrove Jack
With the water clarity improving in the lower estuary, flathead were in good numbers along the Gympie Terrace stretch, around the Munna Point Bridge area and, of course, down at the river mouth. The Woods Bays were also well worth a look with tarpon, trevally and mangrove jacks responding well to Gladiator Prawn soft plastics. Mullet fillet also worked well on the 'Jacks' as Joel Greig (above) discovered when he boated a 2kg (est) specimen in the 'Bays' on Friday night.
Threadfin Salmon
It was still a bit murky in Weyba Creek and the back of Noosa Sound but that didn't seem to deter the odd standout fish. Steve Haebich (above) was fishing 'The Sound' on Wednesday when his prawn bait was taken by a 5kg threadfin salmon.
On the freshwater scene, Lake MacDonald is again open for fishing although there's still plenty of murk and debris to contend with. Most of the bass caught and released, however, were juveniles with just the odd 40cm+ fish among them.
At Borumba Dam the bass, with many in the 40cm+ range, were responding well to Ice Jigs, spinnerbaits and live shrimp baits amongst the trees around the upper edge of the main basin. Nothing was happening in the open and deeper waters.
Note: Care should be taken on Yabba Creek Road with bridge crossings 1, 2 and 6 having sustained flood water damage.





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