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As at Monday July 7, 2014

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OFFSHORE: It was another excellent week for the offshore boys with a continuation of last week's superb weather pattern. A modest 0.5m to 0.75m swell and light to moderate (5 to 15 knot) variable southerlies were the rule rather than the exception and although the mackerel were down in numbers, the reefies more than made up for their absence. Light current runs on most days were a bonus, as was the arrival of some better quality knobbies on the outer reefs.
Quite a few boats made the long run to Double Island Point and, aside from lots of whale sightings, there were some excellent catches reported. Nat and Striddy (above) fished D.I. on Saturday and came back with cobia, large mouth nannygai and two quality 5kg snapper, which they caught on mullet fillets.
And Shannon Horsey from Biloela in Central Queensland (above) boated this standout 5kg (est) knobby snapper on Saturday's full day Wild Thing charter. Other species on the bite up that way were striped tuna, venus tusk fish, moses perch, shark (in close), Spanish mackerel, hussar and gold band snapper.
Cougar One
scheduled a full day charter to the Barwon Banks on Friday and came back with a bin load of fish. On the capture list were; venus tusk fish, amberjack, pearl perch, snapper, moses perch and collared sea bream. Currumbin angler Greg Roberts' 8kg amberjack, above, was the standout. And from the same charter, Shane Graham from Brisbane (below) is pictured with a snapper which he got on a squid bait and an amberjack he caught on a pilchard.
Snaper and Amberjack
Also out that way, a few of the guys from the Noosa Boat Fishing Club fished The Hards on Friday for; snapper to 4kg, venus tusk fish and pearl perch.
Closer in, North Reef produced sweetlip, pearl perch, morwong, teraglin jewfish, moses perch, venus tusk fish, squire and gold spot cod. Anthony Trainor, Brisbane and Ben Jenkins, Victoria (below) are pictured with a gold spot cod and a pearl perch, boated on Wednesday's Wild Thing charter to North Reef.
Gold Spot Cod Pearl Perch
Chardon's Reef really fired this week, producing the same species as per North Reef but with the added bonus of Maori cod, mackerel tuna, northern bluefin tuna, cobia, striped sea perch, Spanish mackerel and coral trout. Isacco Gabizon from Sunshine Beach (below) boated this monster bar-cheeked trout at Chardon's around lunchtime on Saturday. It went for a whole pike bait (ignoring two live yakka rigs) and tipped the Davo's scales at an impressive 7.5kg.
Bar Cheeked Trout
The crew from Trekka 2 elected to spend most of their time targeting their hot spots on Chardon's Reef this week and boated a wide range of quality fish in the process. John Sedgwick from Toowoomba (below) is pictured with a cobia or black kingfish that he boated on Friday's three quarter day charter.
And John's daughter Gemma (below) was happy posing with this nice Maori cod from the same charter, even if she did get her fingers stuck in the gill rakers.
Maori Cod
Closer to home, Sunshine Reef was the spot for venus tusk fish, pearl perch, collared sea bream, snapper to 55cm, spotted mackerel, moses perch, cobia, northern bluefin tuna and sweetlip. Some of the lippers, snapper and tuna were taken along the 10m line in close near the shark nets, just out from 'A' Bay and not far off the headland rocks. There was a lot of bait in the area as well. In Laguna Bay, there were a few school mackerel on the prowl around Jew Shoal while across at Little Hall's Reef the standouts were snapper, sweetlip and the odd Spanish mackerel. 'Stingrays' had lots of bait and the odd longtail.
Pearl Perch Maori Cod Northern Bluefin or Longtail Tuna Snapper and Pearl Perch Cobia
Again, we didn't have room for all of this week's offshore photos but if you click on any of the small photographs directly above you can view the slideshow.
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