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As at Friday July 7, 2017.
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OFFSHORE: Not a bad week on the offshore scene with predominantly light to moderate winds and a nominal 0.75m to 1.0m swell prevailing. As per last week, the bar crossing wasn't particularly challenging, all of the local reefs were quite do-able and best of all, the fish were biting and in good numbers.
Out wide, The Hards were certainly worth a look, producing pearl perch, venus tusk fish, frying pan snapper, coral trout and the odd snapper and mack tuna. At Double Island Point, however, the knobbies were in good numbers and very hungry. Report and photos from
Wild Thing 2 skipper Paul Glover... "Fished D.I. on Monday. Perfect conditions. Wind was about 5 to 10 knots with next to no current and boy were the fish chewing. We got a good bag of snapper, tusk fish and pearl perch but also caught hussar, moses perch, gold spot wrasse, goat fish, slate bream, coral bream, amberjack and a monster cod that was successfully de-gassed and swam back happy." Pictured above from that full day charter we have Mauro Scantambrulo from Brighton in Victoria with a nice amberjack and below left, Neville Hardwich from Gladstone with the standout snapper which was caught on a soft plastic.
Snapper Snapper
And they did it again a couple of days later.. "Hey mate. Fished D.I. again on Wednesday in pretty ordinary conditions. Wind was from the north west at 15 to 20 knots and the current was to the south. We got a good feed of snapper as well as some venus tusk fish, jewfish or mulloway, moses perch, coral bream and gold spot wrasse." Above right we have Michael Crow from Noosa Heads with a nice knobby with a Gulp Nuclear Chicken plastic in its mouth.
Jewfish or Mulloway
On the middle reef belt, the jewfish and cobia were out and about in numbers. Report and photos from Trekka 2 deckie Will Palfery... "Hey Bill. We ran a seven hour charter to North Reef on Thursday. Conditions were beautiful with no wind or current at all. Couldn't have asked for a better day especially with the fish biting and a great crew. We got a good feed of moses perch, grass sweetlip, pearl perch, coral bream, cobia and some solid jewies. Cheers, Will." Pictured above from that charter we have Dan Mogg from Melbourne with a cracker jewfish or mulloway and below left, Steve Dan from Brisbane with his cobia. Also on the bite at North Reef were teraglin jewfish, mack tuna, venus tusk fish, squire, goat fish and the odd small mouth nannygai.
Cobia Red Emperor
And Sunshine Reef? This report from Chicko Vella, Davo's Tackle World... "Hi All. The fish have been biting of late, along with the blissful conditions to suit. My fishing family the Creeleys jumped aboard Monday to chase snapper at Sunshine Reef but we landed everything but!! Very nice sweetlip, tusk fish, cod, pearl perch and spotty mackerel came aboard, along with a very fat red emperor. Nathan had a mega smile to match. Get out there! Chicko."

COASTAL: Great conditions on the surf beaches for the second week of the school holidays. A bit chilly some mornings but it typically morphed into 23 to 25 degree temperatures during the day. Classic Noosa winter conditions. Bream were in good numbers from Coolum upwards with a few quality dart in amongst them. A couple of hours either side of the low tide produced best results with favoured baits being fresh mullet strips and bonito fillets. Further up at Sunshine Beach the whiting were still in good numbers while past the headland in Granite Bay the garfish were still schooling. On Main Beach, the stretch between the groynes was good for the odd whiting while over on the Noosa North Shore the river mouth end of Teewah Beach produced bream, tailor and flathead. From Shelley Andrews, below left... "I caught this 70cm flathead on Sunday at 5:30pm on the North Shore in the bar on fresh mullet bait. I also stayed up all Saturday night in the same place and caught five bream and one 42cm tailor. A great weekend of fishing." Further up, whiting were biting in close around Teewah while just north of there, chopper tailor were in numbers and very much on the bite. Up towards Double Island Point the catch was bream and tarwhine (28cm to 34cm) during the day and jewfish after dark. Yellowtail kingfish and tailor were also active off the rocks.
Flathead Luderick
ESTUARY: The great news for the luderick fisherman was that their target species were back in numbers at the river mouth. A bit skittish but they were certainly schooling out from the rocky point at Sandy Cove. Twelve year old Ryder Huxtable (above right) moved to Noosa from Canada with his family three months ago and as you can see, he's settled right in. On Wednesday afternoon he fished the river mouth with prawn baits on a static rod, which got him a keeper whiting, while he peppered the water with a small (7gm) River2Sea Sea Rock Pilchard pattern slug. This got him one happy moment (which he carefully returned once he knew what it was) and the short sighted luderick he's pictured with. Bream and flathead were also active there.
Bream were well spread throughout the system this week but the Frying Pan produced some of the quality fish plus the odd greenback tailor. From local lad Cody Reid, above..."Hey guys. I was fishing the lower estuary on the last of the run-out tide on Saturday morning, throwing a small Sugapen surface lure. We found a patch of bait with tailor smashing them up so I cast my Sugapen into it, then a few taps of the rod and I was hooked up to this solid 60cm+ tailor. After six minutes of fighting the fish on 8lb line, I got him in the boat. Released him after taking a few photos. Thanks, Cody." Cody's quality greenback was a personal best for him and comfortably won him this week's $100.00 Davo's Tackle World/ChaseBaits Australia Fish of the Week prize.
And Alaska Rosenkranz from Noosa, above, tempted this 30cm bream with a whole prawn bait in the Frying Pan area on Tuesday morning. He was on a Noosa River Fishing Safari at the time. And how about this for your first ever keeper! Young Cooper Fretwell from Peregian Beach (below left) picked up this quality 31cm whiting in the lower estuary stretch on Sunday afternoon using a live beach worm as his draw card.
Whiting Giant Trevally
And what about this report from young Jack, above right; "Hi. My name is Jack Robards and I bought a Nomad Madscad 95 mm sinking lure from Davo's Tackle World last Friday at Noosa. I am 12 yrs old here on holiday with my parents and big brother who is 14 yrs. We drive up from Sydney. On Sunday night we went out on our double canoe we brought with us and at about 6.30pm I caught this GT and it fought for about 10 minutes and I was tired, my arms felt like they were falling off. I was soooo excited to reel in this fish. It's the biggest fish I've ever caught and I fish almost every day at home cause I enjoy it. It was 54cm and I weighed it with the new weigh scales I bought at the shop same day and it was 2kg. My brother was in the canoe with me and he almost caught one too. I love Noosa and I am going out again tonight because of the fish. Thank you for selling me the lure, I used my own money it was so worth it!" Jack's detailed story so appealed to the boys at Davo's that they awarded him a twin pack of ChaseBaits soft plastics worth $25.00.
Bream Giant Trevally
Golden trevally were responding well to micro jigs off the Woods Point this week while in the Woods Bays, bream, flathead, tailor and GT's made up the bulk of the catch. Peter Logan from Brisbane (above) caught and released this 35cm bream in the Woods Bays on Saturday morning's Noosa River Fishing Safari. It went for a whole prawn bait. The Creeley Clan are on holiday in Noosa at the moment. This from Trevor... "Hi Bill. Saw your shots on Wednesday morning of the fog on the river. My boys Ryan and Nathan are up from Brisbane on School Holidays. They were out there yesterday morning and caught some nice GT’s on soft plastics just after sun up. Lots of mullet and heaps of surface action." Pictured above right is Ryan with a solid GT.
Bream Flathead
There weren't many shore based anglers out and about on foggy Wednesday morning but Cliff Grey (above left) was at his usual spot at Munna Beach when I passed by on my way back from the river mouth. I mentioned in the report a few weeks ago that Cliff was 88 years old. Next time he saw me he ticked me off. Said it would cruel his chances with the ladies as he'd been telling them he was only 80. Sorry Cliff. My bad. Anyway, here he is with dinner, a couple of nice (30cm and 32cm) bream that he caught on fresh mullet strips not long before I got there. There were a few trevally chasing surface lures just out from the Coast Guard station and around the back of the Sound. Upriver, bream, flathead and trevally were active along the Tewantin ski runs. From Luke Parnell..."Very proud father watching my boy Lachlan (above right) hook this 67cm flathead using fresh mullet. I was even more impressed watching him land it with a broken arm. Fish was caught at Tewantin on Monday morning on the run-out tide. Regards, Luke Parnell." Apart from that, jewfish were on the prowl above the Tewantin car ferry and in the stretch between the lakes, mangrove jacks were going for suspending minnow lures.

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