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As at Monday July 11, 2011

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OFFSHORE: Hmmm! Not a bad week on the offshore scene. Light to moderate (5 to 15 knot) south westerlies dominated and the 1.2m swell wasn't much of a problem, certainly as far as the bar crossing was concerned. It was often very chilly around dawn and dusk, though, but when the sun was up it was pretty much as good as it gets for this time of the year.
Trips to the Barwon Banks were on the cards for the bigger boats but the returns were fairly average. Pearl perch, moses perch, snapper, venus tusk, gold spot wrasse and hussar were on the bite there but it was slow going, with no standouts.
Red Emperor
North Reef was a better option for a wider range of species. A few boaties had a hard time of it but most reports were of good numbers of snapper in the 3kg to 5kg range, some thumper pearl perch, hussar, moses perch, venus tusk fish, Maori cod, teraglin jewfish, keeper size scarlet sea perch, a few red emperor and the odd northern bluefin tuna. The fun loving 'Gurski Girls' (above), six sisters, have a get together every two years and this time it was at Noosa where they booked an outing on Cougar One. They're pictured here, in their tea shirt bikinis, with sister Denise's 3.5kg red emperor.
Snapper Northern Bluefin Tuna
On the afternoon charter, which also visited North Reef, Jesse Rundle from Adelaide (above left) boated a 4kg snapper.
And on Friday's 3/4 day charter, young Darcy Jowett from Melbourne (above right) boated this 8kg northern bluefin tuna.
The occasional report of 'Knobbies' kept everyone interested and Tim French's 7kg fish, above, was one of this week's top weights for that species. Tim fished North Reef on Saturday morning and tempted this snodger with a pilchard floater.
Snapper Red Emperor
Fishing Offshore Noosa had one boat off the water this week but the other two boats also put in a good deal of time at North Reef. John Dale from Pelican Waters (above right) fished there on a half day Trekka 1 charter on Wednesday morning and came back with the 3.5kg+ red emperor he's posing with. And the next day, Ben Bain from Canberra (above left) was out there on a half day Trekka 2 charter when he tempted the 4kg 'Knobby' in the photo with a squid bait.
Pearl Perch Snapper
Zak Hodges from Eumundi (above right) bucked the trend and fished The Coffees yesterday and was very pleased with the 5.5kg snapper he picked up using a whole pilchard floater. And just for a change of scenery, Trekka 1 spent a bit of time working the edge of Chardon's Reef on Sunday where they got onto a few quality pearl perch. Brisbane angler Craig Hanson's 4kg+ specimen (above left) was the trip standout. Apart from that, Massoud's Reef was the spot for quality snapper while Sunshine Reef was relatively quiet, producing just the odd pearl perch, Maori cod and grass sweetlip.
In Laguna Bay, Jew Shoal yielded grass sweetlip while northern bluefin tuna were on the prowl around Little Hall's Reef.

ONSHORE: The Third Cutting on the North Shore was the main producer on the surf beach circuit this week. Chopper tailor, whiting, dart and bream (to 1kg) were on the bite in that area while a few larger tailor were taken from the surf gutters just north of there. Across the bay, garfish were schooling in numbers in Tea Tree Bay and throughout Granite Bay while quality bream were active in the stretch from the Fairy Pools to Hells Gate on the National Park headland. The only other report of note was of whiting, bream and the odd flathead on the chew further down the coast at Marcus Beach.
The luderick came on the bite in good numbers at the river mouth car park rocks in the latter half of the run-in tide over the weekend. John Cobb and his father Albert (above) did well on both afternoons and got most of their fish on 'black weed'.
Noosa River Fishing Safaris reported that flathead, bream, whiting and chopper tailor were respectable numbers down around the river mouth and in the Frying Pan. Bream, in fact, were very well spread throughout the estuary system and were quite responsive to well cast lures, particularly the Pontoon 21 'Greedy Guts' 44SP. Trevally (diamond, big eyes, GT's, and tea leaf) ran hot and cold in the Woods Bays with good results coming from the ever reliable Gladiator Prawn. Mick Doran (above) did well there with GP's late on Thursday morning, boating a big eye trevally and the 1.5kg tea leaf trevally he and his young fella are pictured with. Tarpon were also on the prowl in the Woods Bays and around the back of Noosa Sound while further up river, the first ski run at Tewantin produced trevally and school jewfish on soft plastics.
Mangrove Jack
Last but not least, quality (40cm+) bass were going for Atomic Crank 38 deep divers and EcoGear 40HS lures up towards Harry's Hut in the Everglades. Please note; it is closed season on wild bass until August 31 so any fish taken must be released. Mangrove jacks were worth targeting in Kin Kin Creek as Douglas Wells (above) discovered on Friday. Douglas, on holiday from Jarvis Bay, was up there with his father Pete and Bob Jeynes from Davo's Compleat Angler when his unweighted half pilchard bait was smashed in the berley by the thumper 3.5kg (est) mangrove jack he's pictured with.

The Davo's Compleat Angler 'Fish of the Week' species is bream. Competition ends at 6pm on Friday, July 15.





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