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As at Monday July 14, 2014

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OFFSHORE: Well, this is about as good as it gets, even for Noosa. We've had four weeks of eminently fishable weather with barely a handful of days when the boats couldn't get out. Hard to beat that. This week we had very light to moderate variable winds and, on most days, a nominal 0.5m to 0.75m swell. Sunday was a bit marginal as the winds increased towards lunchtime, and today was a no go, but we'll overlook that and just talk about all the good stuff.
Coral Trout
The more distant reefs were again on the agenda. Double Island Point was a bit hit and miss with the run up to the super moon meaning an overnighter was the only way to guarantee a full keeper bin. Squire, moses perch, venus tusk fish, mowong, coral trout and lots of undersize reds were on the bite during the day with the knobbies mostly on the chew at night. Bradley Pain from Wamuran (above) is pictured with a trout from Saturday's Wild Thing charter to D. I.
Snapper, Maori Cod and Sweetlip.
Some of the crew from the Noosa Boat Fishing Club targeted The Hards this week and reported good catches of snapper, moses perch, venus tusk fish, the odd Maori cod and some thumper pearl perch to 68cm. Closer in, The Coffees produced pearl perch and cobia, as did North Reef but with the added bonus of snapper, Maori cod, sweetlip, yellowfin tuna, bonito, teraglin jewfish, moses perch, gold spot cod and spotted mackerel. Chicko Vella from Davo's Tackle World (above right in photo) helped christen Adam Salski's new boat at North Reef on Tuesday afternoon by boating some thumper snapper (on soft plastics), Maori cod and sweetlip. And Jen Danaher from Melbourne (below) is pictured with a gold spot cod from Tuesday's Trekka 2 charter to North Reef.
Gold Spot Cod
Tim French from Beerwah (below) fished North Reef on Saturday morning where he got busted off twice by a couple of unstoppable fish in the first hour or so before hooking and landing this thumper 15.2kg cobia. His bait? Live yakkas. This quality capture also won Tim this week's Davo's Fish of the Week prize.
There haven't been a lot of mackerel around over the last few weeks but Michael Huxley from Aroona (below) tempted this nice spotty with a deep jigged Tsunami Minnow soft plastic Shad lure on Sunday morning. He was out at North Reef with a group of mates on a Cougar One charter at the time.
Spotted Mackerel
Also on the middle reef belt, Massoud's Reef was the spot for sweetlip, Spanish mackerel, venus tusk fish, pearl perch and moses perch while at Chardon's Reef the standout species were teraglin jewfish, mowong, venus tusk fish, gold spot cod, mackerel tuna, shiny mackerel, Maori cod and striped sea perch.
Coral Trout
Sunshine Reef was a good option for the smaller boats that were enticed offshore by the sometimes TGO conditions and a flat bar crossing. The species featuring on the capture list there were; venus tusk fish, mowong, teraglin jewfish, squire, striped sea perch, pearl perch, snapper, moses perch, bonito, shiny mackerel, sweetlip and coral trout. Olivia Parkinson from Tasmania boated her quality trout on Thursday's half day Cougar One charter to Sunshine.
Yellowfin Tuna Cobia Maori Cod Snapper
Again, we didn't have room for all of this week's offshore photos but if you click on any of the small photographs directly above you can view the slideshow.
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