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As at Friday July 21, 2017.
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OFFSHORE: Wow! Pretty much a carbon copy of last week with light to moderate variable winds prevailing over the weekend and beyond, followed by strong (20 to 25 knot) variable southerlies on Wednesday and Thursday. Still, five out of seven days fishable is a good result and even better, there was plenty of action at most of the visited reefs. The approach to the bar continued to be a problem either side of low with prop polishing almost mandatory.
Snapper and Pearl PerchSnapper and Zetz Jig
Starting at the outer reefs, The Hards produced snapper, pearl perch and the odd amberjack, as did the Barwon Banks but with the added bonus of red throat emperor, cobia, venus tusk fish and coronation trout. Report and photos from Damon McLean, above... "Fished the middle of The Banks over the weekend with my mate Paul. Little to no current or wind. Magic conditions. Got onto a good school of snapper at two different depths. Caught them on a combination of slow pitched jigs, fresh mack tuna fillets and squid with best fish falling to ZetZ SCW-60 jigs. Action and outfits were critical. Paul was fishing the same jig, same main line, same leader, but different action on a stiffer carbon rod caught far fewer fish. Pillies not touched. Also caught pearl perch and red throat." Damon's detailed report and quality snapper on jigs won him this week's $100.00 Davo's/ChaseBaits Fish of the Week prize.
Jewfish or Mulloway
Double Island Point again proved popular with the bigger boats. Wild Thing 2 skipper Paul Glover sent in this report and photos on Sunday night... "We spent the last three days running charters to D.I. with great weather and pretty consistent fishing. With wind 10 to 15 knots and no current we found the pearlies having a good chew. The rest of the catch included grassy sweetlip, squire, venus tusk fish, moses perch, hussar, longtail tuna, slate bream. The photos are from Sunday. We had a whole boat booking for Ray Watson's birthday and did it turn on. We caught jewies, cobia, slatie bream, squire, tuskies, gold spot cod, Maori cod, pearl perch, moses perch and some cracking scarlet sea perch." Pictured above is Julie Watson from Boreen Point with her father Ray's jewfish and below;Steve Jardine from Boreen Point with a thumper Maori cod and Tony Gimis from Sippy Downs with his scarlet.
Maori Cod Scarlet Sea Perch or Large Mouth Nannygai
And a 'whale of a tale' and photo from Bobby Jeynes, below left... "Hey buddy. I have a story for you. Peter Thompson, Ash Flanders and I were having a great time catching red emperor, big jacks, snapper etc off Double Island Point on the weekend. That was until early dark hours of Sunday morning when a very large whale got tangled in our anchor line. The old yellow boat took off across the water at a great rate of knots with a crazed whale going nuts in front of the boat. Thommo and Ash managed to get to the bow and cut the anchor rope, saving us from being rolled over. The whale then went bonkers, tearing up the ocean trying to free itself. We started the engine and hightailed it outa there. A couple of hours later and three miles away we were sounding another isolated bommie when Ash told me to stop as there was an anchor rope in the water. To our amazement it was ours! We cautiously retrieved it in case Mr Humpback was still attached but he was long gone. A one in a gazzilion chance of ever finding that anchor again, but we did."
Red Emperor Grass Sweetlip
Along the middle reef belt, Chardon's Reef was the spot for grass sweetlip, venus tusk fish, moses perch, pearl perch and squire, as was North Reef but with the added bonus of cobia, snapper, tuna, jewfish, and lots of grinners. Report and photo from Trekka 2 deckie Will Palfery... "We ran a five hour charter to North Reef on Saturday. Conditions were great with low winds and low current running north. Our crew caught grass sweetlip, pearl perch, venus tusk fish, squire, moses perch and a few mack tuna. Cheers, Will." Cooper Donnidson, above right, from Randwick, Sydney with a grass sweetlip.
Northern Bluefin or Longtail Tuna
And a couple of days later... "We ran a seven hour charter to North Reef on Monday. Conditions were good with 5 knot north westerly winds, 1.0m swell and very low current running south. The reef fishing was hard but the tuna came on after a bit of berley. In addition to some good longtails we managed to get a feed of grass sweetlip, moses perch, venus tusk fish and flake. Lachie Smith from Mentone, above, is pictured with one of the longtails."
Jewfish or Mulloway
Grant Budd from Davo's Tackle World, above, caught and released this 114cm, 12.5kg jewfish at North Reef on Sunday... "Hey mate. Got this beauty on a 5" ChaseBaits Forkbait soft plastic on a 1/4 oz jighead. Lucky to land  on my Shimano 4-8lb Zodias rod with 10lb leader. Took about 10 minutes."
Northern Bluefin or Longtail Tuna Spanish Mackerel
Closer to home, Sunshine Reef was good for snapper, pearl perch, venus tusk fish, tuna, mackerel, cobia, coral trout and grass sweetlip. Report from local angler Tye Cotter, above left... "Last Friday at Sunshine Reef I landed a nice longtail tuna on 30lb braid to a gang rig. Forty five minute fight to land it. Took a pilly floater, as did this Spaniard which buzzed the same rod 30 minutes later. Gerry Kane gets the credit for boating that one. Cheers, Tye"
Coral Trout
And Cougar One fished Sunshine Reef on Saturday for pearl perch, the odd school mackerel, venus tusk fish and, as per the photo above, coral trout.
In Laguna Bay, the only reports to hand were of squire and sweetlip at Hall's Reef and spotted mackerel (yes, spotties) on the bite out around Jew Shoal.

COASTAL: There wasn't much feedback from the surf beaches this week. Mainly bream and dart in numbers at Castaways Beach plus chopper tailor and keeper size snapper off the National Park headland rocks. On the Noosa North Shore, flathead were well spread and tailor were active at the top end.

ESTUARY: The river was fairly quiet this week as well. The usual bread and butter species such as bream, flathead and whiting were active at the river mouth, of course, but not in mega numbers. The good news was that the luderick came back on the bite there after playing hard to get most of last week. For the flathead, targeting the drop-offs and rises has seen well presented soft plastics get smashed. The new Entice range of plastics worked very well as did 2.5"-3" Vanilla Ice ChaseBaits, 3" Motor Oil Z-Man GrubZ and 80mm Squidgie Bloodworm Wrigglers. Live herring and prawns also got results.
Diamond Trevally Diamond Trevally
The Woods Bays weren't exactly firing but still produced the odd bream and flathead (on prawns and small fish baits) during the day and trevally on soft plastics and surface lures around first light. From local lad Jake Roth, above left... "On Saturday morning I was having a flick with a Z-Man Slim SwimZ soft plastic (in pearl) around the Woods Bays. And at 7:00am... BOOM!! A diamond trevally smashed my lure and put up the best fight ever. I measured it at 65cm. Great size for my first trev ever in Noosa River. I loved seeing this beast swim away healthy."
Further on, Weyba Creek was good for bream on prawns and mullet strips and whiting on live worms, peeled prawns and squid tentacles. The last of the run-out tide worked best there. Further upriver, the Gympie Terrace jetties produced some good bream on small Cranka Crab plastics, mullet gut and small pilchards while the waters around Tewantin yielded bream, flathead, whiting and the odd trevally. Daryn Royle (above right) caught and released his quality diamond trevally along the Hilton Esplanade stretch on Sunday. It went for a whole prawn bait, on the last of the run-in tide.
Apart from that, bream, javelin fish (grunter bream) and flathead were active in and around Lake Cooroibah. Brooke Stevenson (above) caught this 58cm flathead near the mouth of the lake on Sunday morning's Noosa River Fishing Safari. It went for a lightly weighted whole whitebait.

FRESHWATER: Borumba Dam was a little slow in the middle of the day but fished well in the early morning and late afternoon. Bass and saratoga were in good numbers. The bays and upper reaches of the two main arms have also fished well with schools of fish holding in the shallower water.
Lake Macdonald fished well this week. Bass were caught around the Botanical Gardens and the Bubble Trail as well as in the north facing bays across from the dam wall. The western fringe of the lake also recorded good catches. Entice Assault Vibes and Temco Soft Cicada lures worked well there.

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