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As at Friday July 20, 2018.
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OFFSHORE: Wow! It doesn't get much better than this! Well, it does, actually. The week got off to a really great start with light to moderate (5 to 15 knot) variable southerlies and little or no swell. Then it gradually got better with nil to light winds and almost totally glassed out conditions towards the very end.
The only downside was the bar. Not much swell to contend with but the very small low tides meant there were a lot of boats churning sand and putting up some pretty impressive 'rooster tails' on their way through. A minor inconvenience considering the reef fish were on the bite and the snapper were of good size and numbers. Young Milly Andreassen (above) spent Saturday night at The Hards with her father and younger brother and was very excited to land her first ever snapper. At 4.3kg it was a memorable start... caught on a fresh mullet strip around first light. And this report from Chicko Vella, Davo's Tackle World.. "This is what winter weather is supposed to be like. We snuck out to the Barwon Banks on Sunday for our first overnighter for some time! Conditions were perfect, apart from the sloppy NW chop this morning. No current, so on our first stop we got our bag of snapper and pearl perch. Then we targeted some red throat emperor on the shallow grounds, love the R.T.E. Next trip we're off to chase red emperor further north. Cheers, Chicko."
Red Emperor Snapper
Double Island Point really produced the goods this week. Report and photos from Wild Thing 2 skipper Paul Glover... "We fished D.I. on Friday. Wind settled to a beautiful 10 knots from the south west. We smashed the snapper but also caught tusk fish, coral bream, frypan snapper, longtail tuna, iron jaw jobfish and a nice little red emperor." Pictured above is David O'Connor from Redcliffe with his red emperor and Tim Bell from Kilcoy with a snapper.
Red Emperor Gold Spot Wrasse
And they did it again a couple of days later... "We fished D.I. on Sunday in as "good as it gets" conditions, apart from the screaming southerly current. We caught a good feed of snapper, moses perch, tusk fish, coral bream, gold spot wrasse and a beautiful red emperor to top it off." Above left we have Gavin Moore from Noosaville with the day's standout, a thumper red emperor and, above right, Clay O'Connell from Cooroy with a nice gold spot wrasse.
There were a few good cobia and gold band snapper on the chew up that way as well. Along the middle reef belt, North Reef was another hot spot. Report and photo from local angler Dave Reynolds... "G’day Bill. Finally some good weather and a day off for the DR Landscaping crew. So the ultimate duo Jackson (above) and I headed out in Cobalt on Sunday morning at first light to our favourite jewie spot at North Reef. There were no jewies caught but we got a good mixed bag. Cobia, cod and snapper were on the menu and I christened my new Shimano Stradic 5000 reel that I bought from Davo's with a tussle with a longtail tuna that made me walk around the boat ten times. All fish were caught on 7” Z-Man and Gulp soft plastics while Jackson was using the ever faithful Davo's pillies. The wind was blowing a slight westerly with not much current, so conditions were favourable. Cheers, Dave."
Pearl Perch and Snapper
And this from Cougar One skipper Theo Hewish... "Hey Bill. We did back to back five hour charters to North Reef on Sunday in glass out conditions. And the fish were biting. Perfect weather with little to no wind and no current. We caught quality pearl perch, good snapper, venus tusk fish and gold spot cod." Rochelle is pictured above with a pearl perch and snapper from that charter. And below left, from Friday's, we have Andrew with a knobby snapper.
Snapper Gold Spot Cod
And we received this report and photo (above right) from Trekka 2 skipper Mitch Bertacchini... "We did a seven hour charter to North Reef on Monday. Conditions were fantastic with little to no wind and next to no current. We caught snapper, moses perch, venus tusk fish, Maori cod and gold spot cod."
Snapper Gold Spot Cod
Plus one more from Wild Thing 2 skipper Paul Glover... "Hey mate. We fished North Reef on Tuesday. Stunning conditions once again. Caught moses perch, snapper, coral trout, Maori cod, tusk fish, coral bream, frypan snapper and longtail tuna." Pictured (above left) is Peter Kirkwood from Young in New South Wales with a nice trout. Closer in at Sunshine Reef, this from Christopher Gibb, above right... "Hey Bill. Fished Sunshine Reef on Sunday with a couple of mates. Conditions were good with no current. Using plastics and bait we got a feed of snapper, tusk fish and my first ever coral trout on Sunshine. It went 70cm. Couldn't release my first trout as I’d heard they're awesome on the plate and it sure was delish! Was certainly worth getting wet and cold on the shallow bar in the morning before sunrise." Jew Shoal in Laguna Bay was good for quality snapper and the odd late season Spaniard.
To view the latest aerial drone footage of the lower estuary and bar crossing (as at Monday July 16, 2018) simply... CLICK OR TAP HERE

COASTAL: Conditions were excellent on the open beaches this week so it was worth wetting a line just for the pleasure of being out and about. As an added bonus, whiting were biting at Peregian Beach and, together with dart, at Castaways. Sunshine Beach was fairly quiet with just the odd flathead on the prowl but further along, the rocks at the southern end of Alexandria Bay produced trevally and some big dart. On the headland, the Fairy Pools and Dolphin Point yielded quality bream while Granite Bay was the spot for garfish. Across the bay, whiting and flathead were active in the waters around Teewah township while further north, the rocks at Double Island Point were good for jewfish and big bream. Luderick were also in good numbers there.

ESTUARY: The river mouth was quiet during the day with just the odd bream and flathead on the bite for the beach anglers. The luderick were also a bit of a non-event although the tides were wrong most of the week. Thursday morning, with low around 7.30am, saw them start to come on the bite again.
Golden Trevally
After dark the tailor put in an appearance around the car park rocks with live herring and whole ganged pilchards on 1/0 ganged hooks working well on the larger fish. Further up, the Dog Beach was good for bream and flathead while the Frying Pan produced whiting (on prawns and live worms) and chopper tailor. Across from there, trevally were on the prowl along the Current Line and in the Woods Bays. Clinton Johnson caught a 55cm golden on a live yabby in the Woods Bays on Saturday morning but his sons Hamish and Fraser (above) claimed the bragging rights for the Davo's photo shoot. They both then got into a bit of push and shove as to who was holding more of the fish. Once we got that settled we got a nice shot of them both smiling.
Golden Trevally and FlatheadRiver report from Jimmy Free, Noosa River Fishing Safaris... "Hey Bill. Big improvement in the river this week. We’ve seen plenty of good size tarwhine and bream in the river mouth along with plenty of nice size duskies. The Dog Beach and Frying Pan are still holding heaps of mullet. The Woods Bays have given us some nice goldens and couple of GT’s as well as flathead. Heaps of whiting about just about everywhere you go. Up in Tewantin is where we have seen our biggest flatties as well as a few more goldens and a couple of diamonds getting about. Pictured (below left) is Byron from Melbourne with the 39cm bream he caught and released on a prawn on Sunday. Middle of the day, tide ripping and boats everywhere. While above we have seven year old Ruby (Byron’s sister) with her dad Blake. She got this 59cm golden on her first cast of the charter. Her line was in for about one minute before this thing start peeling line from her. She did well to get it in for a photo and released it. And also Lakhsheeny from Brisbane with her 64cm flathead."
Bream Mangrove Jack
Quality bream were on the bite around Munna Point and the Noosaville jetties and, together with mangrove jacks at night, along the back of the Sound. Upriver, good tailor and some thumper GT's were on the prowl around Tewantin while mangrove jacks were on the chew from the Tewantin car ferry to the mouth of Lake Cooroibah. From Paul Breheny, from the 'Hook and the Cook'... "Hey Bill. This is my young niece Finn (above right). She’s currently visiting us from Sydney and this is her first ever fish, a nice little winter jack, caught on a Samaki Vibelicious colour green. It was up near the mouth of Lake Cooroibah on the run out tide. She was really stoked. Cheers mate." There were also a few jewfish on the bite from Makepeace Island upwards.
Giant Trevally
And what about this from young Ollie Gettinby, above... "Hey Bill. My mate Jai and I went out for a fish together and I caught my first GT using an Atomic Silver Wolf Diver. As soon as I cast out Jai started the motor and we trolled. About 10 seconds after my lure hit the water my 1-3 kg rod looked like it would snap, bending down to the very last guide! It was a 15 minute fight as I was using 15 pound braid but 6 pound fluorocarbon leader. After some nervous moments netting it Jai and I took a few happy snaps before quickly releasing it. He went 55cm on the lie detector. These fish are the toughest fish in the river. We swam him for 5 seconds and he happily exploded off. What a fish! After the fight my line was so frayed it broke in my hand! Can't wait for the next catch. Kind regards, Ollie." Ollie's standout catch and release won him this week's $100.00 Davo's/ChaseBaits Fish of the Week prize.

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