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As at Monday July 27, 2015.

Fishing Noosa 'The Book'.
OFFSHORE: Well that was one of the nicest weeks we've had for a while. A little bit of a shaky start with 15 to 20 knot south easterlies and a 1.5m to 2m swell on Tuesday, but after that it just got better as the week progressed, morphing into a weekend of light variable winds, little or no swell and great fishing.
Red Emperor
You'd have thought we'd jumped straight back into summer as well with temperatures peaking around the 25 degree mark on Saturday and only slightly less on Sunday and today. As a result, Noosa went into full holiday mode, with local tradies disappearing from the work sites and reappearing on the local reefs.
The more distant reefs were well and truly on the cards too, especially in the latter part of the week. But best of all, the reef fish were well and truly on the bite. Moses perch, pearl perch, squire and venus tusk fish were pretty much the common catches along the middle reef belt and beyond. In addition to that, Double Island Point produced snapper, mackerel tuna, grass sweetlip, oval cod, red emperor, frying pan snapper, mowong (slate bream) and lots and lots of amberjack. Kieran Birch from Bli Bli (above) is pictured with a standout 8.5kg red emperor which he boated on Friday's full day Cougar One charter to 'D.I'.
And Neil Coxon from Melbourne (above) boated what was easily the standout amberjack of the week on Saturday's nine hour Wild Thing 2 charter to 'D.I.'
Spangled Emperor
A popular destination with the more determined bottom bashers, The Hards were good for snapper, Maori cod, coral bream, hussar, banana fish, spangled emperor and goat fish. Matt Crick from Brisbane (above) boated his thumper spangled emperor while out there on Saturday's full day Trekka 2 charter.
Snapper Pearl Perch
And Pete McCorrkol from Victoria (above) fished there on Saturday morning with Chris 'Fella' Arnold. They bagged out on snapper in under thirty minutes and Pete is pictured here with two of the standout knobbies. The Barwon Banks were almost loved to death over the weekend and responded by producing black spot pig fish, Maori cod, hussar, red emperor, banana fish (fusilier), spangled emperor and quality snapper. Adam Howe (above) boated snapper and quality pearl perch out there on Sunday morning. He's pictured here with an absolute thumper 4.5kg pearl perch which he caught on a Palms micro jig.
Large Mouth Nannygai or Scarlet Sea Perch
Apart from the common species already mentioned, The Coffees yielded teraglin jewfish in numbers, as did North Reef but with the added bonus of large mouth nannygai (scarlet sea perch), grass sweetlip, snapper, Maori cod, red throat emperor and shiny mackerel. Denis Westhorpe from Geelong (above) boated a quality large mouth on Saturday morning's Cougar One charter to North Reef. While Dave Ziems from Nambour (below) is pictured with a lipper and snapper from Wednesday's Trekka 2 charter to the bottom of North. I asked Dave for a 'Mega Smile' and this is what he gave me. Good one mate.
Grass Sweetlip and Snapper
Closer to home, Sunshine Reef was a good option for coral trout, sweetlip, mowong, venus tusk fish, coral bream and snapper while in Laguna Bay, Jew Shoal and Hall's Reef areas (popular amongst the small boat fraternity and the local yak anglers) managed to produce the odd grass sweetlip and snapper.
As is often the case, we couldn't fit all of the great photos on the page. To view the 'Lightbox Gallery', simply click on the thumbnails below...
Red Emperor Snapper Longtail Tuna Pearl Perch Snapper Gold Band Snapper
Venus Tusk Fish Pearl Perch Scarlet Sea Perch Gold Spot Cod Moses Perch Grass Sweetlip
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