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As at Friday July 27, 2018.
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OFFSHORE: Ah well. There were no 'as good as it gets' accolades chucked around this week but it was certainly fishable. The light to moderate variable southerlies took on a more northerly flavour half way through the week, chopping up the waters and making things a little uncomfortable for the smaller boats. But apart from that it was all systems go with little or no swell on the bar and more than enough reef fish and pelagics to keep most anglers happy.
Coral Trout, Snapper and Cobia.
Double Island Point was a bit like Piccadilly Circus this week with boats from north and south chasing the reef fish and pelagics. From local angler Dave Reynolds, above... "Hey Bill. Jackson Ross, OJ Ritson and I fished D.I. on Wednesday while the other half of the DR Landscaping crew covered for us. Conditions were too good with a light NW breeze and little to no current so we were able to drift over our favourite marks at 12 mile Double Island Pt. We produced a great mixed bag of snapper, tusk fish, coral trout, cobia, amberjack, bludger trevally, longtail tuna, mack tuna and bonito. Regards, Dave."
Dave's comprehensive report, plus his quality trout and snapper, combined to win him this week's $100.00 Davo's/ChaseBaits Fish of the Week prize.
Spanish Mackerel
And this report from Wild Thing 2 skipper Paul Glover... "We fished D.I. on Tuesday. Wind was 5 to 10 knots NNW, southerly current. We struggled for a while but ended up finding a good feed of tusk fish, hussar, longtail tuna, big eye tuna, pearl perch, snapper and a nice Spaniard." Pictured above is Alex McMurray, Victoria with the Spaniard and below, Glenn Cartwright, Casuarina with a snapper and Bruce Hammond, Noosa with a nice pearl perch.
Snapper Pearl Perch
Prior to that, the Wild Thing crew targeted the middle reef belt... "We fished North Reef on Sunday in pretty sloppy conditions. The wind was 15 to 20 knots from the south with a light southerly current. We caught moses perch, some nice pearl perch, grass sweetlip, longtail tuna, snapper, frypan snapper, trevally, coral bream and a horse of a barcheek coral trout." Pictured below is WT2 skipper Paul Glover with the thumper bar cheek trout.
Bar Cheek Trout
And below left, from that same charter, is Jonah Van Noordenn from Diamond Valley, Queensland with his pearl perch. Then from Monday... "Started out a little blowy but dropped to be a beautiful 5 to 10 knots from the south. We caught a great feed of big moses perch, good pearl perch, Maori cod, tailor, school mackerel, gold spot cod and a thumper 90cm+ snapper." Pictured below right is Bryan Smith from Peregian Springs with that standout snapper.
Pearl Perch Snapper
North Reef was also good for some quality jewfish while back in at Sunshine Reef the cobia were on the bite. From Indigo Fiedler, below left... "Had an awesome session off Sunshine the other day. Had a couple of solid cobia on board when a big gold spot struck. Cod was released unharmed. Cheers."
Cobia Cobia
And from Geoff Stirzaker, above right... "G'day Bill. My mate Dan took me out for a gallop in his new centre console to chase some snapper on Sunshine Reef. Unfortunately they were hard to find, in fact we struggled to land any legal fish until this 15kg black kingfish climbed all over a live slimy mackerel."
Cobia and Blue Maori Cod
Plus this report and photos above from Trekka 2 skipper Mitch Bertacchini... "Hey Bill. We did a seven hour charter to Sunshine on Friday. Conditions were a little gloomy with a strong northerly breeze but cleared up later in the day. We caught snapper, moses perch, tusk fish, blue and brown Maori cod, pearl perch and cobia." In Laguna Bay, the Hall's Reef stretch was good for cobia and longtails while Jew Shoal produced the odd Spanish mackerel.

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COASTAL: Not much in the way of feedback from the open beaches this week. Whiting were biting at Peregian Beach and the northern end of Sunshine Beach was good for bream and flathead. Apart from that, the waters around the river mouth rock groyne yielded to odd flathead as did the bottom end of Teewah Beach but with the added bonus there of whiting. There were also a few bigger lizards on the prowl up around the Double Island Point headland.

ESTUARY: The luderick came back on the bite at the river mouth car park rocks on Friday and I was there around 9.15am (about an hour after low tide) in time to film Brian Smith (below) hook and land his second blackfish of the morning. I couldn't stay long so got Brian to pose quickly with his two fish. Both went for the ever reliable Coolum Cabbage. Bream, queenfish and flathead were also active in that area with top of the tide providing best results.
From Tom King... "Hi Bill. Lachlan, 4, (below left) dropped into Davo's on Friday afternoon looking for some bait and some tips to catch his first fish. Second cast and he lands a lovely bream. Hooked forever. Followed it up with a nice little queenie. Thanks for your help guys, couldn't be happier!"
Bream Golden Trevally
River report from Jimmy Free, Noosa River Fishing Safaris... "Hey Bill. The river fished really well the last week. A bit slow at the end of last week but the weekend was a big improvement. Plenty of nice flatties and tailor in the river mouth. The Frying Pan also had a few duskies tucked away in there. The Woods is still producing some awesome goldens and we've let a few flatties go in that area too. Some pretty big bream along Gympie Terrace. Up in Tewantin we released a big estuary cod we caught near the Doonella Bridge and up in the ski runs and near the first lake we've caught plenty of big bream, flatties and the odd golden. Tanner from New Zealand (above right) caught this 69cm golden trevally in the Woods Bays on Tuesday's charter. It went for a whole prawn bait." After dark, the Noosa Sound stretch was worth a flick (soft plastics) or drift (mullet flesh, livies) for the odd mangrove jack.
Golden Trevally Flathead
Upriver, the Gympie Terrace jetties yielded quality bream and some good golden trevally. From Zane Hermence, above left... "I went out for an early morning flick before work on Tuesday. I'd been fishing for a few hours without getting anything then I saw some movement on the other side of the jetty so I quickly ran over there. First cast between the pylons I hooked up. I thought it was a cod at first because it was heaps of dead weight then I started to put more pressure on it and it took off for some runs. I got a few pics then released it to fight another day." And further up, from Jack Dekort... "Hey guys. Caught this 60cm flathead at Tewantin on Saturday morning. It went for a Daiwa Double Clutch." Apart from that, quality flathead were reported on the bite from the Tewantin car ferry to the mouth of Lake Cooroibah while jewfish were active from the first ski run up as far as the stretch between the lakes.

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