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As at Monday June 7, 2010

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Fishing Noosa
Fishing Noosa

OFFSHORE: It was one of those 'this is as good as it gets at this time of the year' weeks with cool, very light to moderate (5 to 15 knot) west south westerlies, not much swell and a satisfying increase in reef fish activity brought on by a drop in water temperatures. The pelagics were still about as well which added to the mix and made extended trips all the more rewarding. Noosa Blue Water Charters spent the day at Double Island Point on Thursday and came back with Spanish and spotted mackerel, red throat emperor, morwong, hussar, amberjack, sweetlip and as per the photo below, snapper.
Malcolm Raven from 'Cocoa Chocolat' (above) was keen to get a photo with his first 'Knobby' of the season and the 4kg fish he's pictured with was a good start. And there were plenty of 'A.J.'s' at 'D.I.' as Glen Brownrigg (below) found on Wednesday. Glen and his buddy Jim Gramatikas boated three of them (top weight pictured 18kg) plus one thumper 9kg mangrove jack, the lower half of which you can see in the right of the photo. The guys fished close in on The Pinnacles.
Amberjack Peter Smith from Tewantin (below) was absolutely astonished that the 8.5kg mangrove jack that he weighed in at Davo's after his trip to Double Island Point on Thursday wasn't the week's biggest for that species but he soon cheered up when told that his 6.2kg rosy jobfish (pictured below) was the best example of that species we'd seen for quite some time.
Rosy Jobfish
North Reef also fired quite well, producing squire, sweetlip, moses perch, pearl perch, and, as you can see by the photo below, coral trout. Leigh Radford (below) boated this 3kg specimen while out there on a 3/4 day Cougar One charter.
Coral Trout
Sunshine Reef was also well patronised, especially by the smaller boats, with a good mix of pelagics and reefies keeping most anglers well satisfied. The mackerel were in good numbers out wide with both spotties and Spaniards favouring the ever faithful pilchard floaters most of the week. Local angler Jamie Nelson (below) hit pay dirt while fishing wide on Sunshine on Thursday morning, coming back with a few good spotties and the 10kg Spaniard he's happily posing with.
Spanish Mackerel
And those intent on bottom bashing returned from Sunshine with an impressive range of species such as parrot fish, red throat emperor, squire, sweetlip, Maori cod, moses perch, snapper, venus tusk fish and coral trout. Cheryl Butler (below) was out there this afternoon with her husband Tony when her pilchard bait was monstered by this thumper 6.5kg 'Trout'.
Coral Trout
Most of the action in Laguna Bay was from spotties and longtail tuna which were on the bite along the Hall's Reef stretch.

ONSHORE: The coastal surf beaches were a joy to behold this week with just enough surf to keep the gutters in place plus good weather and plenty of fishy action to attract the beach anglers, especially over the weekend. Over on the east side, North Sunshine and Castaways beaches produced some good flathead while further down the coast, at the northern and southern ends of Peregian Beach, the standout species were bream, whiting and, in numbers, dart.
On the North Shore, dart were in almost plague proportions with the better quality fish (along with whiting and flathead) Whitingcoming from the surf gutters a couple of kilometres north of the township of Teewah.
The Lacey clan of Davo's Compleat Angler fame (above; Cheryl, Chris, Taya and Dean and right; Greg) worked that whole area on Saturday afternoon and cut a swathe through the dart, flathead and whiting.
Fortunately for the fishy population, clan Lacey only kept the better fish for their extended family dinner and returned much of their catch for another day. They were using light estuary outfits and live beach worm baits.
And Mick Wherry (below) fished that same stretch of water around the top of the tide on Friday and caught flathead, tarwhine and, as per the photo below, whiting to 600gm. His baits were pippies.
Apart from that, tailor (mostly choppers) were on the bite around the camping grounds and, together with bream and flathead, in the waters north of the 1st cutting near the Wilderness Camp.
In the estuary, tailor were in numbers around the Noosa Marina at Tewantin and (along with trevally) were responding well to soft plastics in the Woods Bays around dusk. Trevally, and the odd flathead, were also found to be active along the Gympie Terrace stretch at first light. Apart from that, Weyba Creek was the spot for bream, as was the Munna Point Bridge but with the added bonus there of flathead. Small pilchard baits got good results with both of those species.

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