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As at Friday June 2, 2017.
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OFFSHORE: It sure is beautiful time of the year here in Noosa. Cool variable southerlies and a nominal swell set the scene this week for some memorable offshore adventures and colourful captures. The bigger boats selected Double Island Point as the 'go to' destination for the weekend and the results spoke for themselves.
Coronation or Lunar Tail Trout
Report and photos from
Wild Thing 2 skipper Paul Glover... "Fished D.I. on Saturday. Wind was mostly about 5 to 10 knots with a light current to the south. We got heaps of venus tusk fish and hussar but also got coral bream, moses perch, gold spot wrasse, shiny mackerel, spangled emperor and a beautiful coronation trout." Malinda Warren (inset above right) boated the quality coronation or lunar tail trout but had trouble holding it square on for the camera so hubby James had a go.
Amberjack, Maori Cod and Gold Spot Wrasse
WT2 did it again the next day... "Hey mate. We fished D.I. again on Sunday. Wind was....well there was no wind, at all. It was a TGO. Light current to the south east. We almost bagged out on tuskies and caught heaps of hussar, moses perch, gold spot wrasse, amberjack, goat fish and a nice Maori cod." Pictured above, Kiel Villany from Cooroibah boated a nice amberjack and standout gold spot wrasse while Bill Urquheart (inset above left) from Noosaville boated a quality Maori cod.
Red Emperor Pearl Perch
Trekka 2 targeted D.I. on Saturday as well. Report and photo from deckie Will Palfery... "Hey Bill. We ran a nine hour charter to Double Island Point on Saturday. Conditions were good with 10 knot southerly winds and low current, Our crew got a good feed of pearl perch, tusk fish, Maori cod, hussar, red emperor, coronation trout and snapper. Pictured above left is Gordon Miller from Brisbane with his beautiful red emperor. Cheers Will." Closer in, North Reef produced lots of moses perch, grass sweetlip, school mackerel, slate bream, grass tusk fish and quality pearl perch like the thumper fish that Rees Johnson (above right) boated there on Monday.
Coral Trout
Sunshine Reef was good for tuskies, lippers, moses perch and coral trout. Sunday report and photo from Chicko Vella from Davo's Tackle World... "Well that has to be the best Sunday conditions we've experienced for some time. And the boat ramps felt the full weight. Today I accompanied Noosa Offshore Fishing Club member Geoff Going on a Sunshine mission. On the agenda was to catch fish for a State Of Origin party, Looks to me the Red or in this case the Maroon team is Favourite. We managed three trout, a selection of tusk fish and some lovely Maroon throat sweetlip. To me that's a sign. Gotta get some XXXX . Cheers, Chicko."
Spanish Mackerel
Sunshine also produced for a few northern bluefin tuna and Spanish mackerel. Scott Davis (above) took advantage of the glorious weather and launched his kayak from Sunshine Beach early on Monday morning. In almost glassed out conditions he slow trolled a whole squid skirted garfish out as far as Sunshine Wide before he hooked up with an 8kg Spaniard which proceeded to test his gear with a series of spectacular aerial manoeuvres. After winning the battle Scott decided to head back in, trolling a whole bonito behind him. This resulted shortly after in a hook up with the 10kg+ fish he's doing well to hold high for the photo. Not a bad morning's work and still time for a late brekkie. Scott's Herculean effort and quality captures won him this week's $100.00 Davo's Tackle World/ChaseBaits Fish of the Week prize.
The latest Bar Crossing Aerial Video and Photos (as at Saturday, May 27, 2017) have now been uploaded to the website. To view them... CLICK HERE

COASTAL: The whiting were still biting at Sunshine Beach with live worms working well during the day while dart took over later in the afternoon. School jewfish were active around dusk but no keepers were reported. Past the headland, Dolphin Point yielded the odd legal size sweetlip around dawn and dusk while across the bay on the Noosa North Shore, the stretch from Teewah to the Camp Grounds produced bream, tarwhine and whiting during the day and a few good tailor around first light.

ESTUARY: The river mouth was fairly quiet this week with just the odd bream, flathead and whiting on the bite. Daniela Jordan from Brisbane (below left) had a great time on Monday's Noosa River Fishing Safari, though, boating a 60cm flathead at the river mouth on the last of the run-in tide. She released it after this quick pic.
Flathead Queenfish
Further up, the Frying Pan was good for bream and flathead during the day and tailor between dusk and dawn, as were the Woods Bays but with the added bonus there of trevally and queenfish. From Christopher Gibb... "Hey. Fished the Woods Bays on Sunday morning. My mate Sam Rodgers (above) caught and released this 57cm queenie. It smashed a popper right next to the boat. I also caught and released another nice size diamond trevally on Friday arvo using a Keitech Easy Shiner."
Around the corner from there, big eye trevally and tailor were on the prowl along the Munna Point/Culgoa Point stretch around dawn and dusk while bream and blue swimmer crabs were in good numbers along the Noosaville stretch. Further upriver at Tewantin, the mouth of Lake Doonella was good for flathead, as were the waters opposite the Council Chambers and the two ski runs but with the added bonus there of bream, tailor and trevally. Traig Lucey from Brisbane (above) caught a 55cm and 47cm flathead at Tewantin on Friday afternoon using a lightly weighted whole whitebait as his draw card. He was on a Noosa River Fishing Safari at the time.
Giant Trevally
The Tewantin stretch fired well in fact... Richard Jordan from Brisbane (above) caught and released his nice GT on Monday morning's Noosa River Fishing Safari.
And Finlay Jones (above) sent us this report and photo..."Hey guys. Caught this solid 62cm tailor in the river on Sunday morning. I was using a 2.75" Lunker City Swim Fish paddle tail soft plastic hopped along the bottom under a mullet school." Apart from that, flathead were on the bite in the Lake Cooroibah boat channel.

FRESHWATER: Borumba Dam is still producing quality bass in the deeper sections and drop offs. Slow trolled 2.5" wriggle tail plastics and paddle tail plastics on 1/6oz-1/4oz size 2 jigheads worked best. Don’t forget to use a good coating of scent to help increase your bite rate. Surface is slowing down as the water temps drop so best option is to target the fish during the hotter days and last light periods. Strada Zeidas and Cultiva Zip n Ziggy lures are proven performers. Lake Macdonald: Surface lures like the Bassday Sugapens and Strada Viral (first and last light) and slow trolled plastics have been working well around the Botanical Gardens fringes.

Please Note: A closed season for Australian bass throughout Queensland tidal waters (not impoundments, of course) applies from June 1 to August 31.

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