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As at Friday June 1, 2018.
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OFFSHORE: With strong south easterlies dominating the offshore scene without much of a break until Tuesday, it was all down to the last few days of the week. Wednesday and Thursday, fortunately, were close to idyllic, and those able to capitalise on that, reported excellent conditions on the local reefs.
Venus Tusk Fish
The fish weren't quite as eager to take a bait or lure as they were earlier in the month but those anglers who were prepared to fish through a couple of tide changes reaped the benefits. Report and photo from Wild Thing 2 skipper Paul Glover... "Hey mate. We fished Double Island Point on Wednesday. Beautiful conditions with winds about 10 knots southwest and a light southerly current. We caught heaps of hussar and big tuskies, plus longtail tuna, rosy jobfish, moses perch, coral bream and ornate cod. Pictured (above) is Sally Wimberley from Roma, Queensland with a quality venus tusk fish."
And in close at D.I., Jack Beeson from Davo's Tackle World (above) caught and released a few quality queenfish on surface poppers last Thursday. Closer to home, on the middle reef belt, North Reef produced grass sweetlip, Maori cod, amberjack, pearl perch, gold spot wrasse and the odd jewfish.
Maori Cod Jewfish or Mulloway
Report and photo (above left) from Trekka 2 skipper Mitch Bertacchini... "Hey Bill. We did a five hour trip to North Reef on Wednesday. The conditions were great with little current and no wind. We caught tusk fish, pearl perch, snapper, gold spot cod, moses perch and Maori cod."  And from Chicko Vella, Davo's Tackle World... "Hi Crew. Its a real nice fluke if you have a day off and the weather gods are in a good mood. It happened to us on Thursday. Cam, Sonny (pictured above right) and I found ourselves amongst a school of mulloway or jewfish just on dark. There were also a few small snapper in amongst them, smashing our slimy mackerel baits. The seas were calm with little or no current... and still no whales. The bar crossing was very easy."
Spanish Mackerel
Favoured by the small boat and yak fraternity, Sunshine Reef was worth a look with sweetlip, coral trout, squire, longtail and mack tuna, spotty mackerel, and Spanish mackerel on the bite. It was very much a right time and place thing, however, with some anglers coming home without a result. Greg Warren from Yandina (above) wasn't one of them though. Greg launched his kayak from Sunshine Beach around first light on Wednesday and after a couple of hours of slow trolling and drifting, picked up this 19kg Spaniard on a deep trolled slimy mackerel. More than happy with that, he headed back in, stopping at Davo's Tackle World for a weigh-in and quick pic. Laguna Bay was quiet with just the odd sweetlip and squire coming in from the Hall's Reef stretch.

The Davo's Social Fishing Competition was held last weekend with thirty four anglers competing in four categories. The Winners were:
Andrew McCarthy (Bream)... $160.00 Davo's Gift Card
Matthew Meadows (Trevally)... $160.00 Davo's Gift Card
Rhylie Mostyn (Flathead)... $160.00 Davo's Gift Card
Troy Stegert (Memorable Catch)... $160.00 Davo's Gift Card
The winner of the lucky draw prize, a Berkley Tackle Pack (value $400.00), was Michael Coppleman. Next Competition: July 27 to 29, 2018.

COASTAL: The open beaches continued to produce quite well with heaps of good dart schooling along the southern beach stretch. In addition to that, Castaways Beach was the spot for chopper tailor and flathead, as was the northern end of Sunshine Beach but with the added bonus there of bream and tarwhine. On the headland, tailor, GT's and rat yellowtail kingfish were on the prowl off the Fairy Pools while First Point was good for flathead. On the North Shore, bream, dart and chopper tailor were active around Teewah township while off the rocks at D.I. it was jewfish, kingfish and quality bream.

ESTUARY: The sudden drop in temperature didn't send the bread and butter species into shock with good bream and flathead on the bite from the river mouth to the Frying Pan. The hot spot, though, was the current line and outer Woods Bay where GT's. golden, diamond and tea leaf trevally were active.
Golden Trevally
Jack Beeson from Davo's Tackle World (above) caught and released some thumper golden trevally and GT's in that area on soft plastics on Saturday.
Diamond Trevally Golden Trevally
And Cody Reid, above, did well there on Sunday... "Hey Bill. I was fishing the Woods Bays around 12.30pm on Sunday when my Holts Production Swim Prawn was taken by this 72cm diamond trevally. The fight was very hard especially around all the anchor ropes and on 8lb leader and main line. We got it in and took a few pictures then shortly after released it to fight another day. Cheers, Cody." And Blake Paulger, above right... "Hey Bill. I was at school camp with my marine studies class on Monday and my teacher let us have a half hour flick around the Sheraton Bridge area. I was anchored, flicking an Ecogear Grass Minnow on a 1/8 jighead into the current line just before the bridge. I hadn't been casting very long when I hooked up to this 67cm golden trevally on 4lb braid. It spooled me down to the backing twice and and ran in and out of the bridge repeatedly and then decided to do tuna circles for the end of the fight. My mate tail grabbed it to finish the capture and we went to the river bank to take some quick pictures and then sent it on its way."
Then we have this report and photos from Jimmy Free, Noosa River Fishing Safaris... "Hey Bill. Fishing has been pretty exceptional since Saturday. Plenty of trevally around the Woods Bays on the current line. The river mouth has had some nice size whiting and pretty impressive bream. Around Noosaville we have seen plenty of flathead averaging the 60cm, biggest for the week went 89cm. Tewantin still has a few catfish around with the fresh water running out but there is still flatties, bream and trevally. And a lot of the local boys have been getting some nice Jewies up around the lakes. Pictured (below left) is Yuanming Lou from Wuxi in China with his 67cm flatty he caught on a prawn outside of the Coast Guard on Monday afternoon. And my 89cm flatty (above) which I also released on Monday. I'm pretty sure I caught this same fish again on Tuesday as well. Cheers mate, Jimmy."
Flathead Bream
Weyba Creek produced good whiting while the Munna Point caravan park area was good for bream, as was the Noosaville stretch, but with the added bonus of the odd jack. From Sean Wright, above right... "Brand new rod purchased from Davo's on Sunday. Fish on line half an hour later. Top rod."
Mangrove Jack
And this from Daniel Deering, above... "Hey guys. I would like the enter this 50cm mangrove jack into the fish of the week. I caught it on a 3” ChaseBait Fork Bait on Saturday afternoon. He ran me around pylons, under jetties and finally after getting him up landed it on 6lb. It was one of my most crazy fights but really fun on light gear. Successfully released." Daniel's quality catch and release was judged this week's winner of the Davo's/ChaseBaits $100.00 Fish of the Week prize. Further upriver, flathead were active around Tewantin and the mouth of the first lake while the ski run yielded jewfish.

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