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As at Friday June 10, 2016.
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OFFSHORE: We dodged the bullet when it came to the extreme weather at the beginning of the week but we still copped a bit of a hammering. Wild, wet and woolly would best describe the weekend with 30 knot+ southerlies, heavy rain and 3m+ seas and swell shutting the offshore gate quite emphatically.
Jewfish or Mulloway
It wasn't until Tuesday, in fact, that it was considered settled enough to test the offshore waters again and from Wednesday on it was as if the big blow had never happened. It was a short week, regardless, and in the aftermath the fishing on the closer reefs was hard yakka to say the least. Double Island Point turned out to be one of the exceptions, however, and Trekka 2 did well there on Thursday, coming back with some quality jewfish or mulloway and knobby snapper, plus venus tusk fish, coral bream, pearl perch and moses perch. Young Kai Badger from Tewantin (above) boated the standout jewfish on that nine hour charter and did extremely well to present it for the camera. So well, in fact, that we awarded him this week's $50.00 Davo's Fish of the Week prize.
Jewfish or Mulloway Knobby Snapper
And from that same charter, Bill Williamson from Rye in Victoria (above left) said he was looking forward to some jewfish fillets on the barbie that night while above right, Michael Peterson, also from Victoria, did well just to hold these quality snapper for the camera. Incidentally, the better snapper went for livies. Apart from that, Chardon's Reef produced average size pearl perch, venus tusk fish, moses perch, squire, hussar, pigfish and slate bream while at Sunshine Reef the catch was squire, pearl perch, venus tusk fish and moses perch, but not in real numbers. Apart from snapper at Jew Shoal, Laguna Bay was quiet.
The feedback about our new monthly video roundup was encouraging so this feature will now be permanent.

May was another great month for the offshore brigade here in Noosa. Very fishable conditions, mostly light winds and nominal swells. No complaints.

Double Island Point produced some standout fish such as knobby snapper, red emperor and amberjack.

And the middle reef belt was good for some of the better quality Spanish mackerel and jewfish or mulloway.

Sunshine Reef, fortunately, was still the 'go to' spot for quality coral trout.

The estuary, though, apart from the bread and butter species, was quiet.
Trevally, tailor and queenfish did show up, however, near the end of the month.
ONSHORE: As with the offshore scene, the coastal surf beaches were pretty much a no go zone for the first half of the week with some serious surf, wind and rain creating a rather inhospitable environment. It did settle down quite quickly though and there was a bit of late afternoon jewfish action at the northern end of Sunshine Beach towards the end of the week. Soft plastics and mullet strip baits got the results. Apart from that, Dolphin Point was good for squire.
The estuary fired really well this week, despite the fresh, murky water in the system. The continued presence of lots of prawns from the Tewantin ferry down would, of course, account for that. The river mouth led the way with keeper jewfish to 86cm and mangrove jacks on the prowl after dark. Bream and flathead were also active there, and in the Frying Pan, during the day. Cam Arthur (above) caught and released his 68cm and 92cm (inset) flathead, using prawns, in the Frying Pan area on Friday morning's Noosa River Fishing Safari. Matt Curtain (below left) caught and released his 77cm flathead on the same charter.
Flathead Trevally
The Woods Bays continued to reward the faithful. Bream, javelin fish and flathead were responding well to prawn baits while trevally and tailor were going for surface lures and Gladiator Prawns. Aleco Vrisakis from Rylstone in New South Wales (above) caught and released a number of trevally on surface poppers there on Tuesday morning's Noosa River Fishing Safari. Mangrove jacks and quality tailor were taking live fish baits and fresh mullet strips after dark.
The back of Noosa Sound was good for bream, estuary cod and javelin fish during the day and trevally (on surface lures and metal slugs) around first light. Further up, trevally, flathead and bream were active in the Munna Beach area. Cliff Grey from Rosebud in Victoria (above) spends a couple of months every year at the Noosa River Holiday Park and almost every morning during his stay you'll find him wetting a line at what we call 'Cliff's Corner' on Munna Beach. Tuesday was his first morning here in 2016 and this nice bream was his second of the day. Good to see you mate. Hope we'll feature you with a few more.
Jewfish or Mulloway
At Tewantin, trevally and tailor were active in the waters near the Council Chambers and, together with school jewfish, flathead, estuary cod and mangrove jacks, around the ski run. Aaron Reyne from Davo's Tackle World (above) sent in these pix and report on Thursday.... "Hey Bill! I went out fishing early in the Noosa River this morning with a few mates. The fishing was nothing short of incredible! Good surface action first up in the Woods Bays with small bull sharks stalking surface poppers. We managed a couple of GT's there before it got busy then moved up towards the Tewantin stretch where we caught and released a few soapies, heaps of trevally and a good number of bream. Flathead to 60cm were present along with estuary cod and the odd jack. Fish were caught on 3" Samaki Boom Baits, River2Sea Fish Candy vibes and Gladiator Prawns. We were back at the boat ramp by 11.00am! How good is Noosa!!!"
Giant Trevally Mangrove Jack
A couple of Aaron's mates, Brodie McCafferty and Lachie Wallis (above) with a nice GT and mangrove jack which they picked up along the Tewantin ski run.
Davo's Costume Competition
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