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As at Friday June 16, 2017.
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OFFSHORE: Damn. Winter seems to have arrived with a vengeance and brought with it the chilly, blustery variable southerlies that we initially welcome after the hot weather, then hope go away after a couple of weeks of cool temperatures and rain. The weather forecasting websites, unfortunately, got it seriously wrong on some days but that's par for the course. They get it right roughly 50% of the time... a bit like two-up... Aussie through and through.
Maori Cod
Anyway, no glass-outs this week. We had fairly marginal (although fishable) conditions on the local reefs but you go with the cards you're dealt with and make the most of it. There were no reports from out wide, which is understandable. The middle reef belt, in fact, was as far as anyone cared to venture.
Wild Thing 2 targeted North Reef a couple of times before the weather turned a bit ugly. Report and photo from skipper Paul Glover... "Hi mate. We fished North Reef on Friday morning. Wind was 10 to 15 knots from the south west then went 15 to 20 south east. Light current to the south. We caught moses perch, squire, hussar, venus tusk fish, school mackerel and Maori cod." Gus, above, is pictured with the standout 'Bro' from the five hour charter.
Pearl Perch
And the next day they had a buck's party booking... "Hi Bill. We set out for a 7hr charter to North Reef on Saturday with the wind forecast to drop from 15 knots to below 10. Surprise, surprise they were wrong... the wind picked up and the sea went from ordinary to very ordinary in about 2 hours. Anyway we pushed on and managed a feed of moses perch, squire, hussar, venus tusk fish, grass sweetlip and pearl perch. Pictured is Nick Lynam from Gympie (above) with a cracker pearly." Yes, the lads had a stripper on board and yes, she posed with Nick and his fish but it wasn't for publication.
Freddy's Cobia HorizontalFreddy's Cobia Vertical
Closer in, Sunshine Reef (when fishable) was good for grass sweetlip, moses perch, venus tusk fish, pearl perch, snapper and the odd longtail tuna.
Tewantin angler Freddy Hammond (above) and his mate Travis checked out Sunshine Reef on Sunday morning but finding it too sloppy, headed back in to Hall's Reef where Freddy had been doing well on the Spaniards recently. He was hoping for a few more but It wasn't to be, unfortunately, although he was well compensated for the lack of narrow bars when this 25kg (est) cobia monstered his pilchard floater. Freddy did well to get this thumper fish to the boat as he got it on his light spotty mackerel outfit. The rest of the catch was two grass sweetlip, one mahi mahi and a spotty mackerel, which was a nice bonus. An even better bonus, though, was that Freddy's catch also won him this week's $100.00 Davo's/ChaseBaits Fish of the Week prize. 

Above? As it's been another quiet week we thought we'd take the opportunity to squeeze in a video round-up of last month's Fish of the Week entries. Note: The winner now receives a $50.00 store credit and a $50.00 lure pack from ChaseBaits Australia! Competition deadline is 9.00am every Friday.

COASTAL: There weren't a lot reports from the eastern beaches apart from whiting and bream going for peeled prawns and beach worms on Sunshine Beach. On the National Park headland, garfish were schooling in Granite Bay, spooked and scattered periodically by dive bombing gannets from above and tailor and the odd Spaniard from below. On Main Beach, the middle rock groyne was good for whiting and bream early in the morning while across on the Noosa North Shore, tarwhine, bream and whiting were biting from Teewah township to Double Island Point. Tailor were also active at the top end.

ESTUARY: The bread and butter species made up the bulk of the captures at the river mouth this week with bream, flathead and trevally leading the charge. On Saturday afternoon's Noosa River Fishing Safari Mark Eady from Tasmania (below left) caught his 60cm flathead just up from the mouth and Craig Yates from Tasmania (below right) caught his 62cm flathead there not long after. Both fish were taken on lightly weighted whole whitebaits.
For those into soft plastics, the 2.5"-3" size worked along the drop offs with 1/8oz-1/4oz jig heads were the go. Best results were from 2.5" Boom Baits, Curlicious in Motor Oil and Squidgy Prawn Wrigglers in Bloodworm. A good coating of Pro-Cure super gel scent helped improve the catch rate.
Late Mail: The first luderick of the season were landed by Brian Smith at the river mouth car park rocks this morning. They went for Coolum Cabbage.
Flathead Flathead
Not far up from the mouth, tailor were active in the late afternoon and night in the Frying Pan with the spawning mullet schools a major draw card for the greenbacks. Tailor were also in numbers in the Woods Bays at times, as were queenfish and trevally. From Sam Rodgers, below left... "Went out on Sunday morning. Worked the Woods Bays with a Strada Viral surface lure and was rewarded with a 50cm GT and a 63cm queenfish. Both released."
Giant Trevally and Queenfish Giant Trevally
Sunday afternoon in the Woods Bays was apparently mayhem with the pelagics hammering the bait schools big time from about 3.00pm onwards. Right place at the right time pretty much sums it up with poppers and stick baits in the 45-70mm fished on 6-8lb leaders the most successful. Best lures were Jackson RA 70mm POP, Bolt Ballistic 55's and the Skinny Pops. Surface stick bait performers included Strada Viral and Fish Candy Skinny Dog 65mm. And Saturday wasn't to bad either, according to Brady Reid... "Hey Bill. Me and my brother (nameless, above) went for a fish on Saturday afternoon in the outer Woods Bay. We were both fishing the Bassday Sugapen in a natural color. We decided to fish the current line and after 2nd cast we got a double hook-up. We got GT's, tailor and one tiny queenfish. One of my GTs was my pb going 55cm the rest were around 40 to 45cm. Thanks, Brady."
Giant Trevally Giant Trevally
Moving on, queenfish, tailor and trevally were active off Munna Beach, the Munna Point Bridge and the back of Noosa Sound. Photo and report from Phil Ohlson, Melbourne, above... "Hi Guys.I caught this nice GT Wednesday 14th of June, down at Munna Point on dusk. The surface was reasonably quiet but my favourite Chug Bug got the job done. Nailed a smaller GT next cast and then called it a night." And Mike Truong from Melbourne (above right) caught and released his GT around the back of the Sound on Monday morning's Noosa River Fishing Safari. It went for a Z-Man soft plastic.
Flathead Davo's Mid Year Clearance Sale
Cliff Grey, from Rosebud in Victoria, above, winters in Noosa for a couple of months every year, staying at the Noosa River Holiday Park and making the Coast Guard beach corner his own for the duration. At 88 years of age Cliff shows no signs of slowing down and on Friday he landed this 61cm flathead for his, and his daughter Liz's, dinner. Well done mate, and welcome back. Blue swimmer crabs were in good numbers in the lower estuary, as were quality bream, while further up at Tewantin flathead, trevally and tailor were active from the Noosa Marina to the first ski run on the run-out tide.
Lake Macdonald Bass
On the freshwater scene; from Leona Murphy... "Jed Murphy (above) had a great time on Saturday afternoon fishing Lake Macdonald. He landed two bass, the first was 40cm and the second was 42cm. He caught them while fishing from the bank using a Davo's Pop 50 lure. They were both released. Then on Sunday afternoon he caught himself (see inset top right) and spent the late afternoon at Noosa Hospital emergency. All good now though."

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