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As at Monday June 22, 2015.
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OFFSHORE: A bit of a funny week for the offshore brigade. We had good weather (5 to 15 knot variable winds) and eminently fishable conditions (swell 1.0m to 1.5m) up until the weekend but not many people in town able to take advantage of it. A strong wind warning for early Saturday, called by the bureau on Friday night, didn't eventuate until lunchtime so the charter boats and their customers lost out there. Those who got out, though, came home with a feed.
Mulloay or Jewfish
There were no out-wide reports this week with most boaties focussed on the middle reef belt or in-close. North Reef was by far the most popular destination, rewarding the faithful with plenty of pan sized reefies such as moses perch, hussar, coral bream, pearl perch, sweetlip, venus tusk fish, squire and teraglin jewfish plus the odd standout species such as cobia, jewfish and gold spot cod. Mark Hale from Kentucky, USA and Steven Podlich from Brisbane (above) are each pictured with a jewfish or mulloway which they boated at top of North Reef on Tuesday morning. They were on a half day Wild Thing 2 charter.
Cobia and Jewfish
And from that same charter, Shane Wearne from Brisbane, above left, was crook most of the morning (it was a bit sloppy early on) but the crew reckoned he put enough berley over the side to bring in the cobia so he got bragging rights. Mick Newell, also from Brisbane, caught his jewie the conventional way.
Gold Spot Cod
Trekka 2 also scheduled a half at North Reef on Tuesday. Ron Mason from Camberwell, Victoria (above) boated the trip standout, an 8kg gold spot cod.
Moses Perch
And on Thursday, Trekka 2 targeted The Hill. It was pretty quiet out there with no heavyweights to speak of. Pan size fish such sea bream, hussar and quality moses perch made up the catch. Robert Webb from Hobart in Tasmania (above) reckoned he boated the trip standouts, and he was probably right.
Coral Trout
Closer to home, Sunshine Reef was flush with schools of yakka and fished well for Maori cod, grass sweetlip, gold spot cod, snapper, pearl perch and the odd coral trout. Tami Petersen (above) took Chris 'Fella' Arnold from Noosa River Fishing Safaris (below right) out to Sunshine Reef on Friday morning and gave him a few tips on how to catch coral trout. Chris' best fish was a chunky Maori cod while Tami tempted her standout trout with a live yakka. Hard to believe it's winter from her photo. Needless to say, her Colgate smile and colourful catch also won her this week's $50.00 Davo's Fish of the Week prize.
Coral Trout Maori Cod
And Aden Plant (above left) picked up his trout on a pilchard floater at Sunshine Reef on Thursday morning. In Laguna Bay, Chris Locke from Davo's fished Jew Shoal on Sunday morning (it was a bit wild, wet and woolly) for a few squire and sweetlip on micro jigs. Apart from that, Hall's Reef produced snapper.

By the way, the latest bar crossing video (as at Thursday June 18, 2015) has now been uploaded to the website. To view it, just... CLICK HERE.
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