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As at Monday March 5, 2012
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The Noosa Bar crossing. Saturday afternoon, March 3, 2012. Time: 3.25pm. Tide: One hour before a 1.3m high tide. To see the latest video clip, as at Sunday March 4, CLICK HERE.
Crossing the bar. Saturday March 3, 2012..
OFFSHORE: Holy mackerel! This week it was very much a case of 'make hay while the sun shines'. A window of opportunity opened up on Friday morning when the winds took on a more southerly flavour and dropped back under the 15 knot mark. The real clincher, though, was the strong southerly current which was running hard out off the headland, sweeping Sunshine Reef clear of murk from the recent rains. The scales at Davo's were in big demand from about 10am onwards, and when word got out that the pelagics were very much on the active list, the boat ramp car parks were full to overflowing all day Saturday.
Spanish Mackerel
By late Sunday morning, however, it was all over bar the shouting with 20 knot south easterlies roughing up the reefs and limiting the options from lunchtime onwards. Heavy rain (200mm+) today once again started the murky run-off cycle and possible cyclonic conditions tomorrow have shut the gate temporarily.
On the bright side it was mayhem on Sunshine Reef throughout Friday and Saturday with yellowfin tuna, northern bluefin tuna, Spanish mackerel and spotty mackerel working the upper layers. For the bottom bashers there was squire, mowong, venus tusk fish, pearl perch, coral trout and, in close, grass sweetlip.
Jamie Nelson (above) fished there on Saturday morning and came up trumps when his live yakka floater attracted the attention of a 15.5kg Spaniard. Jamie's decision to stop in at Davo's for a weigh-in and photo on the way home also paid off as his fish won him this week's $50.00 Davo's Fish of the Week prize.
Yellowfin Tuna Northern Bluefin Tuna and Spanish Mackerel
David Burnam from Doonan (above left) was trolling just out from Alexandra Bay early on Friday morning when his Rapala Magnum 15ft 'Dive Bait' lure was taken by the 13.8kg yellowfin tuna he's pictured with. And father and son team Trystan and Jeff Sweet from Coolum (above right) had a great time out on Sunshine on Saturday morning. Using slimy mackerel floaters they boated two Spaniards in the 6kg to 7kg range and a thumper 16kg northern bluefin tuna.
Blake Cole from Tewantin (above) was one of the last small boats back from Sunshine Reef on Sunday morning ahead of the blow and we just happened to film him and a mate coming in over the bar while we were doing our monthly Bar Report. They had two 6kg to 8kg (est) Spaniards on board and stopped so we could film them. On Friday, though, Blake did even better when his trolled Bomber Long 'A' lure accounted for one Spaniard and the 15kg wahoo pictured.
Yellowfin Tuna Spotted Mackerel
And that's not all. Sean Harvey (above left) cast a gold metal slug lure at a bait boil at Sunshine Reef on Friday morning and was rewarded when the 7.5kg yellowfin tuna he's posing with hit it hard. Closer in, most of the activity in Laguna Bay was on the headland side with yellowfin tuna in close around Tea Tree Bay and out around Jew Shoal where mackerel tuna, yellowfin tuna, longtail tuna, Spanish mackerel and spotted mackerel were an added bonus. Matt Reid (above right) was paddle trolling a 120mm Halco Laser Pro lure around the 'Shoal' on Saturday when it was taken by the 2.5kg 'Spotty' he's pictured with.
Sweetlip, moses perch and Maori cod were on the bite further south at Victor Bailey's Reef while at North Reef the standouts were spangled emperor, pearl perch and squire. The Coffees produced Spanish mackerel and Chardon's Reef was the spot for greasy cod, Maori cod, moses perch and grass sweetlip.
ONSHORE: Whiting were well spread along the North Shore coastal beach stretch with 'Freshwater' to the top end producing best. Bream and quality dart were also active in that area while jewfish were on the bite up around Double Island Point. The only other report was of dart and whiting at Castaways Beach. Fishing at the river mouth car park rocks, Saturday March 3, 2012.
In the estuary, bream and whiting were biting in the Frying Pan and, together with shovel nose rays, at the river mouth. Bream, javelin fish, whiting, trevally and mangrove jacks were active the Woods Bays. Dylan Vlkanovski from Wollongong (below left) made the report again, this time with a 2.1kg Jack he caught in the Woods Bays on Monday night. His lure was the ever faithful Bomber 'A'. Munna Beach produced golden trevally, flathead and school jewfish.
Mangrove Jack Tarwhine
Further up, Weyba Creek yielded bream, tarwhine, whiting, grunter bream, moses perch and estuary cod during the day and mangrove jacks, trevally and school jewfish at night. Jack Soper from Hampshire in England (above right) boated his 34cm tarwhine near Weyba Lake on Saturday while on a Noosa River Fishing Safari. His other captures were bream, moses perch and whiting. Apart from that, trevally and jewfish were on the bite around the Lions Park at the back of Noosa Sound while grunter bream were in numbers up around Tewantin. Catfish, as expected, were well spread in the murky, fresh water. With the full moon phase close at hand the prawns were running, especially up around Tewantin. Mud crabs were also on the move throughout the system.
On your marks
On the freshwater scene, Kin Kin Creek was still far too murky but further up at Harry's Hut in the Noosa Everglades there was some good wild bass activity.
At Lake MacDonald, the Bass Electric Competition was in full swing on Sunday and despite the rather inclement weather, fifty one anglers battled it out for an early lead in the series.
The winner of this round was Darryn Love (right) who caught his top weight 1.545kg bass between the Bubble Trail and the Botanical Gardens in four metres of water.
Darryn got best results by jigging a TN60 gold coloured Jackall, getting his fish as the lure was dropping back down after a slow twitch up off the bottom.
Second place went to Christian Maneola. His two bass had a combined weight of 1.325kg and were caught on small blades out near the Bubbler.
Third place was awarded to Paul Phillips with a 1.2kg fish caught on a higher profile TN70 black Jackall.
There were a total of nineteen fish weighed in during the competition.
Darryn Love with the winning bass.
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