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As at Monday March 4, 2013.
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OFFSHORE: Hooly dooly! We're starting to develop webbed feet here at the moment and there's more wet and wild weather on its way. There wasn't a lot of joy for the offshore brigade this week with moderate to strong 15 to 20 knot+ north easterlies and a 2m-3m swell chopping up the bay and outer reefs. Friday, funnily enough, was an oasis of calm with near perfect (5-10 knot NE), mild conditions ahead of a rough weekend of torrential rain and more strong winds.
Gold Spot Cod
While the going was good (Thursday afternoon through until Saturday lunchtime) the bigger boats worked the closer reefs. Even on the good days a number of small boat owners sensibly gave the bar crossing a miss and went back home after observing the sometimes savage dump and the lack of a prolonged flat spot between sets. Fishing Offshore Noosa worked in close on Sunshine Reef when conditions permitted and came back with mowong, venus tusk fish, quite a few gold spot cod and plenty of grass sweetlip. James Low from Brisbane and Dianne Britten from Ipswich (above) are pictured with a couple of the gold spot cod boated on Friday's Trekka 2 charter. Tarlia Kerr from Brisbane (below) was happy to do the honours with a couple of the typical grass sweetlip.
Grass Sweetlip
And we'd best not forget Charlie from Orange and Kirk from Theodore (below) with their gold spots, both boated on the same three quarter day T2 charter.
Gold Spot Cod
Although Laguna Bay was still pretty murky there was a bit of longtail and mackerel tuna activity around the murk line north of Big Hall's Reef. Granite Bay continued to produce the odd squire and sweetlip in close and there were a few birds starting to work the bait schools outside the bar again this morning.
ONSHORE: There weren't a lot of anglers out on the river this week with the murky water and (later in the week) heavy rain putting off all but the die-hards and desperates. Having said that, there were still a few fish out and about and those keen anglers who made the effort reported bream, flathead, grunter bream and whiting on the bite down at the river mouth, around Noosa Sound and in Weyba Creek. Whiting were also biting around the Munna Flats area and up along the Gympie Terrace stretch. Librawan Gusti from Sunshine Beach (below) caught a few live prawns at the canal entrance to Noosa Waters around lunchtime today and then worked the waters above and below the 'Yachty' with his live baits. It was a good move because his hard to resist bait attracted the attention of the elbow slapping 41cm whiting he's pictured with. His thumper fish and mega smile also won him the $50.00 Davo's Fish of the Week prize.
Mud crabs were still on the move with some good quality bucks coming from Weyba Creek. Prawns were in excellent numbers throughout the system with the hotter collection spots being the Tewantin ski run (where tarpon and mangrove jacks were gorging on them), around the Tewantin boat ramp, down in the Woods Bays and around the Sheraton Bridge where they were being hammered by tailor, quality trevally and even the odd threadfin salmon.
Grunter Bream or Javelin Fish
Last but not least, the canals of Noosa Waters were well worth a look this week with trevally, queenfish, mullet (on lures) and grunter bream in good numbers and active around structure such as bridge pylons and jetties. Davo's junior staffer Mitchy Fredericks (above) is pictured with a quality grunter bream or javelin fish he caught and released there on Tuesday afternoon using one of his favourite lures, an Izumi Gastronomic soft plastic from River2Sea.
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