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As at Monday March 3, 2014.
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OFFSHORE: We had a pretty consistent wind pattern this week with east south easterlies every day. It was a bit blowy at times but more often than not lighter winds in the morning allowed boaties to get out for an early fish and get back ahead of the more blustery afternoon conditions. The weekend forecast didn't look too exciting, with 20 knot winds predicted, but while it wasn't as calm as a mill pond out there, the bigger (charter) boats took it in their stride.
Spanish Mackerel
Conditions were a little too unsettled for a shot at the out wide reefs but that wasn't a problem as word filtered through that North Reef was starting to kick butt as the week progressed. For the bottom bashers there were squire, moses perch, frying pan snapper, collared bream, reef shark and some quality pearl perch. There was also the added bonus of Spanish mackerel and spotted mackerel (which were feeding deep and responding well to berley), plus cobia, striped tuna and yellowfin tuna. The current wasn't running hard either and with the swell in the 1.2m to 1.5m range it turned out to be quite a fishable week. Robin Davies from Port Headland and Troy Hawthorn from Brisbane (above) are pictured with a couple of Spaniards from Thursday's Cougar One charter.
Spanish Mackerel Pearl Perch
And Melbourne visitor Daniel Yarra's Spaniard (above) was one of a number boated on Cougar One's half day charter to North Reef yesterday morning. It was supposed to be fresh to strong (18 to 20 knot+) winds on Sunday but after a brief blow it eased to a more comfortable 10 to 15 knots and the lads made the most of it. Also from that charter we have Max Gooding from Brisbane (above right) with two standout pearlies that he's sure will taste better with bacon.
Spanish Mackerel
And that's not all. Local angler Valare Oddoux's 7kg Spaniard (above) was the top weight on that charter. There were no absolute thumpers but there sure were plenty of them. Apologies to Aaron Vasitek from Tasmania. We simply didn't have room for your cobia mate but you can see it here on Facebook.

Trekka 2 was in the thick of the action as well. On some days they found they had to berley hard to bring the pelagics in but it was well worth it with their customers picking up Spaniards and spotties on bottom bashing rigs and on floaters. Emma, Scott, James, Tom and John (above) are pictured with just a sampling of the Spanish mackerel boated on Thursday's charter. And Terry (below right) was more than happy to pose with a couple of the spotted mackerel.
And they did it all again on Saturday morning. Allan Shanks, Alaina Northey and Mark Jarman (above left) are pictured with more Spaniards from that trip.

As mentioned earlier. There were also lots of striped tuna and a few yellowfin tuna on the bite out there. Melbourne angler Matt Marshall's 5kg yellowfin tuna (above) was boated on Saturday's three quarter day Trekka 2 charter. More apologies... this time to Gary Siljac, Karen Cassel and Roger Hynes. We have a file size/page size limit which we try to adhere to, meaning we simply ran out of room for your group shot. You can view it here on the Facebook Page.
Closer in, Sunshine Wide produced the odd mahi mahi while Spanish and spotted mackerel were on the prowl in the stretch of water from Granite Bay to Jew Shoal. Trolled pilchards and hard bodies worked there. Apart from that, mack tuna and longtail tuna were on the boil about 300-400 metres out from the bar.

By the way, the latest bar crossing video (as at Saturday March 1, 2014) has now been uploaded to the website. To view it, just... CLICK HERE.
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