The Noosa Fishing Report

As at Friday March 3, 2017.
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OFFSHORE: One of those weeks when the moderate to fresh south easterly winds dominated. It was fishable if you were keen but definitely not a lot of fun for the smaller boats beyond the shelter of Laguna Bay. The bar was straight forward and pretty much 'flat as' some days, even when the exposed reefs were a tad lumpy.
The Noosa Bar Report
The bit of rain we received was welcome, although nowhere near the forecast levels. Still, you take what you can get and that was the way the offshore boys looked at it as there were still fish on the bite, regardless of the less than ideal conditions. Wild Thing 2 skipper Paul Glover did one run to Double Island Point... "Hey Bill. Fished D.I. on Monday. Pretty ordinary conditions. Wind 15 to 20 knots from the south east with stronger gusts. Swell was 1.5 to 1.8m with a current to the south. We got squire, moses perch, coral bream, mahi mahi and a cracker scarlet sea perch." Julie Watson from Boreen Point, below, is pictured with the trip's two standouts.
Mahi Mahi or Dolphin FishScarlet Sea Perch or Large Mouth Nannygai
Under the circumstances there wasn't much feedback from out wide. It was pretty sloppy out here on most days. The only report to hand was from The Hards which, when fishable, produced mahi mahi or dolphin fish (the dollies seemed to be just about everywhere this week), squire, venus tusk fish and some quality moses perch.
Northern Bluefin or Longtail Tuna
Closer in on the middle reef belt, Chardon's Reef yielded mahi mahi, squire and moses perch, as did North Reef but with the added bonus there of sargent baker and northern bluefin tuna. Lindsay Allen from Ipswich and Trevor Legatt from Victoria (above) nailed a couple of longtails at 'North' on Tuesday's Wild Thing 2 charter.
Grass Sweetlip Venus Tusk Fish
Not far from home base, Sunshine Reef was the spot for pearl perch, grass sweetlip, venus tusk fish, quality Maori cod and the odd school mackerel. Dave and his son Conner (above) got into a few lippers and venus tuskers while fishing there on Friday's five hour Cougar One charter. Smile guys. Didn't look like a bad day.
Northern Bluefin or Longtail Tuna and Maori Cod Maori Cod
We had one other report, and photos, from Cougar One skipper Theo Hewish..."Hi Bill. Fished Sunshine Reef on Saturday morning. On the way out we found a heap of longtail tuna busting up in the bay. Caught a few and then moved on to Sunshine. We started in 30 metres catching tusk fish, pearl perch and sweetlip. We then moved in closer and found a good patch of Maori cod. It was nice to find big Maoris in shallow water so we could release a few. We caught ten legals but released five. Cheers, Theo." Above, from that charter; Frandz from Brisbane with a longtail tuna and two Maori cod and Lynton from Brisbane with the two standout Maoris.
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COASTAL: Conditions on the surf beaches were a bit ordinary at times but there were enough good days to make it all worthwhile. The whiting were in good numbers and feeding in close with the stretch from Peregian to Castaways producing well on the run-out tide. Further up, jewfish or mulloway were going for soft plastics at the north end of Sunshine Beach and, along with snapper, off the National Park headland rocks. From Jaeg Estreich, below left..."Hey guys. Landed this 53cm snapper off the Noosa Headland last Sunday on a white metal slug whilst running 8lb line." Further around, Dolphin Point was good for the odd legal lipper while, for the early birds, bream and whiting were biting on Main Beach. On the Noosa North Shore, dart and whiting were well spread while tailor were active at the top end at sunset.
Snapper off the Rocks Diamond Trevally
ESTUARY: Targeting the lower estuary early in the morning paid dividends for the light tackle brigade with bream, tarwhine, flathead, trevally, queenfish and (more so after dark) tailor active around the river mouth. Rob Moir (below) caught and released a queenfish at the river mouth (and a flathead in The Sound later) on Tuesday's Noosa River Fishing Safari. It went for a whole prawn bait. A bit up from there, the Frying Pan was good for whiting, bream, flathead and tailor while trevally (GT's, golden, diamond and big eye) were still on the prowl in the stretch from there to the Munna Point Bridge. From Cooper McKay, above right... "Hi. Caught and released two diamond trevally up near The Sand Bags on Saturday morning. Biggest went 59cm and the other 50cm on an Atomic K9 Bulldog surface lure. Cheers, Cooper."
Queenfish Golden Trevally
And Olivia Bellingham from Peregian (above right) seemed to have her hands full on Wednesday's Noosa River Fishing Safari but still managed to catch and then release a golden trevally near the Sand Bags. It went for a whole prawn. The Woods Bays also yielded queenfish, tailor, trevally, bream and the odd flathead.
Mangrove jacks were also active there and around The Sound at night, chasing pillies, mullet and live herring plus Jackall Transam’s and Chase Bait soft plastics.
Giant TrevallyAlex Calcagno from Victoria (above) caught and released a couple of GT's around the Munna Point Bridge on Friday morning's Noosa River Fishing Safari. One on a surface popper, the other on a soft plastic. Whiting were in good numbers in Weyba Creek. Small Strada, Atomic and River2Sea surface poppers worked well, as did live worms and peeled prawns. Good numbers of legal mud crabs have started to show up in Weyba and throughout the estuary with the recent rain firing them up.
javelin Fish or Grunter Bream
Blue swimmer crabs were still in good numbers in the lower estuary and there were lots of small mangrove jacks (to 45cm) on the bite along the Noosaville stretch. Local angler Darren Landers (above) was fishing for a keeper size jack in the Gympie Terrace stretch on Tuesday night when this thumper 65cm javelin fish or grunter bream monstered his live herring bait. This snodger gave Darren a real run for his money and won him this week's $50.00 Davo's Fish of the Week prize as well.
Mangrove Jack Luderick
Further upriver, flathead were on the chew around Lake Doonella on the run-out tide and, together with tailor, grunter bream and whiting, at the Tewantin ski runs. There were also a few mangrove jacks out and about in that area. Report and photo from Bryce Nichol, above left... "Hey guys. Jagged this beauty 53cm mangrove jack last night. Put up a cracka fight! Was fishing the Tewantin marina area. He took a bonito strip bait at around 12am, 24th Feb... awesome birthday present to myself. A mate snagged a thumper 60cm estuary cod which hit like a freight train. Cheers, Bryce." And local angler Chris Vale, above right, sent us this photo of an out of season blackfish..."Hey mate. Got this luderick in our cast net last night! Cheyne Perry doing the honours. Released after this quick pic. Cheers, Chris."

FRESHWATER... Davo's Tackle World.
Saratoga being caught in both Lake Macdonald and Borumba Dam in the timber areas using 3/4" Bassman spinnerbaits, working the lures along the bottom and in the thicker timber lines at early stages of the morning have proven to be the best tactic. Borumba bass are still on the bite, some of the schools of fish have been suspended at different depths, so try trolling both deep and shallow hard bodied lures, as well as spinnerbaits and tail spinners. By working the water columns it will increase your chances of catching more fish and give you an idea of what depths the fish are actively biting at.
Again fishermen have been having good success at catching Lake Macdonald bass on Balista LED lures in the afternoon/late evenings. The fish are showing up along weeded edges in around 25-30ft, they have been hitting the odd surface lure also, so don’t be afraid to switch up lures if something isn't working.

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