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As at Monday March 13th 2006


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OFFSHORE: After last weeks stormy weather pattern it was a relief to get a run of light to moderate (10 to 15 knot) south easterlies, no matter how short the duration. Those anglers who hit the reefs before the south easterlies picked up steam again on Thursday afternoon got the best end of the stick, although Friday and Saturday (while lumpy) were still fishable.
Snapper Northern Bluefin Tuna
Pearl Perch, Squire and Parrot Fish were common to most of the visited reefs. In addition, for those prepared to go the distance, the Barwon Banks produced Snapper, Maori Cod and Mahi Mahi while a little closer in, Chardon's Reef yielded Sweetlip, Maori Cod and Teraglin Jewfish. The close-in reefs, however, were by far the most popular destinations with Sunshine Reef worth considering for Snapper, Sweetlip and Spotted Mackerel, as was Arkwright Shoal, but with the added bonus of Moses Perch, Mowong, Spanish Mackerel and Shiny Mackerel. But it was Sunshine Reef that produced the goods for Melbourne visitor Matt Saxon (above left) when he joined a half day Cougar Too charter that dropped the pick there on Friday. Matt boated the 3.8kg Snapper he's pictured with using a Pilchard/Squid combo as his draw card. He was armed with a Wilson Live Fibre rod and an Alvey 825C reel loaded with 30lb line. Other hot spots were Alexandria Bay and the waters just 150m off the National Park headland where Spotted and school Mackerel, Mackerel Tuna and, as you can see by the photo above right, Northern Bluefin Tuna were on the boil in the latter part of the week. Local yak angler Richard 'The Pike' Pikus got himself a double hookup when trolling a couple of shallow diving Rapala 'X Rap' lures just off the headland on Saturday morning. Richard was paddle trolling from his Swing Angler fishing kayak at the time and after boating and stowing the 9kg Northern Bluefin Tuna he's posing with, wound in and released a 5kg Mackerel Tuna on his other rig. He was armed with a Penn Power Stick and a Shimano TSS4 reel loaded with 30lb line. Apart from that, the only other action reported was of small boils of Mack Tuna and Yellowfin Tuna north of Jew Shoal.

ONSHORE: The coastal surf beaches were certainly a better option than last week although travel on the North Shore was a little tricky due to exposed coffee rock in some areas. On the other side of the bay, Winch Cove was the spot for Whiting and Bream while further south Dart were pretty much everywhere. In addition to that; North Sunshine Beach produced Whiting, South Peregian Beach yielded Tarwhine while off the rocks at Coolum the catch was Chopper Tailor.
Flathead Mangrove Jack
In the river, Whiting were in numbers and of good quality with best results coming from the entrance to the Frying Pan on the runout tide (along with Bream) and the stretch from Munna Point to the river mouth where, as you can see by the photo above left, Flathead were also active. Grant Mooy tempted these 1.1kg and 1.5kg 'Lizards' while fishing there on Thursday afternoon using chicken gut on a 2/0 hook as his draw card. He was armed with a Jarvis Walker threadline combo loaded with 8lb line and 20lb trace. The Gympie Terrace stretch also produced Whiting and Bream in good numbers while up around Tewantin the catch was Bream and, as per the photo above right, Mangrove Jack. Local angler Hans Bielstein attracted the attention of this quality 2.4kg 'Dog Bream' with a well cast and retrieved Manns 10+ lure. He was kitted out with a Shimano 6000 threadline combo loaded with 12lb line and 20lb trace. Apart from that, Lake Cooroibah produced the odd Flathead while the Woods Bays fired quite well for Queenfish (surface poppers), Bream and Trevally (live baits). On the freshwater scene; the Lake MacDonald Bass were eagerly chasing spinnerbaits around the weed edges from Bass Bay to the dam wall while at Borumba Dam most of the Saratoga and Bass action came from the weed edges around Rowe's Island and the Eagles Nest. Beetlespins and Jackals got equally good results there.

The Tewantin Bowls Fishing Club presentation night was last Saturday with Club captain Greg Buckingham presenting the awards and trophies. Overall champion anglers were husband and wife John and Gillian Mitchell and the junior champion was Wayne Ross. Major sponsors Greg and Cheryl Lacey from Davo's Bait and Tackle were in attendance.




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