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As at Friday March 8, 2019.
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Below left. The bar was pretty gnarly most of the week. Two men and a dog tackled it on Sunday and came off second best...
Above right. Towards the end of the week, however, the bar crossing was far more manageable, for both large and small craft.

OFFSHORE: Another short week for the offshore boys with fresh to strong south easterly winds and a 2.0m+ swell the norm rather than the exception. Conditions improved in the latter half of the week, though, giving some anglers an opportunity to target the local reefs.
Maori Cod and SnapperWith just a small window, nobody bothered to target anything beyond the middle reef belt. Not a bad thing, anyway, as the results show. Report and photos from Cougar One skipper Theo Hewish... "Hey Bill. We did a five hour trip to North Reef on Wednesday morning. We crossed the bar around 6.15am with some solid swells coming though but once we got out there it turned to nearly glass off conditions and no current run. We caught pearl perch, Maori cod, sweetlip, venus tusk fish and snapper. Pictured (above left) is Andres Galarpo from Italy with a nice Maori cod and Pat Dore from Brisbane (above right) with a good quality snapper. Cheers, Theo."
Jewfish and Pearl Perch
And the Cougar One crew did it again on Thursday... "Hey Bill. We did a seven hour trip to North Reef this morning. We had glassed out conditions with no current run. We caught jewfish, moses perch, grass sweetlip and some absolute thumper 60cm+ pearl perch. Pictured (above left) is Tom Cowling with his first ever jewfish and (above right) Paul from Sydney with a couple of thumper pearlies."

COASTAL: Under the circumstances there wasn't a lot of feedback from the open beaches. The exceptions being the ocean side of the river mouth adjacent to the rock groyne where whiting were on the bite, the waters opposite Teewah Village on the Noosa North Shore which produced the odd flathead and the rocks on the northern side of Double Island Point where yellowtail kingfish were on the prowl. Please note: There has been extensive beach erosion along the North Shore stretch so 4x4 travel would be best either side of low tide.

ESTUARY: The smaller creeks and tributaries have been producing some good quality mangrove jacks lately. From local angler Noah Williams, below left... "I went fishing at this creek in Coolum with live bait. I was trying lures but wasn't get any hits. I chucked on a live biddy and cast straight under the bridge onto this rock bar. All my friends were using 25-50 pound leader with 15-25 pound braid. I managed to pull this 56cm jack out on eight pound braid and twelve pound leader. I was so stoked to land my personal best jack."
Mangrove Jack and Flathead
The river mouth was worth a look with bream, flathead and (around the bottom of the Frying Pan, whiting on the bite. From William Geary, above right... "Hey mate. Got myself a nice fat, 63cm flatty on Sunday morning at the mouth on mullet strips! Bloody stoked."
Flathead and Golden Trevally
And we received this river report from Jimmy Free, Noosa River Fishing Safaris... "Hey mate. We had a good week on the water. We fished the lower estuary a fair bit, catching flathead, bream and trevally around the mouth and Frying Pan, there was a fair bit of bait hanging around the Woods Bays with fish sticking around, it was a bit breezy though. Around the sound we caught bream, moses and some small jacks. Tewantin fished well for flathead and bream, got a couple jewies this week but certainly nothing to rave about, the big ones shouldn't be too far off. Donal Nolan, on holiday in Noosa from Sydney (pictured above) landed two good fish at the mouth on Saturday morning, both on peeled prawns at the start of the run out. The flathead was in the low 60’s and golden trevally about 55ish."
The top of the Frying Pan also produced whiting in the shallows around high tide and in the deeper channel on the low. The Woods Bays were good for the odd tailor and mangrove jack, as was the back of the Sound and, together with more whiting, Weyba Creek. Upriver, mud crabs were on the move in the stretch from Tewantin to the mouth of Lake Cooroibah while around the bottom the lake itself the catch was flathead and thumper grunter bream or javelin fish. Between the lakes it was mangrove jacks and more mud crabs.
Tea Leaf Trevally
And this from local angler Jaxon Quinn, above... "I decided to go out for a fish along the upper Noosa river on Sunday arvo and I was flicking a Squidgie Prawn and ended up getting a 60cm on the dot tea leaf trevally! It was an alright hit, at first I thought it was a small trevally but right as a couple of mates came over to check it out the fish did a huge 40+ meter run out and close to a jetty! We got worried and really didn't want to lose this fish of a life time, so my friend Dory had to jump the fence of the jetty and grab the rod to make sure it didn't snap my line. After I finished jumping the fence too it had already had another huge run and tangled the line around some sticks so we had to fix that as well. So after that had been dealt with I kept winding but as soon as it realised it was still hooked it ran and ran for ages, by this time I was getting worried because I didn't have a boat to chase it on. It had finally stopped and I dragged it in, finally we saw silver! After this time it had been at least seven minutes, it was right at the side of the jetty and Dory grabbed it by its tail! We put it on the brag mat straight away, took a photo and then put this beautiful fish back into the water." Jaxon's very detailed report and quality catch and release won him this week's $100.00 Davo's Tackle World/ChaseBaits Australia Fish of the Week prize.

FRESHWATER: The impoundments have been quieter with the sudden drop in daytime temperatures and prolonged winds. Working the weed edges with sub surface suspending lures and spinnerbaits is bound to trigger a reaction bite. Having a lure out the back while underway is another great way to find the fish. Take a look at hardbodies from Atomic, Bassday, Cultiva and Rapala in the 70-80mm range. If trolling, have two different lures working. This ensures you are fishing different depths with different colours and actions.

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