The Noosa  Fishing Report

As at Monday March 15, 2010

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OFFSHORE: It may have been a short week as far as the offshore scene was concerned but those anglers who got out when the strong south easterlies abated on Tuesday and Wednesday scored big time, despite the fact that the waters were still murky all the way out to the middle reef belt. 'Working the murk line', in fact, really paid off this week with quality pelagics hitting on all sorts of trolled rigs from big baits to trolled hard bodies along the edge of the dirty water line.
Spanish Mackerel
Tuesday was a mega day close-in on Chardon's Reef (or out wide of Sunshine) with many boats bagging out on quality Spanish mackerel where the clear met the murk. Using whole tailor as troll baits, Wayne Barben from Brisbane (above) and a couple of buddies bagged out on Spaniards with the 23.5kg specimen in the photo being their standout.
Coral Trout Closer in on Sunshine Reef the dirty water seemed to be mostly in the upper levels so those anglers who fished or trolled deep did quite well under the circumstances. Ashley Nuske (above) fished Sunshine Reef on Tuesday afternoon with his buddy Pete and local legend Chicko Vella and apart from a few sweetlip, boated the 6.4kg coral trout in the photo and on the way home (about a half kilometre out from the headland) a couple of Spanish mackerel, top weight 13kg.
Spanish Mackerel and Northern Bluefin Tuna
In Laguna Bay, those who bothered fishing the dark, murky waters were pleasantly surprised by the result. Holly Burnam and her father Dave (above) tried their luck on Tuesday, first at Jew Shoal where Holly trolled up an 8.5kg Northern Bluefin Tuna, then they scored again later near Little Hall's Reef when Holly's trolled hard body lure attracted a 7.5kg Spaniard.
Yellowtail Kingfish
Also at Jew Shoal on Tuesday morning, Jason Armstrong from Yandina (above) floated a live yakka down deep and was very happy when it was taken by the 4.5kg yellowtail kingfish he's pictured with.

ONSHORE: The only reports from the coastal surf beaches were from the North Shore where quality dart were going for live beach worms about 6km's north of Teewah. Apart from that, chopper tailor were on the bite around Freshwater while a few bigger specimens were taken at night from the surf gutters between the First Cutting and the river mouth.
The wet, windy conditions were hardly inviting but it wasn't all bad news. There were enough clear spells and even a few blue sky breaks (well, at least for a few hours at a time) to entice the odd keen angler out onto the river to wet a line.
FlatheadWith still plenty of fresh water in the system and a dark murk pervading, most of the action was in the lower reaches.
The Woods Bays, of course, were still the best option with trevally and school jewfish quite active at times.
Chris Lacey from Davo's Compleat Angler (above) fished there on Friday afternoon and caught and released this school jewfish using a Savoy Shad lure as his draw card.
And Lucy Ward (below) was fishing there on Saturday morning with her father Ken when she caught and released the trevally she's posing with.
Interestingly enough, the Gympie Terrace stretch was quite productive with bream (to 30cm) on the bite near the 'Boathouse' and the jetties adjacent to the boat ramp. Further down, flathead (40cm-60cm) were responding well to live baits and white coloured soft plastics at the bottom of Gympie Terrace and around Munna Point. Blake Nowak ( above right) was fishing near the T-Boats jetty when his live herring bait was taken by the 50cm flathead he's pictured with.
The river mouth was another hot spot, producing whiting, bream and, on surface poppers, the odd tailor. The only report of mangrove jack activity was from the Noosa Waters canals.
On the freshwater scene, the Borumba Dam bass were going for shallow diving lures in the upper reaches of the Yabba Arm while saratoga (to 73cm) were responding to spinnerbaits and small diving lures in Borumba Creek.



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