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As at Monday March 21, 2016.
Fishing Noosa 'The Book'.
OFFSHORE: The smaller boats copped another flogging this week. Moderate to strong 15 to 25 knot south easterlies were the rule rather than the exception and those recreational anglers who headed out over the bar were more often than not back shortly after. Conditions past the shelter of the headland were sloppy and choppy to say the least and it wasn't until Friday that the winds backed off dramatically. Saturday's forecast of 5 knot variable winds and a 1.0m to 1.2m swell saw an endless stream of boats heading for Sunshine Reef, making the most of what must be the best coral trout season in over a decade.
Based on Saturday's favourable forecast, the lads on Trekka 2 scheduled a nine hour charter to Double Island Point, returning with a boat load of delighted customers and a bin load of quality reef fish. On the capture list were; knobby snapper, squire, Maori cod, venus tusk fish, coral bream, striped sea perch, mowong, grass sweetlip and heaps of pearl perch. Andy Kelly from the Gold Coast (above) is pictured with a couple of nice knobby snapper from that trip.
Maori Cod Grass Sweetlip
Along the middle reef belt, North Reef was good for the bottom bashers, producing quality grass sweetlip, venus tusk fish, mowong, monocle bream, gold spot wrasse, squire, Maori cod, scarlet sea perch or large mouth nannygai, pearl perch and moses perch. Steve Harrouk from Logan in Brisbane and Tony Pollicina from Brisbane (above) are pictured with a Maori cod and a couple of grass sweetlip from Saturday's Wild Thing 2 charter to the middle of North.
Spanish Mackerel
Chardon's Reef really came alive on Saturday for anyone chasing pelagics. The Spanish mackerel were in excellent numbers and responding well to trolled hard body lures, cast and jigged metal slugs, live floaters and surface poppers. Peter and Lachlan Riley from Tewantin (above) boated a couple of 7.5kg specimens out there in the morning. They nailed one on a live pike floater and the other one (when they were busting up around the boat) on a large popper.
And what about the wahoo! They came on the bite about the same time as the Spaniards, hitting trolled hard body lures with abandon. Chris Walter from the Noosa Offshore Fishing Club (above) trolled up this 11kg 'Hoo' at Chardon's roughly an hour after the top of the tide on Saturday morning. It went for a deep diving Rapala X-Rap hard body. His quality fish, and Colgate smile also won Chris this week's $50.00 Davo's Tackle World Fish of the Week prize.
Coral Trout
Closer to home, Sunshine Reef fired up in the sloppy conditions, producing snapper, squire, moses perch, mowong, Maori cod, grass sweetlip, many lined sweetlip, banana fish, Spanish mackerel, spangled emperor, scarlet sea perch, dark tailed sea perch, northern bluefin tuna, yellowfin tuna, school mackerel, spotted mackerel, red throat emperor, venus tusk fish and lots of quality coral trout. Local angler John Holeszko (above) nailed his thumper trout there on Friday's Trekka 2 charter while Rico Faurie from Victoria (below left) is pictured with one of the standout spangled emperors boated on Thursday's charter.
Spangled Emperor Dark Tailed Sea Perch and Snapper
Wild Thing 2 was in amongst the action most days as well. From Sunday's seven hour charter we have Brad Burchell from Murrumba Downs (above) with a dark tailed sea perch and quality snapper while below, Brett Ritson from Tewantin and Vince Fama from Geelong in Victoria boated a quality coral trout each.
Coral Trout
In the relative shelter of Laguna Bay, mackerel tuna, spotted mackerel and northern bluefin tuna were on the move and going for trolled hard body lures and cast metal slugs. Apart from that, Hall's Reef was good for grass sweetlip and the odd squire with pilchard and live yakka baits getting best results.
Grass Sweetlip and Moses Perch Mowong and Snapper Sweetlip Coral Trout Wahoo
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