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As at Monday March 28, 2011

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The Bar Crossing on Saturday Morning
Light to moderate (5 to 15 knot) variable winds, clear blue skies and a nominal 1.0 metre swell. Add in lots of sea birds and tuna working the bait schools in the bay and that was pretty much the scenario for most of the week.
On the downside, yesterday and today were a tad wet, the swell was 2m+ and the south easterlies were up around 25 knots, but considering the rest of the week was an absolute pearler, there were few complaints from the offshore brigade.
Scarlet Sea Perch Conditions were certainly good enough for the odd trip out wide this week. The Barwon Banks were hard yakka though, yielding just the odd green jobfish, fusilier and venus tusk fish. On the upside, the reefs at Double Island Point really fired, producing moses perch, spotted mackerel, Spanish mackerel, Maori cod, amberjack, quality scarlet sea perch and the odd thumper red emperor. Michael Cooper from the Glasshouse Mountains (above) was out there on a full day Cougar One charter on Tuesday when his pilchard/squid combo bait attracted the attention of the 13kg scarlet he's pictured with.
Red Emperor And on a Trekka 3 overnighter, which returned on Wednesday, Clint Ruster (above) boated a standout 14kg red emperor.
Scarlet Sea Perch
Closer in, Chardon's Reef was the spot for northern bluefin tuna, the odd sailfish, marlin (in the 50kg to 70kg range), Maori cod, moses perch, Spanish mackerel (to 10kg), cobia (average 6kg) and mahi mahi. Over on North Reef the standouts were cobia, venus tusk fish, moses perch and, as per the above photo, scarlet sea perch. Young Will Cerger from Geelong in Victoria was out there on Friday on a 3/4 day Cougar One charter when he boated this 7kg specimen.
Coral Trout Sunshine Reef was a good option for yellowfin, northern bluefin and mack tuna, Maori cod, Spanish, spotted and school mackerel, red throat, quality sweetlip, cobia and coral trout. Trekka 2 did a half day charter to Sunshine on Saturday during which Chris Kortyka from Brisbane (above), cheered on by sons Luke and Maurice, boated a standout 7kg trout.
Cobia Laguna Bay was a no brainer this week with an easy bar crossing and relatively calm conditions encouraging anglers in all manner of craft to take a punt and tackle the bait boils. The waters along the Hall's Reef stretch saw some frantic surface activity with plenty of sharks in amongst the tuna and mackerel. Jason Armstrong (above) did a bit of bottom bashing with tuna fillets on Wednesday and apart from a few sweetlip, came back with the 19kg cobia he's posing with.
And Adam Morley (above) reported plenty of shark action in the bay on Tuesday morning but was able to avoid attracting their attention while he hooked and boated the 10.5kg longtail he's pictured with. He was casting a River2Sea metal slug.

ONSHORE: The North Shore coastal stretch was certainly worth the effort this week with quality whiting responding well to pippies and live beach worms down towards the river mouth and up around the township of Teewah. Tailor were down in size but still in quite good numbers with the chopper hot spots being at the bottom end of Teewah Beach and the surf gutters just before the camping grounds. Further north, bream were active around Massoud's Rock and jewfish were on the bite off the rocks at Double Island Point. Across the bay, tailor were on the chew off the National Park headland while further south, down the coast, Marcus Beach produced dart, bream and, over the weekend, a few average size whiting.
Frying Pan area
There were plenty of boats fishing the estuary but the returns were relatively modest, especially towards the bottom of the tide when the murk was more intrusive. Having said that, garfish were schooling in the Woods Bays and along with them were the tailor and trevally. Understandably, the larger 'Greenbacks' were taken on live garfish around dawn and dusk.
Bream were in good numbers along the Gympie Terrace stretch, in the Noosa Waters canals and, as you can see by the photo above, up around the Noosa Harbour Marina. Candice Schurmann from Sunrise Beach boated a few average size bream there on Wednesday morning but the 1kg fish she's pictured with was her standout. She was using prawn baits.
Apart from that, there were a few G.T.'s and mangrove jacks on the prowl in the stretch between the lakes and, as per the photo above, in Noosa Waters. Cheryl 'Chezza' Lacey caught and released this jack there on Friday using an 8cm Rapala X-Rap as her draw card. She was armed with a G-Loomis Crankbait rod, a Shimano Curado 200 reel and 14lb PE braid.
On the freshwater scene, the Lake MacDonald bass were quite well spread with fish to 41cm going for Jackall TN60 lures around the Botanical Gardens stretch and surface poppers along Catfish Alley. Smaller fish (32cm to 33cm) were chasing spinnerbaits around Bass Bay and, later in the day; spinnerbaits and beetlespins along the weed edges at Three Ways.

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