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As at Monday March 28, 2016.
Fishing Noosa 'The Book'.
OFFSHORE: Holy Moly! You couldn't have planned a better lead-up to the Easter holidays if you tried. Light to moderate (5 to 15 knot) south easterlies and a 1.0m to 1.5m swell prevailed, while the reef fish and pelagics (mackerel, cobia and tuna) came on the bite in good numbers as the weekend approached. The Noosa Bar, of course, caught a few boaties napping at times but there were no major incidents, just the occasional heart stopper and the odd red face.
Spanish Mackerel
Some of the bigger boats targeted Double Island Point but it was hard work up that way with stronger than expected currents making bottom bashing a bit of a chore. There was a feed to be had, though, with plenty of average size venus tusk fish, squire, hussar, moses perch, pearl perch, snapper, coral bream, gold spot wrasse and longtail tuna on the bite. Alternatively, The Barwon Banks were good for pearl perch, venus tusk fish, hussar and quality snapper.
Along the middle reef belt, North Reef fired well, producing Spanish mackerel, school and spotted mackerel, snapper, pearl perch, squire, reef shark, teraglin jewfish, mahi mahi, cobia, grass sweetlip, venus tusk fish, coral bream, frying pan snapper, gold spot wrasse, moses perch and gold spot cod. Phew!
David Kerr from Victoria (above) boated his quality Spanish mackerel out there on Wednesday's seven hour Trekka 2 charter. It went for a pilchard floater.
Mahi Mahi, Snapper and Longtail Tuna
Local angler Jordan Zerk sent us in the above photos and a short report from his Saturday morning session... "Hey Billy! Jack Pockran and I snuck out for a couple of hours this morning and headed to North. Got stuck into a few feeding schools of snapper (most were around the 60 to 70cm) and longtails (north of Hall's Reef on the way out) and managed to get some little dollies as well." Jordan is hiding behind a small dolly while Jack is pictured with a longtail tuna and a quality snapper, both of which went for soft plastics. Their quality catch won them this week's $50.00 Davo's Tackle World Fish of the Week prize.
Spanish Mackerel
And Jess, Jack, Mary and Sarah (above) are pictured with the pick of the Spaniards boated on this morning's five hour Wild Thing 2 charter to North Reef.
Further south, Chardon's Reef was the spot for venus tusk fish, Maori cod, squire, reef shark, moses perch, wahoo, large mouth nannygai, gold spot cod, Spanish mackerel, spotted mackerel, school mackerel, mahi mahi, snapper, pearl perch and grass sweetlip. Ben Jackson from Rose Bay in Sydney (above) boated this standout wahoo there on Thursday's five hour Wild Thing 2 charter. It totally smashed a trolled Rapala X-Rap 30+ Magnum hard body lure.
Large Mouth Nannygai or Scarlet Sea Perch
And Aziz from Melbourne (above) is pictured with a thumper 7.5kg large mouth nannygai which he boated out there on Sunday morning's Trekka 2 charter.
Knobby Snapper Grass Sweetlip
Closer in, Sunshine reef didn't disappoint either, yielding grass sweetlip, venus tusk fish, squire, coral trout, spangled emperor, snapper, Spanish mackerel, yellowfin tuna and cobia. Gary Norris (above) fished the northern end on Thursday morning and did well, boating grass sweetlip, venus tusk fish, squire and a keeper coral trout (all on mackerel fillets) but his standout for the morning was a 9.6kg snapper which took a 7" Berkley Gulp Pepper Neon soft plastic. Gary said he would normally have released a snapper this size but unfortunately the old timer didn't survive the extended battle. And Mitchell Fredericks from Davo's Tackle World (above right) sent in this photo and brief report on the weekend..."Hi Bill. Fished Sunshine Reef earlier in the week and landed this nice grass sweetlip while working the bottom with soft plastics. I was using a Squidgy 140mm Flick Bait. She was around 2.5kg. Cheers, Mitch"
The Robertson clan booked Cougar One for a half day on Sunshine Reef on Sunday morning and had a wonderful time. It wasn't until they were back in the river that the rain set in and it was fair bucketing down by the time they tied up at the jetty. As you can see, Chrissie Roberston from Hervey Bay and her mother-in-law Cheryl (above) got a bit wet running from the boat to our under cover photo spot, but Chrissie's thumper cobia looked really nice and sparkly.
In Laguna Bay, Spanish mackerel were active around Jew Shoal while the longtails were chasing cast slugs and soft plastics along the Hall's Reef stretch.
Maori Cod and Venus Tusk Fish Gold Spot Cod Spanish Mackerel Gold Spot Cod Gold Spot Cod
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