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As at Friday March 22, 2019.
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Below left. There was little or no swell on the bar over the weekend so, as you can imagine, the local reefs were inundated...
Above right. And conditions just got better as the week unfolded. Autumn in Noosa can really be quite exceptional at times...

OFFSHORE: Wow! There were no complaints for the offshore brigade this week with light to moderate (5 to 15 knot) variable easterly winds dominating. And with the swell hovering around the 1.0m mark, the local reefs were open to all manner of small and large boats. About the only negative would have been the late afternoon storms earlier in the week but that wasn't an issue for most boaties who were home cleaning their catch well before then. And speaking of catch, the fish were certainly on the bite, and in good numbers in close and out wide. This report from Trekka 2 skipper Mitch Bertacchini... "Hey Bill. We did a nine hour trip up to Double Island Point on Sunday. Conditions were pretty nice apart from the odd rain squall which we managed to dodge. We caught gold band snapper, scarlet sea perch, moses perch, grass emperor, venus tusk fish, gold spot cod, frying pan snapper and spotty mackerel."
Scarlet Sea Perch and Gold Band Snapper
And the Trekka 2 crew did it all again later in the week... "Hey Bill. We did another nine hour run to Double Island Point on Wednesday in near perfect conditions. We had a light westerly wind in the morning before a light northerly set in for the day. We caught cobia, trout cod, Maori cod, gold spot wrasse, venus tusk fish, moses perch, grass emperor, red emperor and gold spot cod. Pictured (above left) is Max Bruckmeier from Germany with a solid red emperor and (above right) Dave Maybury from Yandina with the day's standout." 
Snapper and Cobia
And above left, Mark North is pictured with a thumper 6.5kg snapper which he boated at D.I. on Saturday. There were a few Spaniards on the prowl up that way as well. Along the middle reef belt, Chardon's and North reefs were good for cobia, Spanish mackerel, cod, pearl perch and snapper. From Dave Neil, above right.... "G'day Bill. My son Harvey and I were having issues with the grey taxman on Friday morning at North Reef, getting what felt like good quality fish halfway up before getting smoked. We were high-fiving when we got this cobia on board. We added a couple of quality snapper to the esky to make for a cracking day. All went for yakka fillets. Cheers."
Coral Trout and Spanish Mackerel
Sunshine Reef, however, was still the 'go to' spot, especially for mackerel and coral trout. Dan Lever and his mate Geoff Stirzaker (above) fished there last Thursday and popped into Davo's on the way home in the afternoon with their standouts... a 3kg coral trout and a 14kg Spanish mackerel. Geoff's trout went for a 120gm Nomad jig and Dan's Spaniard swallowed a whole pilchard floater.
Jarrad 'Bonesy' Rodgers (above) has been putting in the time offshore in his kayak for what he calls average results lately, until Sunday morning. He and his mate Scott paddled their hearts out across Sunshine Reef until they hit the jackpot. Scott landed two Spaniards and a longtail tuna but Jarrad trumped him with two Spaniards and this quality 12kg wahoo, which went for a trolled whole garfish.
Coral Trout and Pearl Perch
And we received this additional report and photos (above) from Trekka 2 skipper Mitch Bertacchini... "Hey Bill. We did a couple of back to back five hour trips to Sunshine Reef on Saturday in perfect conditions. We caught pearl perch, tusk fish, grass emperor, Moses perch, painted sweetlip, gold spot cod, snapper and coral trout. Matt Dedham (above left) is pictured with a solid trout."
Coral TroutAnd how about this from Simon Neuwirth, above... "My family and I were fishing south Sunshine Reef Sunday morning. Lots of small reefies being caught and released when something big smashed my whole squid bait and gave me some curry. After a long hard fight I was rewarded with this fat 77cm coral trout (around the 7kg mark). He was caught close to shore in around 30 meters deep. Another great day on the water." Simon's absolute thumper trout earned him this week's $100.00 Davo's/ChaseBaits Fish of the Week prize.
Gold Spot Cod, Pearl Perch and Spanish Mackerel
Above. Cougar One skipper Theo Hewish was late with his reports and pix (I think he was tending his Fish Farm) so I had to tack them on at the bottom... "Hey Bill. We did a five hour trip to North Reef on Tuesday morning in glass out conditions. We caught Maori cod, gold spot cod, pearl perch and small snapper. Then on Wednesday morning's five hour we trolled over Jew Shoal first up for a good sized Spanish mackerel before heading to Sunshine Reef where we caught tusk fish, pearl perch and moses perch. Cheers, Theo." 

COASTAL: Great conditions on the open beaches saw the whiting out and about in numbers. The stretch from Peregian to Castaways continued to produce some good fish with the low tide shallows working best. Whiting were also biting at Sunshine Beach with the northern end also producing flathead and quality dart. On the National Park headland, Dolphin Point was the spot for trevally and bream. On Main Beach, the waters around the end of the river mouth rock groyne were still good for whiting and flathead as were the gutters opposite Teewah township on the North Shore. Dart were also active there while off the rocks at D.I. it was yellowtail kingfish.

ESTUARY: Flathead were still a staple down around the deeper channels the river mouth (for those who knew how to target) them while the mangrove jacks and big eye trevally were working the Sand Bags and, along with diamond, tea leaf and goldens, the outer Woods Bay. From young gun Nathan Meadows, below left... "Caught and released this 61cm golden trevally in the Woods on Saturday."
Golden Trevally and Pennant Fish
River report from Jimmy Free, Noosa River Fishing Safaris... "Hey mate. We had a pretty good week in the river. We caught some good goldens and diamonds in the Woods Bays plus bream and flathead around the mouth. Whiting are still on the bite in the Frying Pan along with flathead and bream. Up at Tewantin we caught trevally, flathead, bream and tailor. Above right is Carlisle Rogers from 4WD Touring Australia who caught and released this diamond trevally in the Woods while on a four hour charter. On Sunday morning I took the kids out from Noosa FishHeadz. Below, young Cody is pictured with one of two diamonds he landed in the Woods and Cade Holeszko landed this tailor in the ski run on a plastic. Can’t remember what they were throwing around at the time but all on plastics."
Diamond Trevally and Tailor
The inner Woods Bay also had a few trevally and the odd tailor while Weyba Creek and the sand flats opposite the Noosa Yacht and Rowing Club yielded some good whiting. Mangrove jacks were on the prowl around the Noosa Marina at Tewantin, up around the mouth of Lake Cooroibah, in the stretch between the lakes. Further up from there, tarpon were very much in numbers in Kin Kin Creek

FRESHWATER: The freshwater impoundments have been alive with fish. Saratoga, bass and yellowbelly have all been actively feeding as a result of this week’s warm weather. Saratoga are very aware and a stealth approach is required if you wish to target them. These fish eat anything that fits in their mouth and a lure that creates a surface commotion will do really well such as the Z-Man FrogZ. A slow roll with these lures will draw bites when fished around logs and weed edges. If chasing bass, use your sounder to find a school, fish lures such as the Jackall TN50 and perform slow lifts through the school and it won’t take long until there is a fish on board.
Pictured above is Grant Budd, senior staff member at Davo's North Shore Bait and Tackle who caught and released this absolute thumper 76cm saratoga at Borumba Dam on Sunday. It went for a ChaseBaits Wiggle Bomb soft plastic.

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