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As at Friday March 30, 2018.
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OFFSHORE: There wasn't a lot of joy for the offshore boys this week with fresh to strong south easterlies and a 2m to 3m outside swell the norm rather than the exception... again. To add to the woes, the bar was a tad gnarly, especially a couple of hours either side of the low, catching a few boaties out.
Coral Trout
Monday was marginal but certainly fishable. But on Tuesday morning, ahead of the forecast blow and building swell, there was a nice little window and those boaties who got out did well. Report and photos (above and below) from Wild Thing 2 skipper Paul Glover... "Hey mate. We fished Sunshine Reef on Tuesday and the fish were chewing hard. Conditions were perfect with winds about five knots (south easterly) during the five hour morning session. Light current to the south. We caught moses perch, venus tusk fish, heaps of pearl perch, a few monocle bream, snapper and some good coral trout." 
Snapper Coral Trout
And this report and photo (below right) from Cougar One skipper Theo Hewish... "Hey Bill. We did a five hour charter to Sunshine Reef on Tuesday. Conditions were great with little to no wind early and not much current. We caught gold spot cod, Maori cod, tusk fish, pearl perch and small snapper." 
Coral Trout Gold Spot Cod
In Laguna Bay the only reports to hand were from the Hall's Reef stretch which produced the odd northern bluefin and mack tuna and lots of reef sharks.

ESTUARY:The lower estuary produced well towards the top of the tide this week with flathead, bream (lots), whiting and (towards the low) the odd trevally on the bite from the river mouth to Munna Point. From Nathan Smith, below left... "Hi Guys. A nice golden trevally. caught just before the low on Friday at the river mouth. Took half a pilly and went hard! Some bream and flatties were on the bite at the same time but it all when quiet when the tide turned."
Golden Trevally Giant Trevally
The Frying Pan and the Dog Beach sand flats were good for quality whiting. Small surface lures were the go in the morning with some outstanding fish being taken on Strada Virals. Best baits were live worms, prawns and yabbies. Early morning and late afternoon in the Woods Bays produced tailor and a variety of trevally. Surface poppers like the Nomad Chug Norris and Dart Wings have been working well, along with 3’ Z-Man Slim SwimZ. From Lachie Hallbrown, above right... "On Saturday I was fishing with my mate Dennis in the Woods Bays. Me and my mate decided to swap rods for a cast and unexpectedly his 2.5" Slim SwimZ in Motor Oil, just bought the day before from Davo's, got hit on the drop by this giant trevally. The fish was released."
Flathead Flathead
And this report from Jimmy Free, Noosa River Fishing Safaris... Hey Bill. Fishing has been great over the last week. The woods bays have been full of trevally as well as the two channels near the Coast Guard. There’s plenty of flathead up and down the river but mainly at the mouth closest to that cleaner water. The bream have been quite thick too in most parts of the river. We got a couple whiting on prawn in most of the shallow areas and flathead were going for prawn and whitebait. Milsy from Moonie, Queensland (above left) caught and released this 78cm flathead in the Woods Bays earlier in the week and Greg from New Zealand (above right) caught his 70cm flathead down towards the river mouth. Both fish went for whole prawns."
And from Jai Aughton... "Hey mate. Beautiful day out on the river on Sunday. Really nice conditions. Generally we find early morning or late afternoon and night best times to find fish on the bite but we thought we would go out for a fish in the middle of the day and managed to get two nice flathead (39cm and 55cm) and a nice size tailor which was 42cm. The two flathead were caught on a Berkley Gulp peppered prawn on a 1/6oz 2/0 jighead. The tailor (pictured above) was caught by my brother Lyall on a live mullet. Both flathead were released and the tailor came home for dinner. Cheers, Jai."
Mangrove Jack
Mangrove jacks and grunter bream were out and about in the Munna Point stretch, Weyba Creek and the back of Noosa Sound. This from Brady Reid...
"Hey Bill. I was fishing the back of the Sound on Sunday arvo, flicking a Berkley Power Bait Minnow in Pearl Watermelon with 8 pound leader and a 2000 size reel. I cast out and let it sink then hopped it twice. I went to hop it again when something grabbed it and started screaming drag. I fought it for a while until it almost spooled me, then I decided to start up the motor and chase it. I finally got him up and saw that it was a big mangrove jack. I got him in the boat without a net then drove to the Sound bridge to get a couple of quick snaps and measurement (56.5cm). He was released and swam off unharmed." His very detailed report and top quality catch and release earned Brady this week's $100.00 Davo's Tackle World/ChaseBaits
Fish of the Week prize.
Estuary Cod
Further up, bream were active around the Gympie Terrace jetties and whiting were biting along the sand flats. Around Tewantin, the catch was estuary cod, javelin fish and bream. Stephen Strickland (above) caught this 60cm estuary cod above Tewantin on Tuesday morning. It went for a mullet strip bait.

FRESHWATER: Lake Macdonald produced big bass around the weed beds and edges. Poppers cast at these areas early morning and late afternoon have produced some outstanding fish. 3" soft plastics in Curly Tail worked deep have been successful in finding the school fish.
Bass also being caught up in the everglades. Best bite time has been early morning.
Small Saratoga active in Lake Borumba on surface walkers. Bass have been on the prowl in the trees and the start on the Kingham Arm. Jackall Squirrel hard bodies, and Bassman spinnerbaits worked slowly with big pauses have worked really well.

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