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As at Friday March 29, 2019.
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Below left. The bar was a bit sloppy over the weekend. Nothing serious, but just enough to slow the eager beavers down...
Above right. The bar wasn't too much of a challenge later in the week but still, it wasn't a good place to be in a 12ft river punt.

OFFSHORE: Not a bad week on the local reefs with light to moderate (5 to 15 knot) variable easterlies prevailing until Tuesday night. It was a bit of a downhill slide after that, however, with Wednesday a tad wet and progressively wild and Thursday pretty much a no go. Still, there were no complaints from those who managed to get amongst the action with a wide range of species coming in over the side.
Job Fish and Cobia.
Report and photo (above left) from Trekka 2 skipper Mitch Bertacchini... "Hey Bill. We did a nine hour trip up to Double Island Point on Saturday in glorious conditions. We had a steady current to the south at roughly half a knot and no wind all day. We caught some solid tusk fish, squire, frying pan snapper and (as pictured with Tammy Bond) a nice job fish." Inset is what's called a well 'taxed' Maori cod.
And from a little bit closer to home, local angler Darryl Wandrey (pictured above right) targeted North Reef around mid tide on Monday morning and was more than delighted when this 10.5kg cobia or black kingfish tried (unsuccessfully) to run off with his live yakka floater.
Jewfish or Mulloway
And we received this report and photo from Wild Thing 2 skipper Nat Turner... "Hey mate. We fished North Reef on Tuesday morning with the Noosa Yachtie Fishing Club. We had light variable winds, and a slight current to the south. We caught grass sweetlip, moses perch, venus tusk fish and jewfish. Pictured (above) is Therese Upton with her jewie which she hooked on the first drop of the day."
Gold Spot Cod and Spanish MackerelAnd from a few days earlier... "We fished North Reef on Saturday morning in perfect conditions. No wind and a slight current to the south. We anchored up on a large gravel area and let the fish come to us. We caught grass sweetlip, snapper, pearl perch, moses perch, venus tusk fish and (above left) gold spot cod." Sunshine Reef, this time around, ran hot and cold. From local angler Andrew McCarthy... "Hi Bill. Nice Spanish (above right) taken at Sunshine on Tuesday. Went for a Davo's pilchard floater. Measured 128cm and the front half weighed 7.3kg. My mate Lee in the photo took the back half and did not weigh it, but a cracking Spanish anyway. Cheers."
Spanish Mackerel
Yak angler Warren Norup from Woombye (above) put in heaps of time and paddled a lot of kilometres on Sunshine Reef on Sunday morning and was finally rewarded for his efforts when this 17.5kg Spanish mackerel jumped his trolled bull bonito bait. This fish was a personal best for Warren and his sterling effort won him this week's $100.00 Davo's Tackle World/ChaseBaits Fish of the Week prize.
Coral Trout and Spotted Mackerel
And above, from Chicko Vella, Davo's Tackle World... "This week started off well. Not so many boats out and the fish size increased. On board Monday were good mates Sonnie and John. We landed good size fish in the perfect conditions. Grass sweetlip came aboard with solid spotties and the trout were larger models also. Light breeze in the morning, current to the south and calm at the mouth!!"
Spanish Mackerel
Last but not least, yak angler Ian Tagg (above) targeted the Hall's Reef stretch in Laguna Bay in his kayak before sun up on Saturday morning. And around first light he hit the jackpot when this 11.5kg Spanish mackerel monstered his trolled Rapala X-Rap 20 hard body.

COASTAL: Not much feedback from the open beaches this week but the National Park headland proved to be a good option for some...
Northern Bluefin or Longtail Tuna
Manuel Capoccia from Italy (above) got the thrill of a lifetime while fishing off the rocks at Hells Gates on Monday morning. He was lure casting when a small surface boil erupted less than 50 metres away. He quickly flicked a 70gm Halco Twisty at the eruption and was rewarded with a hookup and run that nearly spooled him. Fifteen minutes later he had landed his first ever tuna, a nice 7.5kg longtail.

ESTUARY: The mangrove jacks were certainly out and about in the lower estuary this week with some good fish on the prowl around the river mouth car park rocks. After dark around low tide worked best there. Just up from there the bottom of the Dog Beach saw a bit of trevally surface activity while the Sand bags produced some good flathead. From Jimmy Free, Noosa River Fishing Safaris... "Hey mate. Chuan Wong and his daughter Chloe (pictured below left) boated this 70cm flatty in the Woods Bays on Saturday. It went for a a pilchard floater. We also fished around the Dog Beach and closer to the bar picking up a few flathead and bream. Then a small golden took both our floaters out the back at the same time. It was pretty funny watching mother and daughter hooked on to the same fish."
Flathead and Whiting
There was lots of bait in the Current Line and down deep in the outer Woods Bay with some good long nose and golden trevally in amongst them. Along from there, the Munna Point Bridge area was good for the odd queenfish, the back of the Sound was still worth a look for mangrove jacks while Weyba Creek (up towards the lake) yielded some thumper whiting. Upriver, there were some good golden trevally on the prowl across from the Noosa Yacht Club while the waters around the Marina at Tewantin were good for estuary cod and more jacks. Moving on up, the bottom of Lake Cooroibah produced flathead and mangrove jacks at the bottom of the outgoing tide while whiting were active around the sand flats at the top of the tide Above right, from Jason Clarey... "Seven year old Liam Clarey from Castaways Beach, with the help of his little brother Wilbur on the landing net, boated this 29cm sand whiting on light tackle. He was using a live beach worm supplied by Davo's Tackle World. Caught on the bend at the bottom of Lake Cooroibah on the run out tide. Sunday afternoon the 24th March." The stretch between the lakes also had jacks and, around the rock bars, trevally on surface.

FRESHWATER: The saratoga were chewing pretty hard at Borumba Dam on a wide range of surface lures and top water weedless presentations. Small poppers like the River2Sea Bubble Pop and Zerek Poparazzi raised a lot of interest. Weedless rigged Keitech 3 inch plastics slow rolled out from heavy cover were also working well. As the sun rises then hardbodies that suspend also worked well at getting a strike from those fish sitting under the snags. Take a look at the OSP Dunk and Power Dunk lures when in deeper water.

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