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As at Monday May 2, 2011

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Below: A White Bellied Sea Eagle with dinner in its talons. Photo taken on a recent Cougar One excursion to 'The Coffees'.
Fishing 'The Coffees' with Noosa Blue Water Charters

OFFSHORE: With strong south easterlies hammering the coastline until Saturday there was only a fairly small window of opportunity available to the offshore brigade this week. Being a long weekend, of course, was a bit of a bonus and there were plenty of boaties chomping at the bit to make up for lost time. The bar, unfortunately, tended to be a little bit gnarly a couple of hours either side of low tide but at other times it was certainly do-able for those prepared to bide their time.
Northern Bluefin or Longtail Tuna Laguna Bay was still pretty murky from the river run-off but that wasn't much deterrent to the the tuna schools, especially over on the North Shore side of the bay where the murk/clear water line was a bit more distinct. The Hall's Reef stretch and way further north of there, in fact, had a lot of pelagic activity (heaps of small mackerel tuna and bigger longtails) and bird activity today. Local yak angler Ian Tagg (above) worked the boils at Little Hall's Reef this morning and was eventually rewarded for his efforts with a 9.5kg and 11kg northern bluefin tuna. They went for slow retrieved 30gm metal slug lures.
Sunshine Reef was a fishable option for bar capable boats from Sunday onwards although today was the day that the boat ramp car parks were actually full to overflowing. Fishing Offshore Noosa did a couple of half day trips to 'Sunshine' today and reported great conditions, but mostly average size reef fish in their catch. Ten year old Freya Langerman from Canberra (above) was on the morning charter and had the pleasure of boating the first fish of the day, a 1.7kg sweetlip.
Spanish Mackerel
Sunshine Reef also produced venus tusk fish, snapper, coral trout to 5kg and, as you can see by the photo above, the odd quality Spanish mackerel. Blake Cole from Tewantin was out there around midday today doing a spot of bottom bashing when his pilchard floater attracted the attention of the 15kg Spaniard he's posing with. He was twice blessed considering he wasn't using a wire trace on his mono line. Apart from that, Noosa Blue Water Charters did a run to North Reef on a half day charter this morning and came back with scarlet sea perch, snapper, sweetlip and Maori cod.

Lower Estuary pictured from Munna Beach.
ONSHORE: The coastal surf beaches took a hammering this week so there were few reports from that area. The First Cutting was the only hot spot of note on the North Shore with whiting, dart, flathead and a few chopper tailor on the bite. Over on the east side, the only report was from Castaways Beach where dart were active just north of Beach Access 40.
Despite the estuary system being a chocolate brown colour there still seemed to be a reasonable amount of activity from the bread and butter species. The river mouth was a good place to start, producing bream, whiting, tailor (with the better fish going for mullet and bonito fillet at night), juvenile jewfish and, as per the photo above, flathead. Gavin Wuiske caught and released this 82cm 'Lizard' on the run-in tide on Friday afternoon while on a Noosa River Fishing Safaris charter.
Estuary Cod
Estuary cod were also on the bite towards the mouth as Andrew Russell (above) found on Wednesday afternoon while fishing in the Frying Pan. Andrew was using live yabbies as his draw card and released this 65cm fish after a quick pic.
Trevally and Flathead
School jewfish were active around the sand bank opposite the DPI Station and together with trevally, tailor and mangrove jacks, were responding well to surface lures and soft plastics in the Woods Bays. Munna Point was also good for trevally and flathead as Zach and Thomas Broad (above) discovered on Monday morning while fishing there with live fish baits.
Blubberlip Bream
Mangrove jacks and school jewfish were on the prowl in Weyba Creek (along with flathead and whiting), around the Noosa Marina and, together with the odd threadfin salmon, along the gravel patches of the first ski run at Tewantin. Apart from that, bream were on the chew between the lakes (as were catfish), along the Noosaville stretch (together with flathead) and in the deeper holes at the back of Noosa Sound. Eliza Meehan (above) got the surprise of her life when she hooked up with the blubberlip she's pictured with while fishing at the Sheraton Jetty on Saturday night. It weighed a good 2.6kg!
On the freshwater scene, the Lake MacDonald bass hot spots were at the start of Fry's Run, around the Botanical Gardens Reach and near the Bubble Trail in the main basin.





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