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As at Friday May 6, 2016.
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OFFSHORE: Whoo Hoo! What a week for the offshore brigade! The weekend was certainly fishable but the Labour Day Monday was an absolute ripper with light (5 to 7 knot) south easterly winds, a 0.8m swell and little or no current. The town was full to bursting, and the boat ramps were rather chaotic, but they all seemed to be having a damned good time. Even better, the bar crossing was straight forward and the fish (pelagics and bottom feeders) were on the bite.
The rest of the week continued along the same vein with great weather and great fishing and under the circumstances the outer reefs were well and truly on the agenda. Double Island Point was well worth the effort (and the extra fuel) with amberjack, spotted mackerel, pearl perch and knobby snapper on the bite. Kane Mann, above, fished there on Monday... "we used floated pillies and plastics on anchor. Lots of A.J's on pillies also a few good spotties and pearlies. This snapper was caught on a white Z-Man soft plastic." Kane's quality knobby won him this week's $50.00 Davo's Tackle World Fish of the Week prize.
Spotted Mackerel
The Hards produced venus tusk fish, pearl perch, gold spot cod, snapper and red throat emperor while closer in, The Hill was the spot for sweetlip, spotted mackerel, moses perch, hussar and pearl perch. Matt Artemieff from Redcliffe (above) boated his nice spotty there on Monday morning's Trekka 2 charter.
The Coffees were good for gold spot cod, school mackerel, grass sweetlip, moses perch and squire, as was North Reef, but with the added bonus of cobia, snapper, venus tusk fish and teraglin jewfish. Jordan Zerk sent us his report and pix from his Monday excursion... "Hey Bill!!! Well what a great day for a public holiday! Jack Pocko (above), Luke Elson and I headed to North Reef this morning for a great snapper session on plastics with the odd mackerel and tuna coming to terrorise us. Then we headed out wider and jigged up a few nice fish, a nice size king on a 150gram knife jig which was lost boat side and a nice wahoo which took a 10 inch Z-Man on a 3oz jig head. On the way home we stopped in at Sunshine Reef and took advantage of the longtail bust ups."
Gold Spot Cod Gold Spot Cod
Above left we have big Alex Muir from Brisbane who boated a thumper gold spot cod on Wednesday's seven hour Trekka 2 charter to The Coffees. And, above right, Ross Johns from Dalby is pictured with a good eating size gold spot from Saturday morning's seven hour Cougar One charter to North Reef.
As mentioned, cobia were one of the bonus species at North Reef this week. Above, Dan Taylor's wife caught one there on Sunday's Cougar One charter but said it was to 'icky' to hold. While Russell Wells from Newport is pictured below with a cobia he boated on Saturday morning's Wild Thing 2 charter.
Further south at Chardon's Reef the catch was gold spot cod, moses perch, pearl perch, frying pan snapper, wahoo, jewfish or mulloway in good numbers, grass sweetlip and school mackerel. Mario Aparilio, Brisbane (below) boated his quality jewfish (and one other) there on Monday's Wild Thing 2 charter.
Jewfish or Mulloway
Closer to home, Sunshine Reef yielded some nice coral trout, lots of northern bluefin tuna, plus pearl perch, mowong, snapper, squire and school mackerel. Luke Elson and Jordan Zerk (below) picked up a number of northern bluefin or longtail tuna at Sunshine Reef on their way home from North Reef on Monday.
Northern Bluefin Tuna
In Laguna Bay, Chris Locke from Davo's Tackle World reported... "Huge numbers of northern bluefin and yellowfin tuna prevalent throughout the bay. Best methods for targeting these hard fighting fish were metal slugs and small, long casting stick baits such as the Strada Howler 120. Weighing in at 30 grams, and weighted from the tail, these beautifully finished lures cast a mile and tuna love them!" School mackerel and mack tuna were in close in the latter half of the week with some big bust-ups near the surf line not far from the river mouth to Little Hall's Reef. Sweetlip and squire were also on the bite at Little Hall's.
Gold Spot Cod Snapper Snapper Snapper Jewfish or Mulloway
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