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As at Friday May 5, 2017.
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OFFSHORE: 'When it was good it was very, very good but when it was bad it was awful.' Always wanted to use that phrase. Largely applies to this week. We had exactly three and a half fishable days out of the seven. Sunday was marginal but Monday and Tuesday were pretty good. It was all but a memory after Wednesday lunchtime though, when the fresh to strong (20 to 25 knot+) south easterlies returned. Nobody ventured too far from home. No reports at all from the middle reef belt.
Chinaman Fish
Work the closer reefs was the governing mantra, and it wasn't a bad call, with a wide variety of reef fish doing the same thing. Report and photo from
Wild Thing 2 skipper Paul Glover... "Hi mate. We fished down Coolum way on Tuesday. Wind was 10 knots from the south with no current. We got grass sweetlip, moses perch, venus tusk fish, hussar, red throat emperor, scarlet sea perch and this thumper chinaman fish (above) that my deckie Matt returned to the water after this quick pic."
Coral Trout
Further north, Sunshine Reef rewarded the faithful with decent catches of reefies such as sweetlip, pearl perch, moses perch, mowong, squire, venus tusk fish, Maori cod, monocle bream and coral trout plus mackerel tuna, longtail tuna and Spanish mackerel. Ken above is pictured with a trout from Monday's
Wild Thing 2 charter.
Grass Sweetlip Coral Trout
And Jason from Chinchilla with one of the standout lippers, boated there on Sunday's Cougar One charter. Report and photo (above) from Grant Budd, Davo's Tackle World... "Got lucky again on Monday mate. Came off Sunshine Reef into the bay for the pic as it was a bit joggly outside. We also got some mack tuna in the bay on a mix of floating stickbaits to start the day. Chasebaits 7 inch Forkbait doing the damage again. Bar was easy crossing on that channel to the north. Cheers, Grant."
Spanish Mackerel
While Chris 'Fella' Arnold from Noosa River Fishing Safaris (above) boated a quality Spaniard at Sunshine on Tuesday morning. It went for a cast metal slug lure.
Northern Bluefin or Longtail Tuna
In Laguna Bay the mack tuna and longtails were well spread from the bar out. From Sam Johnston, above... "Hey mate. Caught this longtail in The Bay on Tuesday afternoon on a 15gm spinner. I was using a Shimano 4000 Symetre reel with a 4-6kg rod! Took over an hour to land. Had to tail it as I had no gaff. Cheers, Sam."

COASTAL: Not a lot to report from the surf beaches apart from the odd tailor after dark from Peregian to Sunshine and tuna boils in close down Coolum way (on and off) during the day. From Francesco Xibilia, below... "Hi Guys. This is my best catch of the week so far. Longtail tuna off the rocks at Point Arkwright late Tuesday morning. It went for a Halco Twisty metal slug. It put up a big fight and I had to run on the rocks to follow it when it went around the headland. I was by myself and landing it was quite tricky because of the formation of the coastline and the swell. I was spinning for GT's when the tuna entered the bay. I quickly changed lures and hooked up on the first cast. Cheers, Francesco." For his efforts, and detailed report, we awarded Francesco the $100.00 Davo's ChaseBaits Fish of the Week prize.
Northern Bluefin or Longtail Tuna
The tuna (bluefins and the odd yellowfin) were in close at times off the Fairy Pools and Dolphin Point on the National Park headland while on the Noosa North Shore the top end produced bream, whiting, flathead and the odd snub nosed dart or permit. Fresh mullet, live beach worms and whole prawns were the primo baits there.

ESTUARY: The lower estuary fished well with the stretch from the Sand Bags to the river mouth producing bream, flathead, golden trevally and cale cale trevally while the Frying Pan area was good for bream and tailor. From Marcus Thuler.. "Hey Bill. Young Tully (below left) is at it again, showing me up... 60cm on the dot. On pillies. Once again at the river mouth. He reckons it's because of his fishing shirt. We kept this one and released 5 others. All on the turn of tide. Cheers, Marcus."
Flathead Flathead
And Jack Stephens from Brisbane (above right) caught and released this 74cm flathead in the lower estuary on Thursday afternoon's Noosa River Fishing Safari. It went for a lightly weighted whole whitebait. Around the corner in the Woods Bays there was some good surface action from the trevally (GT's, golden, cale cale and diamond) and queenfish plus the odd bream and flathead for the bait fisho's. Andrew McCarthy and his mate Cory (below) had a ball in the Woods Bays... "Hi Bill. We had a great surface session on Sunday morning on the queenfish and GT's. I was using an 8cm Chug Bug and Cory was armed with a 4.5cm Bubble Popper."
Queenfish and Giant Trevally
Bream, grunter bream, flathead and cod were active around Munna Point and the back of The Sound during the day and big eye trevally were on the prowl after dark.
Golden Trevally
Young Samir Moawad (above) is on a roll. Chosen as the winner of the $100.00 Davo's/ChaseBaits Fish of the Week prize last Friday, he talked his mum and dad into driving to Noosa from Brisbane on Saturday afternoon to collect his prize, and of course have another fish at his favourite spot. I stopped in on my way back from the river mouth on Sunday morning. He'd had no luck at that stage but a couple of hours later, using raw chicken for bait, he caught and released this golden trevally. He then stopped at Davo's to collect his prize before heading home. Further up, the Tewantin ski runs were good for golden trevally, bream, grunter bream and flathead.

FRESHWATER: Borumba Dam has been fishing well with good numbers of bass taken down near the boat ramp and up in the timber. A few Saratoga have been caught up in the upper reaches of each arm with surface lures. Red claw are still being caught in great numbers. Get in while the water is still warm, as the water cools they will go off the bite. Lake Macdonald has fished a bit slow but people are still getting good size bass at the Bubble Trail and around the Botanical Gardens.


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