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As at Friday May 13, 2016.
Fishing Noosa 'The Book'.
OFFSHORE: Ignoring Wednesday's moderate to fresh (15 to 20 knot) south westerly blow (which didn't exactly shut the gate) it was another good week for the offshore brigade. Not much in the way of swell to speak of, very little or no current, and mostly light to moderate (5 to 15 knot) variable southerly winds.
Coral Trout
The wider reefs were again on the target list. The Barwon Banks produced mostly average size reef fish such as venus tusk fish, moses perch, slate bream and squire. Ditto for Double Island Point but with the added bonus of scarlet sea perch, pearl perch, sweetlip, coral trout, snapper, hussar, gold spot cod, spangled emperor, amberjack and longtail tuna. Matt Collins from Brisbane (above) is pictured with a trout, boated there on Friday's Wild Thing 2 charter.
And from that same nine hour charter, Mike Lush from Perth (above) was more than happy with his quality amberjack. Trekka 2 ran a few trips to Double Island Point as well. Brett Donovan from Doonan (below) boated this very striking scarlet sea perch or large mouth nannygai on Saturday's full day charter.
Scarlet Sea Perch or Large Mouth Nannygai
Closer in, The Coffees yielded moses perch, pearl perch, Maori cod, squire and school mackerel, as did North Reef but with a few extra species on offer such as venus tusk fish, gold spot wrasse, Spanish and spotted mackerel, sweetlip, coral bream and mowong. Trekka 2 skipper Kelly Mills (below) sent in this report on Monday; "Hey Bill. Fished North Reef this morning for pearlys, tuskys, gold spot wrasse, Maori cod and a sneaky Spaniard on my 10lb gear."
Spanish Mackerel
Sunshine Reef was again a good option for the smaller boats. It was admittedly a bit patchy at times but when it fired it was on for young and old. David 'Hatchy' Hatch (below) fished there on Friday afternoon and came back with two quality (10kg and 17kg) Spanish mackerel and a couple of nice coral trout. All fish, incidentally, went for live yakkas. Conditions were good but the men in grey suits seriously taxed a few of his better fish before he could get them in. Still, it wasn't a bad afternoon's work and Hatchy's efforts were further rewarded when he picked up this week's $50.00 Davo's Fish of the Week prize.
Spanish Mackerel and Coral Trout
And on Monday, Mark Cross and his son Jack from Cooroy fished Sunshine with Chicko Vella from Davo's Tackle World (below left in photo) and did well. It was first time over the bar for Mark's boat and first time catching coral trout for the Cross boys. They ended up with five of these colourful critters plus a few Maori cod, grass sweetlip, pearl perch and venus tusk fish, most of which went for live yakka baits. Now that's a good day's fishing in anyone's book.
Coral Trout
There were also heaps of just legal size squire and plenty of moses perch reported on the bite on Sunshine Wide plus spotted mackerel in close. In Laguna Bay, most of the action was on the North Shore side with mackerel tuna, school mackerel and broad barred mackerel responding to slugs and soft plastics.
Gold Spot Cod Northern Bluefin or Longtail Tuna Amberjack Grey or Broad Barred Mackerel
As is often the case, we couldn't fit all of the great photos on the page. To view the 'Lightbox Gallery', simply click on the thumbnails above...
We've been thinking of doing a monthly fish photo roundup for a while now.

The important thing, I think, was to make it interesting and entertaining.

We decided that April was as good a month as any to kick it off.

We had a great run for the first half of that month before the blustery south easterlies slowed things down for five or six days.

Under those conditions, however, Laguna Bay was always a good option with both the pelagics and baitfish sheltering from the strong sou' easters.

We also had the best start to the coral trout season in over a decade so we weren't scrambling for quality pix.

Anyway. Hope you enjoy the highlights.
ONSHORE: The southern coastal surf beaches produced quite well this week with dart and bream on the bite near the top of the tide at Castaways Beach and, together with chopper tailor, at Marcus Beach. Dave Crothers from Davo's Tackle World pinpointed Sunshine Beach as the standout, however, with lots of school jewfish (and the odd keeper) chasing big soft plastics and flesh baits such as mullet and garfish at the northern end. Late afternoon was the peak time there. Further up, the rocks at Hell's Gates produced grass sweetlip, squire and the odd jewfish while garfish were schooling around the corner in Granite Bay. On Main Beach, whiting were biting early in the morning at the river mouth end of the rock groyne and, along with bream, around the middle groyne. On the Noosa North Shore, bream and tarwhine were reported in good numbers about a klik north of the Third Cutting with the odd tailor on the bite there after dark. Further north, Ian 'Tinny' Treloar reported bream, quality whiting and the odd big dart responding well to live beach worms in the surf gutters either side of Teewah township. Low tide produced the best results there. Apart from that, chopper tailor were on the prowl opposite the Camp Grounds.
Tailor Queenfish
In the estuary, quality tailor were active in the lower reaches with big live baits working well at night and surface lures getting the attention around first light. Fish Candy 95mm Skinny Dogs and Jackson R.A. Pops were the lures of choice for these toothy critters and the Woods Bays were one of the best options. Golden trevally, tea leaf trevally and GT's in the boils added to the mayhem. Bryce Francis from Davo's Tackle World (above) had a ball during the week, catching and releasing tailor, golden trevally and GT's in the lower estuary and a quality queenfish above Tewantin. Trevally were also active at Munna Point and the back of the Sound while the whiting hot spots were Weyba Creek, the Fryng Pan and Gympie Terrace. Live worms and yabbies worked best there.
Further upriver, flathead were on the bite at the Noosa Waters canal entrance (along with estuary cod and mangrove jacks plus barracuda at the Lock Gates) and, on the run-out tide, at the mouth of Lake Doonella. Apart from that, the ski run was good (early morning) for small trevally, tailor and more flathead.
On the freshwater scene, the bass were schooling in the main basin of Lake Macdonald and were responding enthusiastically to well presented spoon lures such as the Nories Wasaby. At Borumba Dam the bass have been going for soft plastics fished close around the structure at the start of the timber.
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