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As at Monday May 16, 2011

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OFFSHORE: Crikey, was it cold or what? We had a real foretaste of winter this week with light to moderate (5 to 15 knot) chilly westerlies dragging the night temperatures below eight degrees centigrade and sending everyone scurrying for their winter gear. There wasn't a lot of swell so the bar wasn't too much of a challenge and before the winds took on a more southerly flavour and topped the 20 knot mark on Sunday, the small boat brigade made the most of the calm conditions.
Scarlet Sea Perch
Trips out wide were on the cards for the bigger boats with the Barwon Banks producing amberjack, snapper, pearl perch, venus tusk fish, moses perch, hussar and frying pan snapper while at Double Island Point the standouts were Spanish mackerel, squire, morwong, moses perch, venus tusk fish and, as per the photo above, scarlet sea perch. Greg Moore from Brisbane fished 'D.I.' on Thursday on a full day Cougar One charter and was very happy with his 7kg trophy fish.
Coral Trout
Closer in, North Reef was the spot for cobia, Spanish mackerel, snapper, Maori cod, moses perch, pearl perch, sweetlip, yellowtail kingfish, red emperor, and, as you can see by the photo above, coral trout. Noosa Blue Water Charters did a few trips there this week and on Friday's half day charter, local angler Tim Wallace boated this colourful 4kg specimen.
Fishing Offshore Noosa did very well at North Reef this week, especially on Thursday when they got into some quality snapper. Jim Johnston (above) was on that 3/4 day charter and was stoked to land the day's standout, a 7kg 'Knobby'.
Red Emperor
And on the same Trekka 2 charter, David Harkin from Mentone, Victoria (above) wasn't far behind with a 5kg red emperor.
Coral Trout
Sunshine Reef, of course, continued to fire well, producing quality grass sweetlip, venus tusk fish, moses perch, pearl perch, snapper and heaps of coral trout. Ian and Dave (above left in photo) went out there with Bob Jeynes from Davo's Compleat Angler on Thursday morning and, fishing one of Bob's proven trout spots, boated six of these much sought after reef fish (and a range of other species) within a couple of hours of setting the pick. Their baits? The humble pilchard.
Northern Bluefin Tuna
Laguna Bay continued as the spot for the bluefin tuna although some days fired better than others. There were still plenty of mackerel tuna (and sharks) out there too so the trick was to avoid the mack tuna and then get any hooked longtail to the boat ahead of the noahs. Gastronomic soft plastics got a lot of the action but well cast metal slug lures also got the desired result at times. Mark Norman (above) hooked and boated the 8kg longtail he's posing with on Black Friday using a fast retrieved 30gm metal slug as his draw card. He was working the boils about 300 metres out from the Third Cutting.
ONSHORE: The cool weather brought on the tailor in better numbers with best results on the North Shore coming from 'Monkeys', about 9kms north of Teewah where fish to 2kg (and the odd tarwhine to 1kg) were taken. Dart were in excellent numbers all the way from the river mouth to Double Island Point where the odd jewfish was on the bite. Tailor were also active on Main Beach where fish to 2.6kg were going for whole pilchard baits. Over on the east side, the rocks at north Sunshine Beach yielded bream and chopper tailor, Marcus Beach had whiting and dart and Castaways had tailor.
In the estuary, flathead, bream, tailor and trevally were on the bite down at the river mouth, in the Frying Pan and (along with jewfish) in the Woods Bays. The Munna Point Bridge, however, fired better than most this week, especially for bream trevally, jewfish and, sighted but not taken; quality tailor. Brian Kaiser-Cleak (above) was working the waters there with a Storm Chug-Bug surface popper before first light on Wednesday when it was slammed by the 2kg trevally in the photo.
And a couple of hours earlier, Kim Vitale (above) had a ball catching and releasing school jewfish after school jewfish before finally deciding to keep this 5.5kg specimen for dinner. He tempted most of the fish with Berkley Power Baits.
Weyba Creek was worth targeting for whiting, quality bream and, as above, flathead. Kristoffer Sangvik-Jebsen and his son Christian, on holiday in Noosa from Norway, booked a few hours with Noosa River Fishing Safaris on Saturday afternoon and was very pleased with the two 'Lizards' he boated at the mouth of Weyba Creek on small pilchards. Apart from that, flathead were on the bite at the first ski run and, along with whiting, Goat Island and the top of Lake Cooroibah.





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