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As at Monday May 18, 2015.

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OFFSHORE: Ah well, we've had a good run with the weather over the last few months so I don't suppose we can complain about losing a chunk of the week to strong south easterlies. Those anglers who took notice of the forecast made the most of the almost perfect conditions (on the bar crossing and offshore) that prevailed until Wednesday afternoon, although to our knowledge, no one ventured much further than the middle reef belt where Spanish mackerel were going for pilchard floaters and livies. Micro jigs like the Palms Slow Blatt were a good option if the fish were schooled up, as were metal jigs like the Halco Twisty. Longtail tuna and yellowfin tuna were still around, taking floated pilchards, metal slugs, micro jigs and surface lures like the River2Sea Skipstick.
Fish of the Week
In addition to those larger pelagics, North Reef produced spotted mackerel and shiny mackerel plus pearl perch, sweetlip, scarlet sea perch, jewfish, Maori cod, hussar, squire, slate bream and painted mowong. Closer in, Sunshine Reef was good for sweetlip, squire, venus tusk fish and yellowfin tuna while mack tuna, longtail tuna and Spanish mackerel were on the prowl in Laguna Bay, especially along the Halls Reef stretch. Local angler Brian Martell (above) has had the odd moment on the bar crossing but it doesn't deter him from heading offshore whenever he can. Tuesday looked good so he headed into the bay where, north of Big Hall's Reef, he picked up his first ever Spanish mackerel in his little blue Polycraft runabout. He improved his chances of a hook-up by using a drifted live pike as his draw card. Even better, Brian's toothy smile and quality fish won him this week's $50.00 Davo's Fish of the Week prize.
Scarlet Sea Perch or Large Mouth Nannygai Jewfish or Mulloway Yellowfin Tuna Spanish Mackerel Maori Cod Pearl Perch and Sweetlip
Spanish Mackerel Flathead Lake Macdonald Bass Golden Trevally Tailor Golden Trevally
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ONSHORE: With the strong south easterlies hammering the coastline later in the week the coastal surf beaches were a bit of a challenge. When fishable, the waters half way between the Third Cutting and Teewah township on the Noosa North Shore produced tailor to 70cm on mack tuna fillets while further north, it was snub nose dart on pippi. Across the bay, Dolphin Point yielded keeper squire while anglers flicking soft plastics from the rocks at Hells Gates reported yellowtail kingfish and a few near spool-outs and bust-offs. Sunshine Beach was good for bream to 43cm and whiting, as was Peregian Beach with tailor a bonus.
In the estuary, the river mouth produced flathead, some good quality bream (on live bloodworms, fresh mullet and frogmouth pilchards) plus mangrove jacks and school jewfish to 74cm (on mullet flesh, soft vibes and paddle vibes) between dusk and dawn. Tailor were also on the bite there and on the move throughout the lower system. Surface lures, small metal slugs and mullet strips all got results. A little further up, the Frying Pan was still good for the odd whiting (on live blood worms and yabbies) as were the Sand Bags but with the added bonus there of quality bream on baits and flathead on soft plastics.
The Woods Bays fired up in the latter half of the week with the outer bay and associated current line producing particularly well. Golden trevally, queenfish, GT's, diamond trevally, tea leaf trevally, quality bream, tarpon and the odd greenback tailor were in the mix. Sugapen surface lures, Gladiator Prawns, Z-Man soft plastics, Xesta After Burner jigs and live baits all got results.
Golden Trevally
Sun up over Laguna Bay
Apart from that, flathead were on the bite around the Munna Point Bridge, GT's were going for surface lures around the back of Noosa Sound (towards Witta Circle) and the mud crabs were still in good numbers in Weyba Creek. Further up, bream and flathead were going for live blood worms along the Gympie Terrace stretch up to Tewantin with the bigger bream coming from near the Yacht Club, the mouth of Lake Doonella and opposite the Council Chambers.
On the freshwater scene, finesse soft plastics fished over the top of the weed have been very effective at Lake Macdonald. Some of the favourites have been Z-Man Slim Swimz, Keitech Easy Shiners and Swing Impact Fats and Fuze Doctors (trimmed down) matched with a 1/12oz to 1/6oz jighead depending on how far under the surface the weed is sitting. Borer creek and the Botanical Gardens section have been fishing well using this technique with the odd fish being landed on surface lures in the afternoon. Cultiva Zip n Ziggys and Megabass Pop-X's were among the better performers there.
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