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As at Friday May 19, 2017.
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OFFSHORE: It was a nice turnaround from the wet and wild weather of last week with conditions improving from Saturday onwards. Light to moderate (5 to 15 knot) variable winds and a steadily decreasing swell brought out the offshore brigade in numbers as the week progressed and all reef locations were on the agenda. The more adventurous boaties set their sights on the more distant locations although Double Island Point was hard work with mostly plate size reef fish such as squire, pearl perch, moses perch, hussar, Maori cod and sweetlip on the bite. The Hards, on the other hand, produced some quality reefies, especially for the overnighters.
Spangled Emperor Grass Tusk Fish
Tewantin angler Dave Draper (above left) boated this thumper spangled emperor during an overnighter at The Hards early this week. It went for a Davo's squid bait, as did the rest of the catch of quality snapper, venus tusk fish, moses perch, grass sweetlip, cobia, Maori cod and pearl perch. Closer in, North Reef produced jewfish, moses perch, grass sweetlip, squire, hussar and venus tusk fish. Pictured above right is Ben Nel from Zimbabwe with a grass tusk fish, Pat Flynn from Noosaville (below) with a grass sweetlip and Marcus Nel from Zimbabwe (below right) with his standout lipper. All boated at North Reef on Wednesday's Wild Thing 2 charter.
Grass Sweetlip Grass Sweetlip
It was a tad sloppier on Thursday's charter but still quite fishable as the photo of Courtney Deeves from Maudsland in Queensland (with a grass tusker below) shows.
Grass Tusk Fish
Sunshine Reef continued to produce. Report and photo from Trekka 2 deckie Will Palfery... "Hey Bill. We ran a five hour charter to Sunshine Reef on Saturday, good to be back on the water. Conditions were average with 10 to 15 knot south easterly winds, a 1.3 meter swell and low current running north. We caught grass sweetlip, venus tusk fish, pearl perch, coral bream, cod, moses perch and snapper. Pictured (below left) is Matthew Finlayson from Moura, Queensland with his snapper."
Snapper Coral Trout
And this report from T2 a couple of days later... "We ran a five hour charter to the top end of Sunshine Reef on Monday morning. Conditions were beautiful with light south westerlies and 1.5m swell. We caught brown line hussar, squire, grass sweetlip, pearl perch, moses perch, Maori cod, coral trout and venus tusk fish." From that charter is Megan Tung from Panton Hill, Victoria (above right) with a coral trout and below, Dave Ziems from Kiamba, Queensland with a cracking Maori Cod.
Maori Cod
And, from that same charter, Steven Tung from Panton Hill Victoria (below) with his pearl perch. Squid were out and about on Sunshine as well. From local angler Jackson Ross, below right... "Hey Bill. Fished Sunshine Reef on Monday morning. Got a good bag of mixed reef fish and this thumpa squid. Cheers, Jackson."
Pearl Perch Squid
Apart from that, longtail tuna were active from just outside the bar to Jew Shoal where Spanish mackerel were also on the prowl. Trolled baits worked well there.

COASTAL: As with offshore, conditions on the surf beaches improved as the week unfolded with whiting in good numbers and in close at Marcus Beach (along with dart and the odd flathead) and Sunshine Beach. Live worms on the incoming tide worked well there. The northern end of Sunshine Beach was a good option for tailor, as were the waters off the Fairy Pools on the National Park headland with whole floated pilchards accounting for the odd greenback. Good whiting and bream were on the bite at Tea Tree Bay and First Point around high tide. Live worms and squid heads were the standout baits. On the Noosa North Shore, the surf gutters opposite Teewah township produced a few greenback tailor after dark while north of there, during the day, it was bream, whiting, quality tarwhine and chopper tailor in numbers.

ESTUARY: The river mouth, as usual, produced the goods as far as the bread and butter species were concerned with bream and flathead on the bite throughout the daylight hours. The stretch from the river mouth to Munna Point (and including the Frying Pan), however, saw some good pelagic activity with tailor, queenfish and golden trevally responding well to Nomad 95mm MadScads, surface lures like the Strada Virals and Chug Bugs and soft plastics like the Z-Mans and ChaseBaits.
Diamond Trevally
The Woods Bays rewarded the faithful with queenfish, trevally (diamond, golden and GT's) active in low light conditions and quality tailor attacking live fish baits and plastics at night. Christopher Gibb, above, sent us this report and photo... "Hey guys. Recently bought my fishing boat/tinny. Woke up Sunday morning and decided to drop the boat in as it wasn't raining. Caught and released this 60cm diamond trevally in the Woods Bays using a Z-Man soft plastic. Also my first fish on the new Daiwa combo." Chris' quality catch and release and Colgate smile won him this week's $100.00 Davo's Tackle World/ChaseBaits Australia Fish of the Week prize.
Queenfish Flathead
And Andrew McCarthy (above left) sent us this report and photo from his early Sunday session..."Hi Bill. The surface was quiet this morning but the old Chug Bug still performed some magic with a queenie, tailor (five of which I kept for dinner) and a few big eye falling victim. The tailor were very active in the dark hours on Gladiator prawns with few solid giant herring and smaller lizards in the mix." Around the corner, dawn and dusk saw tailor and GT's smashing surface lures in the Munna Bridge area and the back of The Sound. Further upriver, flathead were on the bite in the Noosaville stretch. From Lachlan Parnell, above; "Hi Davo's. I caught this 52cm flathead out the front of the Yacht Club on Saturday afternoon. Thanks for the fresh mullet bait and the sausage sangas, you guys rock and always give so much to your customers. Keep up at the work and see you soon. Lachlan." Apart from that, tailor were schooling at night near the Council Chambers at Tewantin.

FRESHWATER: Borumba Dam has been fishing a bit slow earlier in the week when the strong south easterly winds dominated. For those that did get out the timber at the junction of the Yabba and Kingham Arms fish well. The fish were holding deep and soft plastics fished over the top of the schools worked best. Z-Man Watermelon Red GrubZ in 2.5in was the most popular colour. Saratoga have been caught up in the upper reaches of each arm with surface lures getting good results in the early morning and late afternoon. Lake Macdonald has fished well this week. A few nice bass have been taken along the bubble line and up around the Botanical Gardens. In the upper reaches some really big bass and a few saratoga have been claimed with surface walkers doing most of the damage.


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