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As at Friday May 27, 2016.
Fishing Noosa 'The Book'.
OFFSHORE: Ignoring Saturday's short lived 20 to 25 knot south easterly blow, it was another great week on the local reefs with light to moderate (5 to 15 knot) variable southerlies the rule rather than the exception. Not much swell (less than 1.0m) and little or no current on most days provided a very pleasant backdrop for those who were able to get out and wet a line. Under the influence of the full moon phase, which peaked on Sunday, the morning sessions tended to be a little bit slow. Best results, in fact, were reported by those anglers who targeted the afternoon bite or those who scheduled a full overnighter.
The outer reefs were well and truly on the agenda again this week and those who were prepared to put in the time reaped the rewards, The Hards produced snapper, rosy jobfish, coral bream and venus tusk fish while wide at Double Island Point the catch was amberjack, snapper, moses perch and pearl perch. Max Marian from Tewantin (above) boated his quality 21kg 'A.J.' while fishing wide at 'D.I.' or at The Hards (depending on who's telling the story) last Friday night. Max's excellent fish, great photo and Colgate smile ticked all the boxes and won him this week's $50.00 Davo's Tackle World Fish of the Week prize.
Large Mouth Nannygai or Scarlet Sea Perch Gold Spot Cod
Along the middle reef belt, The Coffees and North Reef produced pretty much the same range of species; pearl perch, grass sweetlip, moses perch, hussar, slate bream, Spanish mackerel, school mackerel and spotted mackerel while Massoud's Reef was good for pearl perch, Maori cod, and grass sweetlip. Not much in numbers or size but there was a feed to be had there for those prepared to put in the time. Chardon's Reef was a slightly better option with spotted mackerel, school mackerel, lots of pike, sweetlip, venus tusk fish, cobia, gold spot cod, pearl perch, large mouth nannygai, squire and for the overnighters, quality jewfish and some good knobby snapper. Phil Adley from Melbourne (above left) boated his colourful large mouth nannygai or scarlet sea perch on Monday's five hour Trekka 2 charter to Chardon's while Clay Scidmore from Montana, USA (above right) boated a nice gold spot cod on Wednesday's trip.
Gold Spot Cod
Closer in, Sunshine Reef was good for coral trout, moses perch, venus tusk fish, monocle bream, mowong, grass sweetlip, shiny mackerel, gold spot cod, pearl perch and Maori cod. Shannon Leitch from Doonan (above) boated a quality gold spot cod on Sunday's Cougar One charter to Sunshine, while from the same charter, the Hendrie sisters Ebony, Ella and Abbey (below) are pictured with a couple of good Maori cod, a grass sweetlip and a nice pearl perch.
Maori Cod Tailor, Snapper, Amberjackand Pearl Perch
There wasn't much in the way of surface or bird activity in Laguna Bay but the key spots still produced the goods with grass sweetlip, spangled emperor and yellowtail pike on the prowl at Jew Shoal and northern bluefin or longtail tuna responding to trolled hard body lures and soft plastics north of Big Hall's Reef.
ONSHORE: Tailor were active on the coastal surf beaches this week with choppers in good numbers and responding well to live beach worms and pilchards during the afternoon from Peregian Beach to Sunshine Beach. Bream were also in the mix with the top of the tide producing some of the better quality fish. On the Noosa North Shore, the stretch from the First Cutting down to the river mouth yielded tailor while the waters around Teewah township (and just south of there) produced a few standout bream. The only other reports from that side were of chopper tailor in the surf gutters further north at the Camp Grounds.
In the estuary, the prawns were in good numbers and size throughout the system, providing good fodder for the bread and butter species and the pelagics. At the river mouth the catch was bream, flathead and whiting with the odd diamond trevally and GT harassing the the bait fish during the day and the prawn schools at night. Bream, flathead and whiting were also biting in the Frying Pan and, together with trevally, queenfish, grunter bream and mangrove jacks, in the Woods Bays. Micro jigs, three inch soft plastics and surface lures such as the Jackson Ebi Panic 70 all got results, as did live prawns. David Craig from Yandina (above) picked up these two 36cm and 38cm bream on small Z-Man Grubz soft plastics while fishing The Bays in his kayak on Monday morning.
Mangrove Jack
And local angler Tyler Corrie (above) netted a bucket load of excellent size prawns at the river mouth late on Tuesday afternoon but when he found they had more than enough for dinner, he and a mate launched their little inflatable dinghy in the Woods Bays later that night. They then paddle/drifted some of the better live prawns around the moored boats until they hit the veritable jackpot. Tyler had never caught a jack in his life so he was thrilled to boat two keeper size (42cm and 48cm) fish in relatively quick succession. The back of Noosa Sound also produced trevally and the odd mangrove jack after dark while Weyba Creek was good for bream and the odd flathead. Peter Binet from Sydney, below, caught a 62cm flathead then shortly after, caught and released the 77cm specimen he's pictured with, while on Friday morning's Noosa River Fishing Safari. Both fish went for whole, drifted whitebaits on the run-out tide.
The Munna Point area was good for bream and flathead during the day and trevally around first light. Sand crabs were also in good numbers there. Further upriver, bream and whiting were responding well to live worms and yabbies in the upper Noosaville stretch with the better fish coming from just out from the Yacht Club and around Goat Island. Up at Tewantin, school jewfish were chasing live prawns and soft plastics like the Fuze 80mm Fin Bait fished near the bottom in the deeper sections of the ski run while the mouth of Lake Cooroibah was the spot for whiting, plus tailor and the odd queenfish on soft plastics.
Apart from that, the Lake Macdonald bass were chasing plastics, tail spinners or vibes hopped along the bottom around the main basin and the Bubble Trail.
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