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As at Friday May 26, 2017.
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OFFSHORE: Not a bad week on the open water. The BOM got the wind forecast wrong a couple of times but no real dramas apart from it being a bit more rockin' and rollin' than when the light to moderate (5 to 15 knot) south easters blew. All days were fishable, though, and the reefies and pelagics were out and about in numbers.
Noosa Charters targeted Double Island Point a couple of times. Report and photos from
Trekka 2 deckie Will Palfery... "We ran a nine hour to D.I. on Wednesday. Conditions were beautiful with light winds and low current. We caught hussar, venus tusk fish, Maori cod, iron jaw jobfish, gold spot wrasse, pearl perch and snapper." Pictured above is Dennis Nielsen from Cornubia, Queensland with a quality snapper and Clayton Chisett from Griffin, Queensland (below left) with his iron jaw jobfish.
Iron Jaw or Rusty Jobfish Grass Sweetlip
And from Wild Thing 2 skipper Paul Glover... "We fished D.I. on Saturday in what was supposed to be perfect conditions but it turned out to be the opposite. Wind was up to 20 knots SSE and a decent current to the south so the sea was doing all kinds of crazy stuff. We did well anyway. Catch was moses perch, monocle bream, snapper, pearl perch, venus tusk fish, sweetlip, longtail tuna and Spanish mackerel. They were a fun crew!." Lipper above and Spaniard below from that trip.
Spanish Mackerel
The middle reef belt fired well for the pelagics. Below, Doug (6kg mack tuna), Koim (7kg Spaniard) and Suni (5kg longtail) were working The Coffees on Wednesday when Koim's trolled 6" hard body lure was taken by a Spanish mackerel. The tuna, which were on the boil, went for cast Z-Man SwimmerZ (white) soft plastics.
Mack Tuna, Spanish Mackerel and Longtail Tuna.
While North Reef was good for grass sweetlip, moses perch, tusk fish (venus and grass), black spot cod, brown hussar, Maori cod, pearl perch, Spanish mackerel, snapper, school mackerel, longtail tuna and jewfish. Pictured below is Matt with a quality jewfish or mulloway which he boated there on Sunday's Trekka 2 charter.
Jewfish or Mulloway
And Vince D'Abaco from Tewantin (below left) boated this absolute thumper, personal best grass sweetlip at North Reef while on Sunday's Wild Thing 2 charter.
Grass Sweetlip Coral Trout
Closer to home, Sunshine Reef was a good option when the winds ramped up a bit. This report and photo from Wild Thing 2 skipper Paul Glover... "Fished Sunshine Reef on Monday. Wind was 15 to 20 knots from the south. No current. We got lipper, tuskies, coral bream, bonito and a couple cracker coral trout. Deckie Matt McCallum, above right, broke his 'trout drought' with these two nice fish." Apart from that, Spanish mackerel, longtail tuna and cobia were also on the bite there.
Spanish Mackerel
In Laguna Bay, Jew Shoal produced Spanish mackerel and longtail tuna, as did Hall's Reef but with the added bonus there of school mackerel. From Rick Coid from the Noosa Offshore Fishing Club... "Hi Bill. Went out in the bay last Tuesday. Crossed the bar at daybreak which was dead low tide but 0.8m so pretty easy going. Trolled two rigs, refined by Adam at Davo's. Both loaded with whole bonito baits on triple ganged 9/0 hooks and lead chin weights. Picked up a longtail tuna and Spanish mackerel at Jew Shoal in a double hookup. It was a massive fight and extremely tricky as I was fishing by myself and tried to keep the boat between the two fish to keep them apart. I was over the moon to finally land a Spanish Mackerel as this was a first for me, while the double hookup didn't make it any easier, I will never forget the experience. Destroyed my rod in the fight with the mackerel which went 17.5kg and 135cm. Awesome day! Regards, Rick." Rick's FOTW submission was neck and neck with another entry so we decided to split this week's prize. For his effort, Rick wins the $50.00 credit at Davo's to help with his new rod purchase.
The latest Bar Crossing Aerial Video and Photos (as at Saturday, May 27, 2017) have now been uploaded to the website. To view them... CLICK HERE

COASTAL: The other other angler who shared in this week's Fish of the Week prize was Kale Fullarton, below..."Caught this jewie on my Abu Garcia inshore 6000, Samaki Gen 2 rod that I purchased from Davo's Noosa last week. Caught it off the rocks near Coolum around sunrise last Wednesday morning. Dead low tide. I was using a Z-Man 5" jerk shad in Coconut Ice colour, rigged with a 3/4oz TT HeadlockZ jighead. Thanks for the great recommendation of combo, absolutely loving it. Kind Regards, Kale Fullarton." For his quality capture (and to top up Kale's soft plastic stash) we awarded him the $50.00 pack of ChaseBaits Australia soft plastics.
Jewfish or Mulloway Further up the coast, Sunshine Beach continued to produce whiting (on live worms) in close on the incoming tide along with bream while school jewfish were active after dark opposite the surf club and out from the rocks at the northern end. The only other reports were from the Noosa North Shore where tailor were going for whole garfish baits in the afternoon in the surf gutters opposite Teewah and GT's to 65cm were in numbers at Double Island Point. Slugs and stick baits worked well there.

ESTUARY: The stretch from the river mouth to the Frying Pan was fairly quiet this week with just the odd bream and flathead reported. Queenfish were still active, though, with the Woods Point and Woods Bays producing the best results. From Dustin Mann, below left... "Hi. Caught this awesome queenie on Friday afternoon on a Sugapen surface lure. First cast in the Woods Bay! Got it on my Daiwa Gen Black setup. Toughed it out through the rain and cloudy weather. Cheers, Dustin."
Queenfish Trevally
The Woods Bays were also good for bream and tailor plus the odd GT and estuary cod. From Heath Robinson, below left... "Hey guys. I caught this beast 57cm cod on Sunday at around 10:30am, right on low tide in the Woods Bays. On a Classic Barra hard body diver with just 4lb leader. It was an awesome fight. Released after a quick photo and swam off happily." Not far from there, the Munna Point Bridge yielded the odd trevally around first light. Samir Moawad (above) won the $100.00 Davo's/ChaseBaits Fish of the Week prize in late April and spent part of his winnings on a Sugapen surface lure which he put to good use there on Sunday morning, landing one big eye trevally and one GT. He'd been at it since 3.00am (under the watchful eye of his mum Carly) and released both fish after the usual quick pic.
Estuary Cod Bream
Apart from that, bream and whiting were on the bite in Weyba Creek and along the Noosaville stretch. Live yabbies and beach worms worked well on the whiting while the bream were happy with fresh mullet strips, chicken gut, mullet gut, frogmouth pilchards and even the odd bit of chocolate muffin. Three year old Ryder McCallum from Coolum (above right) was fishing from one of the Gympie Terrace jetties with his father Matt early on Friday afternoon when he ran short of prawns. He was snacking on a chocolate muffin at the time, though, so decided to put a bit of choc muffin on the hook. This thumper bream obviously had a sweet tooth because he wolfed that muffin bait down as soon as it hit the water. The choc loving bream was released straight after this photo. Further up, some great sized flathead were on the prowl at Tewantin this week with the the run-out tide being the most productive. Hot pink Zerek Tango Shads, ChaseBaits and Z-Man soft plastics all got results.

FRESHWATER: Borumba Dam has been fishing quite well this week. Bass have been taken in good numbers. The timber at the junction of the Yabba and Kingham arms fished particularly well. Saratoga were a little subdued with just the odd fish caught and released in the late afternoon in the Yabba Arm. Lake Macdonald was relatively quiet with only a few anglers on the water. A few nice bass were taken along the Bubble Trail and up around the Botanical Gardens in the early morning.


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