The Noosa Fishing Report
As at Friday May 31, 2019.
Davo's Tackle World Noosa

OFFSHORE: It was a good week for the offshore boys with mostly light to moderate (5 to 15 knot) variable southerlies and a steadily declining swell. Sunday was the pick for the weekend warriors and the boat ramps were the scene of organised chaos as every man and and his dog (view the video) headed out to chase the mackerel before they headed north. The bar had a bit of slop on it over the weekend but it morphed into 'flat as a tack' as the week progressed.

Yellowfin Tuna

Double Island Point was certainly on the cards this week and most anglers who pulled an overnighter there did well with coral trout, snapper, longtail tuna, venus tusk fish, yellowtail kingfish, mahi mahi and jewfish on the bite. As were the sharks. Back along the middle reef belt, North Reef produced spotted and Spanish mackerel, tuna and a variety of reefies. Report and photos from Trekka 2 skipper Mitch Bertacchini... "Hey Bill. We did a couple of five hour trips on Friday and Saturday to North and Sunshine reefs. We caught yellowfin tuna (as above), longtail tuna, pearl perch, moses perch, venus tusk fish, monocle bream, grass emperor, painted sweetlip and (below left) the odd quality snapper and (below right) a chinaman fish which we released after a quick photo."

Snapper and Chinaman Fish

Further south, from Chris Arnold, below left... "Hi Bill. Headed out on Sunday with every other boatie on the coast. Started off fishing Coolum for coral trout, snapper, sweetlip and a bunch of undersized reds. At around 9.00am we decided to search for some new ground and we found a bait ball getting harassed in 28m of water. We got snipped off a few times to mackerel and beaten by some other big fish. With my last livie going down, the line started peeling off my reel after a 10-15 min fight this 106cm longie came up after a few attempts at netting it we got it but it kicked hard and the net snapped in two and my line wrapped around my top eye of my rod. I quickly I released the bail arm and untangled the line and somehow managed to boat the longie. Cheers, Chris."

Longtail Tuna and Blue Maori Cod

Back north at Sunshine Reef, from Jack Pockran, above right... "Hi Bill. Headed out to Sunshine Reef on the weekend to try and get a coral trout. No trout Saturday but managed to get my first blue Maori cod. Went back out Sunday morning using livies and a hand line and I got my trout. Cheers, Jack."

Coral Trout and Snapper

And a brief report from Dan Lever, above... "Hey Bill. Here’s a couple of nice fish from Sunday with my mate Ben. The trout went 70cm or 5.5kg. Cheers, Dan."

Spanish Mackerel

The Spanish mackerel were still out and about on Sunshine and in Laguna Bay and there were some good fish going for trolled baits and floaters. Yak angler Scott 'Shoulders' Davis (above left) launched his kayak from Teewah Beach around first light on Saturday morning and, trolling the stretch north of Big Hall's Reef, had these two quality Spaniards in the hatch before 7.30am and was ready for home. Both went for whole slimy mackerel baits. And this from jet ski angler Trevor Callanan, above right... "Hi Bill. Pic of my first ever Spanish mackerel. Caught out on Hall's Reef early on Friday morning on a slow trolled whole bonito. Been trying for a while and tweaking my setup. Good to finally land one. Cheers, Trev." For more thumper Spaniard pix from this week... CLICK HERE.

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COASTAL: The open beaches and rock ledges continued to produce with dart and whiting on the bite at Peregian and Castaways Beaches and good flathead, school jewfish and dart at North Sunshine. Up from there, small snapper, keeper size jewfish and longtail tuna were on the prowl off Hell's Gates on the headland. From Max Kelly, below... "Longie off the rocks from Sunday. About 7am on a 5” Westin Slim Teez soft plastic. Released after a few pics."

Longtail or Northern Bluefin Tuna

Along from there, tailor and dart were active at the Fairy Pools while across the bay on the Noosa North Shore, the surf gutters around Teewah township were good for quality whiting, dart, tailor and the odd flathead. Below, Luke Maroney and Bonita Fitzpatrick fished the Teewah area early on Monday. Bonita's standout capture was a 52cm flathead and Luke's was a 55cm tailor (both on whole pilchard baits) but three year old Margo claimed photo bragging rights when they stopped at Davo's Tackle World on the way home. Up at the top end, Double Island Point produced jewfish, tailor and a few quality bream.

Flathead and Tailor

ESTUARY: Whiting and some thumper flathead (to 86cm) were active down at the river mouth and in the Frying Pan stretch after dark. Up from there, trevally and tailor were on the bite around the current line and in the outer Woods Bay while more whiting were biting out from the Munna Point caravan park.

Mangrove Jack

Small trevally were chasing the baitfish (and plastics) on and off around the Munna Point Bridge while Weyba Creek was the spot for bream, whiting and the odd mangrove jack. Clyde Whitford (above) was working the shallows in Weyba with a small (4cm-5cm) surface popper on Sunday morning hoping to attract a bream when this 50cm mangrove jack tried to run away with it. He did pretty good to land it as his little 2kg-4kg spin outfit was only loaded with 8lb line and leader. Clyde's quality capture on light tackle earned him this week's $100.00 Davo's Tackle World/ChaseBaits Australia Fish of the Week prize.

Tailor and Trevally

Upriver, the waters opposite the Yacht Club were good for whiting and flathead on the runout tide while tailor were attacking surface lures around Tewantin. From Jaxon Quinn, above left... "I went out past the Marina boat ramp on Sunday and I was flicking my OSP Bent Minnow that I had got from Davo's a couple day before and I managed to get this nice 45cm tailor. It was a first for me so I didn't really know what to expect and when all the head shakes started to take off I thought it was a flatty and then it jumped and I knew it was a tailor." Last but not least, this river report from Jimmy Free, Noosa River Fishing Safaris... "Hey mate. We caught flathead, bream and tarwhine at the river mouth this week. There’s also been a few bream schooling on the corner at the Woods current line. Trevally were schooling up at Makepeace Island while Cooroibah fished reasonably well for the odd trevally, bream and flathead. Nothing to brag about but all in all not a bad week. Pictured (above right) is Ian with a trevally which he caught and released in Cooroibah on a whitebait."

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