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As at Monday November 1, 2010

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OFFSHORE: Another week of light to moderate (predominantly) south easterly winds and a moderate swell that stayed at or below the 1.5m mark set the scene for some excellent conditions on the local reefs. The afternoon north easterly sea breezes blew up on a couple of days but by and large there were few, if any, complaints from the blue water brigade.
Mahi Mahi or Dolphin Fish
Out wide it was a bit patchy and those who went the distance had, at times, to fish through at least two tide changes to Mahi Mahi or Dolphin Fishjustify the extra fuel and extended traveling time.

Another problem was the flocks of mutton birds that have been plaguing most of the reefs for the last few weeks, diving deep and stripping baits from bottom bashing rigs as they're dropped.

Many anglers, in frustration, switched to fishing before first light and/or after dark just to get away from these hordes of voracious sea birds.

Having said that, on the good days The Hards came alive, often for short, productive bursts that produced quality snapper in the 6kg to 8kg range and, as was also the case at the Barwon Banks, amberjack, teraglin jewfish in numbers, quality pearl perch to 6kg, the odd red emperor, yellowtail kingfish, cobia, venus tusk fish and hussar.

Double Island Point was a bit disappointing during the day (regardless of the mutton birds) but those who got there early or stayed late reported healthy catches of snapper, red emperor and pearl perch.

Closer in, Chardon's Reef was the spot for sweetlip, moses perch, teraglin jewfish, pearl perch, Maori cod, mahi mahi and venus tusk fish, as was North Reef but with the added bonus of hussar, cobia and gold spot wrasse.

Mahi mahi were the buzz word this week though, with the first of the season's catch being reported by the charter boys on Thursday.

Peter Vella from Gympie (above right) boated his 6kg specimen on Thursday morning while at North Reef on a half day Trekka 2 charter and Andrea Wallner from Austria (top of page) boated her 5kg 'Dolly' not long after on Cougar One.
Cobia or Black Kingfish
There were a number of cobia taken on Thursday's half day Cougar One charter and Mark Fennah from Buderim (above) was more than happy (as you can see) to pose with his catch, a 4kg specimen which took his pilchard floater.
And, as mentioned earlier, North Reef was pretty good for sweetlip as well this week. Slav Melinz (above) stopped briefly in between drops to pose with the 3kg 'Grassy' he boated there on the weekend while on a 3/4 day Trekka 2 charter.
There were no other solid reports from other locations, just a vague rumour that a local pro fisherman caught a Spanish mackerel on Sunshine Reef and that there were a few northern bluefin tuna seen on the prowl somewhere in Laguna Bay.

The latest video clip of the bar crossing, as at Monday Nov. 1, has now been uploaded. To view, CLICK HERE.

ONSHORE: There wasn't a lot happening on the coastal surf beaches this week. The water looked good, there were some good gutters, but the fishing was slow. The North Shore stretch produced the odd quality whiting but these were few and far between. Dart were the only species reported in numbers there but while they were plentiful, they were only average size fish. Over the east side the only report of note was of jewfish to 90cm going for bonito fillets at Yaroomba Beach.
Grunter Bream or Javelin Fish
In the estuary the river mouth area fired quite well on the run-in tide, producing grunter bream, a few quality whiting, tailor, trevally and flathead. The Woods Point was also good for trevally and tailor, as were the Woods Bays but with the added bonus there of mangrove jacks around structure. Grunter bream were well spread and in good numbers in the lower estuary but this week's top weight came from the Munna Bridge area. Murray Oyston (above) hit the jackpot there on Saturday when his live biddy bait was taken by the absolute thumper, hard fighting 3kg 'Grunter' he's pictured with.
Grunter Bream or Javelin Fish
The Noosa Waters canals were another good option with plenty of bream, grunter bream and even the odd whiting on the bite. Jim Callanan (above) fished there on Wednesday and, using live worms, caught a 35cm whiting and a number of bream (yellowfin and grunter) to 31cm. Apart from that, trevally (golden, GT and big eye) were chasing Davo's modified Gladiator Prawn soft plastics just before dusk at the second ski run while the odd 'Jack' was active in Lake Cooroibah.
On the freshwater scene, the Borumba Dam bass were playing hard to get in the murky water while the saratoga were active in the Yabba Arm. Lake MacDonald is starting to clear but the reports were mostly of juvenile bass this week.

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