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Fishing Noosa The Noosa  Fishing Report

As at Monday November 7, 2011

Fishing Noosa
River Mouth Monday November 7, 2011
OFFSHORE: Not a bad week... weatherwise at least. Light to moderate variable easterlies dominated and the 1.2m to 1.5m swell was hardly an issue. Many mornings were as close to TGO as they get, although the afternoon north easterly sea breezes puffed up into the 15 to 18 knot range on the odd day. The fish, unfortunately, decided to go on some sort of fast, or go on holiday, as it was very hard going on the local reefs with mostly just average size reefies filling the eskies.
Spangled Emperor
On the upside, teraglin jewfish were schooling in large numbers along the middle reef belt. In addition to that species, Chardon's Reef produced hussar, pearl perch, squire, moses perch and venus tusk fish, as did North Reef but with the added bonus of spangled emperor. Max Radner (above) was fishing North Reef on Thursday on a half day Cougar One charter when he boated the 2.5kg 'Spangly' he's posing with. He was on a Nambour High School excursion at the time.
Apart from that, The Coffees yielded snapper, pearl perch, moses perch and more teraglin jewfish while Massoud's Reef was the spot for greasy cod, Maori cod, pearl perch and venus tusk fish. Closer to home, the northern end of Sunshine Reef was an option for grass sweetlip and snapper as local yak angler Ian Tagg (above) discovered. Ian bagged out on snapper and landed two grassies there yesterday morning while drift jigging sp's. He was using Curly Tail Grub (Pumpkin Seed) 4" soft plastics on 3/8oz jigheads as his draw card. The 4kg snapper he's pictured with was this week's standout.
ONSHORE: The North Shore coastal beach stretch fired up reasonably well this week with dart well spread and chopper tailor on the prowl from Freshwater to Double Island Point. Tarwhine and whiting were on the bite from the Third Cutting to Teewah township and, together with bream and the odd trevally (to 2.5kg), were also active up to 5km's north of Teewah.
The only other reports were of school jewfish, tailor and quality bream going for flesh baits and live beach worms around the rocks (from Dolphin Point to Hell's Gate) off the National Park. A few squire were also reported on the bite in that area.
Lower Estuary/Frying Pan.
In the estuary, flathead were well spread throughout the system while bream were in good numbers at the river mouth and, together with trevally, along the back of Noosa Sound. The Woods Bays had quality trevally and tarpon in numbers at night with the odd tailor in amongst them. Barramundi from 80cm to 97cm were still on the prowl around the 'secret spot' in the lower estuary. Note that the season is now closed for this species so they must not be deliberately targeted.
Mangrove Jack and Whiting
Weyba Creek was worth a look this week with whiting feeding in good numbers on the sand flats and mangrove jacks, trevally and flathead in the deeper waters and drop offs. Dylan Fitzgerald from Mt Coolum (above) fished Weyba late on Thursday afternoon and, using live beach worm baits on 6lb line, nailed a 1.7kg mangrove jack and a 450gm whiting.
Flathead Trevally
Noosa River Fishing Safaris worked the Weyba Creek stretch a number of times this week with good results. Doug Graham from Melbourne (above left) picked up a 64cm flathead on a drifted live herring bait while fishing with them on Friday. And Ben Paulden from Geelong, Victoria (above right) bought a lottery ticket after his NRFS charter on Saturday. When Ben cast out, his bait flew off and as he retrieved to re-bait, the trevally he's pictured with ate the empty hook!
The trevally were more active in Noosa Sound in the morning and late afternoon but Fletch and Wyn (above) took a punt and worked the back of the Sound around lunchtime yesterday. They were also keen to try out the new outfits they'd just bought from Davo's so were over the moon when they each hooked and landed a 2kg trevally on their Sugapen lures.
Whiting were in good numbers around the Munna Flats area (on small poppers and live worms) and, as per the photo above, along the lower Gympie Terrace stretch. Phil Edgar was fishing near T-Boats on Saturday when his live worm bait was taken by the 400gm whiting he's posing with. Further upriver, trevally were active around the Noosa Harbour Marina and mangrove jacks (with lots of tarpon in amongst them) were on the go there, and around the first ski run. The stretch of river between the lakes was thick with all manner of small boats as every man and his canine pursued the numerous jacks that have moved into that area. Barramundi to 80cm were also caught and released there in respectable numbers.
On the freshwater scene, the Lake MacDonald bass (to 45cm) were responding well to fast rolled spinnerbaits over the top of the weed in the Three Ways area and in Borer Creek (along with saratoga to 78cm) on poppers and surface lures.




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