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As at Friday November 4, 2016.
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OFFSHORE: The northerlies continued on from last week but were again mostly light to moderate. They did hit the 20 knot+ mark on a couple of days but it was still fishable, with the swell in the 0.5m to 1.0m range. The current was a bit of an issue later in the week but the bar was fine, so all in all, it was a good week offshore. Jewfish or Mulloway
Starting with the more distant reefs, Double Island Point was good for quality snapper, pearl perch, venus tuskers, Maori cod, scarlet sea perch and red emperor. Out wide, the Barwon Banks produced squire, venus tuskers and amberjack, as did The Hards, but with the added bonus there of snapper, pearl perch, gold spot wrasse, moses perch, jewfish and coronation trout. Vic Kolev from Brisbane (above) is pictured with a nice jewfish which he boated on Friday's
Trekka 2 charter to The Hards.
Amberjack Coronation Trout
While on Saturday's T2 charter, Glenn Salter from Peregian jigged up an amberjack and Richard Thompson from Peregian (above) boated a colourful coronation trout. Knobby Snapper
The middle reef wasn't a bad option this week with North Reef producing moses perch, pearl perch, coral bream, snapper, teraglin jewfish, hussar, squire, Maori cod and jewfish. Report and photos above and below from
Wild Thing 2 skipper Paul Glover... "Hey mate. We fished North on Wednesday. Wind was blowing 15 to 25 knots, current run about one knot to the south. We got a few cracker moses perch plus pearl perch, coral bream, snapper and jewfish. From that trip we have Bruce Hammond (above) with a cracking knobby snapper, Terry Panton from Thornton, NSW (below left) with a thumper jewfish and Don Scott from Noosa with a snapper.
Jewfish or Mulloway Snapper
Heading further south, Chardon's Reef was the spot for squire, moses perch, pearl perch, Maori cod and the odd jewfish. Zane Stevenson from Peregian (below) is pictured with a quality jewfish (or mulloway) which he boated there on Sunday's seven hour Cougar One charter. Sweetlip and venus tuskers were also on the bite. Jewfish or Mulloway
And from that same
C1 charter, we have Matt Kirby from Coolum Beach (below left) with a Maori cod and Wayne Coote from Sydney with a couple of the pearl perch.
Maori Cod Pearl Perch
Closer to home, Sunshine Reef ran hot and cold but was, on the better days, a good option for the odd grass sweetlip, venus tusk fish, shiny mackerel, striped sea perch and coral trout. Apart from that, spotted mackerel and longtail tuna made a few brief appearances in Laguna Bay, as did cobia and sweetlip at Hall's Reef.
COASTAL: There wasn't much happening on the southern beaches this week with just the odd jewfish active at Sunrise Beach (mostly worm infested unfortunately) and a few whiting and dart on the bite at Sunshine Beach. Enough for a feed for those prepared to put in the time though. There were some big tuna cruising within stick bait casting distance of the headland rocks (no captures reported) while further around, the middle groyne on Main Beach was good for bream and small tailor around first light. On the Noosa North Shore, tailor were chasing cast slugs on sundown at the Third Cutting and dart and whiting were biting just north of Teewah.

ESTUARY: Good quality flathead continued to entertain at the river mouth and in the Frying Pan. Bouncing soft plastics along the bottom or drifting small pilchards, whitebait or froggies accounted for some quality fish. Pat Johnston from Brisbane (below left) caught and released this 79cm flathead in the Frying Pan area on Monday's Noosa River Fishing Safari. And on that same charter (below right) Tom Johnston caught this 70cm flathead using a drifted whitebait as his draw card.
Flathead Flathead
Bream and whiting were also on the bite in that area and, together with more flathead, at the Dog Beach and along the Woods Point current line. Travis Coldrey from Melbourne (below) is pictured with a 72cm flathead which he caught near the Dog Beach on Saturday afternoon using a whole prawn bait. He was on a Noosa River Fishing Safari at the time. And from Monday's charter, Ben Finnis from Adelaide (below right) caught and released a shovel nose shark (or ray) around the corner in the Woods Bays. It went for a whole prawn bait. Across from there, Munna Beach was the spot for big eye trevally and the odd tailor after dark on the run-out tide.
Flathead Shovel Nose Ray or Shark.
Further along, queenfish and GT's were active at the Munna Point Bridge early in the morning while at night, Boom Bait soft plastics proved too much of a temptation for the odd jewfish. Last, but not least for the lower estuary, Weyba Creek was good for bream, flathead and trevally plus the odd mud and sand crab on fresh mullet. School Jewfish or Mulloway
Upriver, there were some quality whiting reported on the bite in the waters opposite the Yacht Club and flathead prowling the shallows of the Tewantin ski run. Apart from that, the stretch between the lakes continued to produce the odd threadfin salmon, quality mangrove jack and school jewfish. Max Wallace (above) caught and released this 62cm jewfish there around lunchtime on Wednesday. It went for a whole prawn bait and earned him this week's $50.00
Davo's Fish of the Week prize.

FRESHWATER REPORT ...Davo's Tackle World.
Lake Macdonald has seen quality bass well over 40 centimetres belting surface flies with gusto around the weed edges. Trolling the old creek bed with small bibbed minnows such as the Zerek Tango Shad has also delivered bass and the occasional yellowbelly.
Borumba Dam has produced some excellent saratoga to 70 centimetres on fly and Bassman spinnerbaits with purple skirts worked along the edges. When the sun is high cast deeper divers to shade for best results.
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