The Noosa Fishing Report
As at Monday 18th November 2002
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OFFSHORE: Light to moderate variable Northerlies dominated the offshore scene from the beginning of the week and as a result there was very little swell to speak of. The early morning sessions were once again, in fact, the best option for those boaties looking for the calm seas ahead of the choppier conditions brought on by the (traditionally) brisker afternoon (15+ knot) North Easterly sea breezes. Weekend bluewater anglers, unfortunately, were left out in the cold when a swing to strong, cool, squally South Easterlies sent the swell meter up over the 2m mark and effectively shut the offshore gate from late Saturday morning onwards.
Squire, Parrot Fish and Pearl Perch (in very good numbers) were common to all of the visited reefs. In addition, for those with the big boats and bigger fuel tanks, Double Island Point was a good option for Snapper, Red Emperor and Cobia while at the Barwon Banks the extras were Snapper, Gold Spot Wrasse, Moses Perch, Tomato Cod, Cobia, Red Throat
Emperor and, as per the photo below left, Green Jobfish. Helene Goodwin from the Glasshouse Mountains on the Sunshine Coast, boated this 3.5kg specimen while out there on a full day Cougar One charter last Friday. She was kitted out with a Silstar Crystal Tip rod and a Shimano 6500 Baitrunner reel loaded with 30lb Pioneer Flexline.
Green Jobfish and Frying Pan Snapper Back towards home base, the Coffees produced Maori Cod and Moses Perch, Chardon's Reef yielded Moses Perch, Sweetlip and Maori Cod while at North Reef, in addition to the common species already mentioned, the catch was Bonito. Apart from that, there were also a few Bonito and the odd Mack Tuna chasing surface poppers in outer Laguna Bay earlier in the week. The photo above right? That's a Frying Pan or Long-Spined Snapper and Joanne Southwell from Bald Hills, Queensland, boated this 1kg fella while on a full day Cougar One trip to Double Island Point on Tuesday. We don't see a lot of this member of the Snapper family in our neck of the woods so thought it worthy of inclusion.

ONSHORE: The beach conditions went from marginal to extremely ordinary with 'the weed' once more proving to be a major turnoff for the surf angling fraternity. In the river, Whiting were in good numbers and of excellent quality and while Australian Bass'the weed' was a bit of a problem in the stretch from Munna Beach to the mouth, most anglers managed a feed regardless. Whiting hot spots were down at the mouth (where Flathead were in numbers), in the Frying Pan (where Chopper Tailor were going for surface poppers and trolled baits), Weyba Creek and around Harbourtown at Tewantin (together with Trevally and Flathead) and up at the mouth of, and in, Lake Cooroibah. Apart from that; the Woods Bays had Trevally and Tarpon chasing surface poppers, at Culgoa Point it was 'Chipper' Tailor going for trolled lures at dawn, while up in Kin Kin Creek the Tarpon and Trevally were going for small soft plastics and flies. On the freshwater scene, the Lake MacDonald Bass responded well to gold spinnerbaits as did the Borumba Dam Bass, Saratoga and Silver Perch. And just below the dam, in Yabba Creek, the wild Bass population proved to be easily tempted by the odd live Shrimp under float, as 9 year old Chris Lacey, above, found on Thursday afternoon. Chris, with his father Greg, were in a section of the creek only realistically accessible by paddle craft, putting a newly fitted out Perception Minnow 'Angler' fishing kayak through its paces. During the afternoon session Chris caught and released five Bass from 400gm to 800gm, as did his father Greg. He was kitted out with a Shakespeare Ugly Stik and a Shimano 3500 Baitrunner reel loaded with 4kg Platinum line. The 'Minnow' is now on the top of young Chris' Christmas wish list.




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