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As at Monday 17th November 2003

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OFFSHORE: All in all it was a pretty good week for the offshore brigade with light to moderate East North Easterlies dominating the seascape. Thursday and Friday were the least exciting options, however, with a short lived moderate to strong South Easterly change churning up the waters somewhat. With the brisk North Easterly sea breeze pattern still firmly in place, early mornings were certainly best, with TGO conditions the rule rather than the exception up until about 9am.

Squire, Pearl Perch and Parrot Fish were common to most of the visited reefs. In addition, in Laguna Bay, with the bait schools (Yakkas and Slimy Mackerel) increasing in numbers and activity, Bonito and Mackerel Tuna were beginning to Mahi Mahi or Dolphin Fishshow their hand, although the boils were sporadic at best. School Mackerel and small Spotted Mackerel were active just off the National Park headland and out on Sunshine Reef; where Coral Trout, Moses Perch, Coral Cod, Snapper and Northern Bluefin Tuna were also on the bite. Further out, the Coffee Rocks yielded Maori Cod, Tailor, Hussar and as you can see by the photo on the right, Mahi Mahi. Peter Tregaskis was out there on a 3/4 day charter aboard Cougar One on Saturday and tempted this 9kg 'Dolphin Fish' with a Pilchard bait. He was armed with a Wilson Live Fibre rod and a Shimano TLD20 reel loaded with 35lb line. Over on Massoud's Reef the extras were Red Emperor and Sailfish as David Brannigan (below centre) found on Thursday morning. David, visiting Noosa from Jersey in the U.K, did well to boat, then later release, this 180lb (est.) Billfish after a hard 50 minute tussle, considering his Wilson Live Fibre and Alvey 825 reel combo was rather lightly loaded with 30lb line. He was on a half day Cougar Too charter at the time.
Apart from that (in addition to the common species) Chardon's Reef produced Tailor, as did North Reef with the added bonus of Cobia, Sweetlip, Bonito, Scarlet Sea Perch, Moses Perch and Maori Cod. Even further out, the Barwon Banks was the spot for Snapper and Amberjack while on Chardon's 'Wide' the extras were Snapper and Yellowtail Kingfish.

ONSHORE: You could have counted the North Shore surf anglers on the fingers of one hand on any given day this week Trevallywith most choosing to stay home or try their luck on the relatively 'Weed' clear East coast stretch. Low tide worked best and the standouts in that coastal stretch were Castaways Beach (Tailor and Dart), Marcus Beach (Flathead, Whiting, Tailor and Dart) and Peregian Beach which yielded mostly Whiting. The river was a tad quiet with Trevally up in size but down in numbers. Hot spots for these feisty sports fish were the Woods Bays (along with Tailor), between the lakes (where Tarpon were still responding to soft plastics) and in the Tewantin stretch from the ferry to Harbourtown. In fact, it was the Tewantin area that yielded this week's top weight Trevally, the 2.5kg specimen that local angler Mat Kruger (right) can be seen happily posing with. Mat boated this quality fish late on Friday afternoon using an unweighted live Herring on a 4/0 hook as his draw card. He was kitted out with a Silstar Powertip rod and a Shimano threadline reel loaded with 10lb line and 20lb trace. Flathead and Whiting were runners up in the target species stakes with best results coming from the river mouth and Lake Cooroibah while the better Bream (along with the odd Trevally) came from the lower end of Weyba Creek. On the freshwater scene, the Everglades Bass showed a preference for beetlespins and spinnerbaits, as did the Borumba Dam Bass with the resident Saratoga responding best to the fly around dawn and dusk. It was all on at Lake MacDonald with the annual Toby Brown Cowbell Cup in full swing over the weekend. Overall champion was Sue Fleming who also won the Davo's sponsored Bill Cox Memorial Trophy. Sue's husband Paul also took out the Bass category, making it very much a family affair.

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