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As at Monday November 15th 2004

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OFFSHORE: Ah well, it was a bit of a mixed bag this week with winds coming from the South and then the North and waxing and waning from very light (5 to 10 knots) to (at times) a pretty strong 25 knots plus. Those blue water anglers who managed to get it right found themselves in TGO conditions while those who got it wrong had to put up with some pretty lumpy waters. Still, all in all it wasn't a bad result with Friday (fresh to strong North Westerlies) being the only real shut-out.

As is the normal weather pattern at this time of the year, blustery North Easterly sea breezes were a feature on most Mahi Mahi or Dolphin Fishafternoons so, as per usual, the morning sessions were the most popular with Squire, Parrot Fish, Pearl Perch and Moses Perch common to most of the visited reefs. In addition, Chardon's 'Wide' produced Snapper, Shark and, as you can see by the photo on the right, lots and lots of Mahi Mahi or Dolphin Fish. Mark Reinbolt from Toowoomba boated this 8kg specimen while out there on a full day Cougar Too charter on Thursday. Closer in at Chardon's 'Close' the bonus species was Sweetlip, at North Reef it was Maori Cod, Estuary Cod, Mowong and Mackerel Tuna and at Massoud's Reef the extras were Snapper, Teraglin Jewfish and Mahi Mahi. Apart from that; the Coffee Rocks yielded Maori Cod and Sweetlip while Sunshine Reef was the spot for Red Emperor, Sweetlip and plenty of Mahi Mahi. In Laguna bay most of the activity was from Mackerel Tuna and Bonito.

ONSHORE: There was hardly anyone out on the coastal surf beaches this week. On the North shore it was probably understandable with the weed, again, making its presence felt. The National Park headland fortunately showed a bit of life with Spotted Mackerel not far out from the rocks of Hell's Gate. Further South there were Tarwhine and Dart at Castaways Beach while at Marcus Beach it was Chopper Tailor, Black Tipped Reef Shark and a few quality Dart.
Trevally and Bream
In the river, the Northerlies and the larger tides combined to exacerbate the weed problem in the latter half of the week, which made life a tad difficult for those trolling a lure. The last half of the run-out and the first half of the run-in tide were fortunately relatively clear and those anglers who made the effort were rewarded with some promising Flathead catches down towards the river mouth. The Frying Pan was another spot worth a go with Bream, Whiting, Flathead and Trevally the target species. Tony Munro from Cooroy (above right) did well there on Saturday morning. Using Prawn on a No.4 longshank hook as his draw card Tony boated these nice standouts; a 690gm Bream and a 1.6kg Trevally. He was armed with a Jarvis Walker threadline combo loaded with 6kg line. The Woods Bays fired sporadically, producing Bream, quality Tarpon on fly and Trevally on soft plastics and surface poppers. The Munna/Culgoa Point stretch produced most of the bigger Trevally as Wayne Voss (above left) from Pomona found to his delight on Saturday morning. Wayne was there at first light casting and retrieving a River2Sea Bubble Popper when the 2.44kg 'Trev' he's posing with absolutely hammered it. Wayne was armed with a Shimano Taipan rod and a Daiwa Castor 2000 threadline reel loaded with 4kg line and 25lb trace. Other notable reports were of Tailor up around Harbourtown at Tewantin and Mangrove Jacks and Flathead between the lakes. On the freshwater scene, Lake MacDonald had plenty of small Bass chasing spinnerbaits and Jackals around 'Borer Creek', 'Rusty's Run' and 'Three Ways' while at Borumba Dam gold spinnerbaits got the Bass and Yellowbelly going. The resident Saratoga responded to spinnerbaits and surface poppers.




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