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As at Monday November 17, 2014.

Fishing Noosa 'The Book'.
OFFSHORE: A persistent pattern of warm northerlies saw the temperature rise steadily as the week progressed with heat wave conditions impacting over the weekend. The G20 Summit influenced weekend visitor numbers when Friday was declared a public holiday for the Brisbane CBD area, triggering an exodus to the Gold and Sunshine Coasts. The fresher northerlies over the weekend limited activity to the closer reefs, but those who stayed in close did ok.
Mahi Mahi or Dolphn Fish
Out wide, Cougar One spent a full day at the Barwon Banks on Friday, coming back with snapper, samson fish, pearl perch, moses perch, cobia, gold spot wrasse and lots of dolphin fish or mahi mahi. Aaron Wilson from Brisbane (above) claimed the standout dolly, and along with it, the $50.00 Davo's Fish of the Week prize. Other species on the bite out there were venus tusk fish, coronation trout, mowong and lots of juvenile red emperor and red throat emperor.
Knobby Snapper and Gold Band Snapper
A little closer in, Trekka 2 fished Chardon's Wide for snapper, pearl perch, gold band snapper, venus tusk fish and black spot wrasse. Above, we have Chris Bordin from Melbourne with a knobby snapper and gold band snapper and below; Allison Potts from Gladstone with two of the top weight venus tusk fish.
Venus Tusk Fish
Also from that same three quarter day charter, Helen Markiewicz from Sydney was more than happy to do the honours with a couple of quality pearl perch.
Pearl Perch
North Reef doesn't seem to have sustained too much damage from the recent scallop trawler invasion, producing cobia, teraglin jewfish, squire, hussar, gold spot cod, sweetlip and moses perch. Garry Thistlewaite from Brisbane (below) is pictured with a couple of moses perch from Thursday's Trekka 2 charter.
Moses Perch
Closer to home, Sunshine Reef wasn't a bad option over the weekend when the north westerlies were blowing. Chicko Vella from Davo's Tackle World fished in the lea of the headland and hills there on Sunday morning and came back with moses perch, squire (on floaters), plus some thumper pearl perch and one standout Maori cod. Not bad for just a couple of pick drops. He said conditions improved as the morning unfolded, ahead of the more blustery afternoon north easterlies. Despite the white caps in the bay on the weekend the Halls' Reef stretch was fairly sheltered early on. Local angler Tony Zahn and his buddy Greg trolled that area on Saturday morning and were on their way home an hour later with a decent cobia in the esky. Jew Shoal ran hot and cold but when it fired it was good for cobia, snapper, bonito and the first Spaniard of the season, taken on a drifted pilchard by one of the Noosa Yakkers.

ONSHORE: There's a lot of bait in the bay at the moment and there have been reports of large numbers of baitfish beaching themselves (fleeing the trevally and bonito schools) in the stretch between the groynes. Further south, whiting were going for live worms on the run-in tide at Sunshine Beach while mid morning saw small schools of tailor on the prowl and responding well to sight cast metal slug lures. Further down, jewfish were active at Yaroomba Beach.
The river mouth fired really well in the latter half of the run-in tide this week with bream, flathead, trevally, yellowtail kingfish and the odd mystery tearaway making life interesting for the lightly rigged anglers. Noosa River Fishing Safaris had a ball there on Wednesday morning, getting their clients onto a wide variety of quality fish. Ash Saward from Melbourne (above) caught and released this massive 98cm flathead (and a 76cm specimen) on the morning charter.
Golden Trevally Yellowtail Kingfish
And on the same charter, Angela Szonyi (above) caught and released a 60cm golden trevally then topped that an hour later by catching and releasing a very healthy looking ('fat as') 60cm (looks bigger than that doesn't it?) yellowtail kingfish. All fish went for drifted whitebait on the latter half of the incoming tide.
Yellowtail Kingfish Sandy Cove and the Dog Beach
Sandy Cove and the Dog Beach area (above right) came alive around top of the tide on Thursday with baitfish in mega numbers being harassed by some serious pelagics. Don Friederich (above) spotted a few yellowtail kingies under the herring schools so cast a live one of his own into the mix and hooked up virtually straight away . According to Don this 4.35 kg (81cm) yellowtail was a lot of fun from the bank, on 8kg line. Further up, whiting were in excellent numbers in the Frying Pan (going for live yabbies and beach worms) and to a lesser extent around the Munna Flats. In the Woods Bays, trevally and tailor (and the odd queenfish) were active in the afternoon. Zip n Ziggys and River2Sea Bubble Poppers worked well there. The back of Noosa Sound was the spot for tarpon and trevally around first light and mangrove jacks after dark. Jacks were also on the prowl (and responding well to Fish Candy Paddle Vibe lures) around the Noosa Marina while the waters opposite the Tewantin boat ramp were good for whiting and flathead. Apart from that, jacks were going for trolled mid diving hard body lures along the snags in the stretch between the lakes while tarpon and queenfish were active up near the mouth of Cootharaba.
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