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As at Monday November 28, 2011

Fishing Noosa
Bar Crossing, Monday November 28, 2011.
OFFSHORE: The hot, variable northerlies were with us again this week. The good news; the much forecast storms and blustery conditions didn't happen. The bad news; we didn't get the cooling rain we were hoping for. The offshore fishing was, again, pretty ordinary with strong currents running on most of the inner reefs. Double Island Point was a bit of a let down with lots of sharks and just the odd moses perch, teraglin jewfish and Maori cod to show for the depleted fuel tanks.
The game fishing boys worked the Barwon Banks (and wider) for a couple of black marlin (released) and, on the weekend, wahoo and mahi mahi in respectable numbers. Back along the middle reef belt, Chardon's Reef produced teraglin jewfish, pearl perch, venus tusk fish, moses perch, small cobia, squire and Maori cod while at North Reef the catch was bonito, pearl perch, teraglin jewfish, greasy cod and, as per the photo above, the odd snapper. Cambell Ryan from Melbourne was fishing the southern end of North Reef on Friday on a half day Trekka 1 charter when he boated this 2.5kg snapper.
Maori Cod
The currents were running hard on Sunshine Reef as well and it was pretty hard work for fairly modest returns. Conditions were usually better in the mornings ahead of the more blustery afternoon sea breezes but the only reports were of the odd snapper to 4kg (on soft plastics) and, as you can see by the photo above, Maori cod. Leigh Fitzpatrick fished 'Sunshine' this morning without much luck and was just getting ready to head home when this Maori cod swallowed his pilchard bait.
Munna Beach to the River Mouth. Monday November 28, 2011.
The North Shore coastal beach stretch fished better earlier in the week when the weed was less intrusive.
Up until about Thursday there were reports of some good whiting, plus the odd flathead, bream, trevally and tailor in good water about 3kms to 5kms north of Teewah and down towards the river mouth. Over the weekend it was less exciting with the catch being just a few bream, tarwhine and lots of small dart. Over on the east side, Castaways Beach was the spot for dart and plenty of small whiting while further south, the rocks at Coolum Beach produced snapper to 4.5kg after dark.
Mangrove Jack
By comparison to all of the other options, the estuary fished extremely well this week. Flathead, bream, tailor and whiting were on the bite down at the river mouth and some quality bream were active up around the sand dredge. At night the river mouth rock groyne was the spot for trevally and tailor while mangrove jacks were on the prowl in the Woods Bays. Peter Wells from Davo's Compleat Angler (above) fished the current line of the outer Woods Bay on Wednesday night and, apart from tailor, caught and released the 1.8kg (est) 'Jack' he's pictured with. His lure of choice was a Gladiator Prawn.
School Jewfish The Woods Bays also fished well in the morning with trevally and tailor responding to surface lures at first light and school jewfish on the feed a little later. Local gun angler Mark Arnall (above) worked the inner Woods Bay this morning (glassy isn't it) with a Savoy Shad lure and caught and released a number of schoolies or soapies, two of which he's pictured with.
Trevally and Mangrove Jack
Weyba Creek was another estuary hot spot this week with bream, flathead and whiting on the bite there during the day and trevally and mangrove jack active at night and in the very early morning. Luke Edmunds (above) did well there with live herring baits in the very early hours of Thursday morning, with his two standouts being a 2.5kg 'Jack' and a 1.8kg trevally.
Bream Chopper Tailor
Noosa River Fishing Safaris were everywhere this week. Fishing between the lakes, their clients caught and released trevally and mangrove jacks while down around the first ski run they boated bream, mangrove jacks and more trevally.
On Sunday afternoon, however, they hosted the Sheraton Noosa kids' Christmas party and had a lot of fun teaching the kids how to fish for the future. Mia McKay (above left) was very excited to boat a nice yellowfin bream up around Tewantin but even happier to release it, as was Bianca Evans (above right) when she put her 37cm tailor back to fight another day.

On the way back, Wyatt McKay (above) was tickled pink when he caught and released a 27cm bream in the Munna Flats area. Other reports of note were of trevally and mangrove jacks around the Noosa Harbour Marina while at the first ski run, school jewfish also made a splash. Apart from that, flathead, trevally and mangrove jacks were active in Lake Cooroibah.




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