The Noosa Fishing Report

As at Monday November 29th 2004

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OFFSHORE: Ah well, the South Easterly change we were all hoping for was well and truly with us as the week began, although the 20 to 30 knot winds were a lot more than we'd bargained for. The 2.5 metre swell simply added another degree of difficulty, making offshore a definite no go until the winds abated for the start of the weekend. Then it was a whole new ball game and, as the swell dropped below the 0.5 metre mark, the weekend warriors made the most of the idyllic conditions.

Squire, Snapper, Parrot Fish, Moses Perch and Sweetlip were common to most of the reefs. In addition, Massoud's Reef Pearl Perch, Sweetlip and Coral Trout.was the spot for Cobia and Coronation Trout while at Chardon's Reef the bonus species were Maori Cod, Scarlet Sea Perch and, as you can see by the photo on the right, Pearl Perch. Mike Botica from Buderim boated this 4.2kg 'Bull-Eye' while out there on a full day Cougar Too charter on Sunday. He was kitted out with a Wilson Live Fibre rod and an Alvey 825C reel loaded with 30lb line. And at North Reef (apart from the common species already mentioned) there were a few Coral Trout on the chew as local angler Anthony Rowles (far right) discovered yesterday morning. Anthony tempted this 3kg specimen (and the 3.6kg Sweetlip) with Pilchard baits on a 5/0 Snapper rig. He was armed with an Alvey offshore combo loaded with 30lb Schneider line and an 80lb trace. Closer in, Sunshine Reef produced Sweetlip and some quality Snapper. Laguna Bay was relatively quiet with trolled shallow divers attracting Estuary Cod and Queenfish around the Boiling Pot and Squire at Dolphin Point. There were Mackerel Tuna schools chasing the baitfish out at Jew Shoal, the drum lines, the shark nets and out in the middle of the bay but they were very skittish and quick to go down.

ONSHORE: The coastal surf beaches took a hammering from the blustery South Easterlies earlier in the week, which at least cleared a lot of weed from the surf gutters. It was still rather quiet out there, however, with Dart and Bream the standouts up around the Cherry Venture on the North Shore. Over on the East side, Castaways Beach produced Dart, Marcus Beach yielded Dart, Tarwhine and just legal Whiting and Peregian Beach was the spot for Flathead and Whiting.
Trevally and Saratoga
In the river, Flathead and Bream were the main target species down towards the river mouth and some thumper Trevally were on the bite just out from Woods Point, as Craig Burnie (above left) found yesterday morning. Earlier on, Craig was almost spooled then busted off by one of these quality 'Goldens' so he armed himself with a short stroker rod and a Shimano TLD20 reel loaded with 15kg line for the next encounter. It was a wise move because when this 3.6kg "Trev' monstered Craig's live Herring bait he was hard pressed to stop it getting into the snags closer into shore. Around the corner in the Woods Bays there were more Trevally and a few Tarpon chasing surface poppers while up in the Noosa Waters canals, Mangrove Jacks were on the active list. Further up river, the stretch between the lakes continued to be the top 'Jack' spot with live baits and trolled bib lures working well. Estuary Cod also made a splash in that area. Even further up, Kin Kin Creek had Bass chasing surface poppers early in the morning. On the freshwater impoundment scene, the Lake MacDonald Bass were active around the 'Bubble Trail', 'Three Ways', 'Borer Creek' and 'Toga Bend' with spinnerbaits, 'Jackals' and trolled C-Lures 'Borer' deep divers all getting results. At Lake Borumba there were Bass going for spinnerbaits opposite the boat ramp and up in the Kingham Arm where, as you can see by the photo above right, there were also a few Saratoga on the prowl. Davo's senior staffer Mark Pertot spent the day there on Wednesday and, working a gold T.T Vortex spinnerbait from the boat ramp to the Kingharm Arm, caught and released fourteen Bass (av. 34cm) and three Saratoga, the 65cm (2.8kg) specimen he's pictured with being a good example. Mark was armed with a G-Loomis GLX BCR802 rod and a Shimano Chronarch reel loaded with 10lb Superbraid and 20lb Siglon leader.




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