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As at Monday October 5, 2015.
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OFFSHORE: Well, that was a blast! The second and final week of the school holidays was an absolute pearler as far as the weather was concerned and the fishing was pretty much as good as it gets for this time of the year. The first half of the week was dominated by light variable northerlies and a moderate 0.75m swell then from Friday onwards it was light variable southerlies. There was a brief 15 to 20 knot south easterly blow on Saturday morning but apart from that it was a great week to be out and about, in often glassy conditions, on our local reefs. A word of caution after that glowing review. The Noosa Bar turned a bit gnarly on Sunday morning. With low tide not long after 6.00am a few boats got slapped on the way out and one was swamped as it exited on the North Shore side. They called for a Coast Guard assist as they were dead in the water in the bay but by the time 'Davo's Rescue' arrived they had sufficient power to come in under escort. Forty minutes later a small half cab was rolled coming in through some pretty solid sets. To view the photos: CLICK HERE.
Pearl Perch, Moses perch, Sweetlip and Cobia.
Under the circumstances, the more distant reefs were well and truly on the agenda this week. Double Island Point was worth the extra fuel and those who made the effort reported good catches of moses perch, hussar, venus tusk fish, pearl perch, grass sweetlip, squire, coral bream, frying pan snapper and cobia. Pictured above, going clockwise from top left we have Brett Coleman from Noosa with a thumper pearl perch, Matt Johns from Noosa with a moses perch and grass sweetlip and Neville Mock from Melbourne with a nice cobia. All were boated on Friday's full day Trekka 2 charter to Double Island Point.
Snapper Golde Band Snapper
There were some good fish on the bite at The Hards as well. Leading the charge were; snapper, teraglin jewfish, venus tusk fish, pearl perch, moses perch, hussar, squire, mowong, cobia, gold band snapper and Maori cod. Ryan Rosts from Caboolture (above left) boated a quality knobby snapper out there on Sunday's Cougar One Maxi Charter. And on the same trip, Miles Watts from Caboolture (above right) was over the moon to land this gold band snapper.
And Jody Kelly from Rothwell (above) showed the boys how to do it on Thursday's full day Trekka 2 charter, boating two of the standout snapper on the trip.
Gold Spot Cod Snapper
Closer in along the middle reef belt, The Hill produced grass sweetlip, hussar, cobia or black kingfish, gold spot cod, squire, pearl perch and coral bream, as did the ever dependable North Reef but with the added bonus there of venus tusk fish, moses perch, teraglin jewfish, hussar, snapper and the odd Australian bonito. Cameron Miller from Adelaide (above left) boated a nice gold spot cod on Tuesday's full day Wild Thing 2 charter to The Hill while Lachie Bremner from Launceston in Tasmania (above right) nailed a quality snapper on Thursday's seven hour Cougar One charter to North Reef.
Coral Trout
Not far from home base, and an easier option for the smaller boats and local yak anglers, Sunshine Reef was hard work with just the odd coral trout, grass sweetlip and venus tusk fish on the bite. Cam Dunn from Victoria (above) picked up his coral trout out there on Thursday afternoon's Wild Thing 2 charter.
Yellowfin Tuna
In Laguna Bay the only reports were from Jew Shoal where cobia, yellowfin tuna, sweetlip and bonito were on the bite. Warren Norup (above) jigged up a couple of slimy mackerel there while fishing from his kayak on Sunday and converted them into a 4kg cobia and the 8kg yellowfin tuna he's pictured with.
As is often the case, we couldn't fit all of the great photos on the page. To view the 'Lightbox Gallery', simply click on the thumbnails below...
Pearl Perch Snapper Pearl Perch and Venus Tusk Fish Maori Cod Snapper and Jewfish Spangled Emperor
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