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As at Monday October 10, 2011

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Towards the river mouth
OFFSHORE: Apart from a bit of a blow on Tuesday, and Saturday morning's serious 40 knot+ hail/thunder storm (which caught a lot of boaties off guard), conditions on the local reefs got better as the week went on. There weren't any TGO's in the mix but with light westerlies dominating the morning sessions the swell was piddling to nonexistent by the weekend.
Scarlet Sea Perch
Double Island Point was a bit disappointing, producing just the odd quality snapper and mostly average size sweetlip and squire. Chardon's Reef continued to fire though, yielding moses perch, pearl perch, teraglin jewfish, Maori cod, venus tusk fish, gold spot wrasse, hussar, snapper, scarlet sea perch and heaps of squire. Dean Rossow from Tewantin, above, was out there yesterday morning on a half day Trekka 1 charter when his pillie bait was taken by this 9kg scarlet sea perch.
And Hayden Vanderwater from Melbourne, above, boated his 5kg snapper at Chardon's while on a Cougar One charter.
Jewfish or Mulloway
North Reef didn't disappoint the faithful either with reports of quality snapper coming off the top end plus cobia, Maori cod, pearl perch, moses perch, venus tusk fish, mulloway and red emperor. Paul Saconne from Perth and Brett Naylor from England (above) boated these 8kg and 10kg 'Jewies' there on Tuesday morning while on a half day Cougar One charter.
Red Emperor
And we were just about to close the book on this week's fish photos when local angler Mario Natoli (above) breezed into Davo's with this handsome 6.2kg (looks bigger) red emperor which he boated at North Reef just before lunchtime today.
Mark Sears (above) has been away from Noosa for a while so when he motored out to North Reef on Tuesday morning for a spot of bottom bashing he was pleased to find that he hadn't lost his touch. It wasn't all beer and skittles though as he hardly got a bite in the first few hours but, resorting to a bit of drift fishing, picked up these two knobbies just before noon.
Closer to home, Castaways Reef was the spot for jewfish and quality sweetlip while in Laguna Bay there were reports of the odd Spanish mackerel on the prowl (they might be early this year) just out from Granite Bay. The only other reports were of spotted mackerel (just in ones and twos, no schools evident) while cobia were on the bite north of Big Hall's Reef.

The latest bar crossing aerial photos and video clip have now been uploaded. To view them, just CLICK HERE.
Outer Woods Bay/Munna Point area.
ONSHORE: Considering we were still in holiday mode there was surprisingly little feedback from the coastal surf beaches this week. The only reports from the North Shore were of quality whiting opposite, and either side of, Teewah township.
On the east side, dart, bream, tarwhine and quality whiting were in good numbers at Castaways and Sunrise beaches.
The estuary was awash with boats (as you'd expect during the holidays) but also surprisingly productive during the day. Whiting and flathead were in excellent numbers down around the Frying Pan and at the river mouth. Another species that was well represented in that area this week were stargazers. Noosa River Fishing Safaris clients caught and released a number of these distinctive looking fish, although the 5kg specimen that Russell Berry from Brighton, Victoria (above) is pictured with was the standout. Russell and son Cameron also caught and released a few flathead during the charter.
Trevally were active in the Woods Bays (as were tailor) with the big eyes out in force at night. They were also on the bite (mostly GT's) opposite the boat ramp at Tewantin and, along with school jewfish, around the ski runs. Owain Ritson (above) tempted his 1.4kg 'Trev' with a whiting fillet on Thursday night. He was somewhere in the river... his secret spot.
Flathead were in numbers and pretty much everywhere in the system. We're smack in the middle of spawn time for this bread and butter species and, as a lot of the legal 'keeper' size fish are full of eggs right now, you might want to consider Threadfin Salmonreleasing the odd 'fat bellied' fish to help boost future fish stocks.
Thea Jackson from Brisbane (above) caught and released this 58cm 'Lizard' in Weyba Creek while on a NRFS charter on Sunday morning.
Bream were plentiful around structure in the lower estuary and in numbers in the dirty water further upriver.
Also further up, mangrove jacks and, as per the photo on the right, threadfin salmon were working the waters between the lakes.
Greg Carter fished the snags in that area just after the thunder storm on Saturday and , apart from a few mangrove jacks, hit the jackpot near John's Landing when his gold Berkley Flicker Shad was monstered by the metre+ threadfin salmon he's posing with. He was using 10lb Fireline and 12lb Fluorocarbon trace.
Mangrove Jack
Not far from there (well, apparently somewhere in or around Lake Cooroibah) Matt Hedges, above, also hit the jackpot. His standout was the 2.4kg mangrove jack he's pictured with and he couldn't have been happier. Matt, who was using a fresh mullet fillet on a 4/0 hook as his draw card (with 12lb line straight through to the hook) was fishing from his canoe.
Lake Cooroibah had whiting in respectable numbers around the top end while Weyba Creek was another whiting hot spot.




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